• I do believe that homework should be graded.

    To ensure that the teenagers in our schools are being educated properly, We must establish a system in which we can judge how much knowledge is being retained. Now, I now for some that grades don't mean intelligence or even knowledge for that matter. In school I am often praised by my teachers for my quality writing, However it doesnt matter to my grades as I turn it in a week late. Grades give incentive to students, It's the crack of the whip that keeps the wagon moving. Grades ensure that students keep up on their work in a timely matter, Its to establish a sort of work ethic in the student. Just because a student is capable doesn't mean that they will put forth the effort. And the value that grades have to the college system is immense, And to make up for effort not made in school a student would have to go out of their way to show their talents otherwise. They are an incentive and a measure and that system attempts to keep the students in check and on a productive course. It also makes the schoils good when the students have good grades, But that "tea" can be spilled later. I hate grades as much as the next student, But I know that their important to colleges, So I stick with C's and let the writing speak for everything else. F**k algebra though, Hate that stuff.

  • Homework Creates Stress, Especially for High School Students

    Homework should not be graded because many students stress out. Not all students can handle their homework after school because their parents can sign up for after school activities or preparatory classes; in fact, There is an increasing number of parents giving their children additional chores, Classes which drained hours of time needed for a stack of paper. According to a poll, Most students tried their best to finish their homework for a good grade, Not for practice, And about half believe they cannot handle their homework daily. Today we have tools such as Quizlet, OneNote and study tools which are proven to help students with their learning better than stacks of paper and one Gigabit of documents daily.

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