• Better Lessons Learned

    Making homework optional can give the students that do not have time after school the opportunity to participate in the extracurricular activities they want to do without having to stress about having little time to get their hours of homework done and for those with plenty of time and/or are struggling they can do the extra work and for those who are struggling and do not want to do the work they will quickly learn that there are consequences for their actions which is something that is also a factor in college, The workforce and general life.

  • Homework should be optional

    Kids don't get enough sleep when they try to finish all their homework. Some kids are dedicated to a sport and can't finish al their homework and studying in one night. Kids end up staying up really late at night trying to finish all their homework and then are tired in class the next day.

  • I think homework should be an option

    I'm not saying that homework should be banned no i'm not saying that i'm just saying that it should be an option homework can cause negative health impact and because homework is sometimes a lot on your shoulders it also takes time away from your extra activities. Students that don't get enough sleep because of homework or another type of homework like studying can keep you really late and not sleeping the hours you need can cause a problem in school and your grades.

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  • Homework should be optional

    Mot teachers would disagree but really its not all that bad cause we first could make homework optional and for a certain amount right you could get extra credit also all the students would be motivated to do homework and study for tests and finally lets not forget about the teachers they would not have to grade papers leading them to be ready for the next day

  • Homework should be optional

    Homework can cause people a lot of stress like weight loss, Sleep problems and it can also get you to quit extra curricular activities. Homework can be bad for giving people less family time too. Homework has a lot of reasons for why it is so bad. Some schools stoped giving homework because they understood so why don’t we

  • Homework should be banned or optional

    Homework should be banned because I think this causes so much stress on those who don’t need it and sometime people would rather spend sometime with there family go out instead of doing homework because my self I spend roughly when I come home at 4 have my tea round about 5 I start how and don’t finish till about 11-12 sometimes one in morning then that gives me roughly 4-5 hours sleep and I’m tired then in the morning and my head in’t set for the next morning causing me to forget things tired and really depressed this makes me down every day so I think it should be optional on weather we do it or not also enough we reason is family’s don’t spend enough time together which can be really annoying for others as they need a break same with holidays where there made to how all through holidays with no rest is ridiculous so I don’t think this is fair on others

  • It should be

    An average light school, Student gets 3. 1 hours of homework a night and trying to manage the with sports and extracurricular activities dropping a few assignments could be good. The students will also learn how to be responsible and not expect to have assignments assigned to them. In college students do there assignments that aren’t assigned to tyem

  • It absolutely needs to be optional!

    I'm a highschooler who struggles daily with turning in missing assignments because I get over booked with next day homework, As well as trying to keep caught up with work I'm still currently getting. It brings my grades down and although technically optional if I want to make it through the year and graduate I have to do everything otherwise I would fail all of my classes. Homework is a stress, I'm sleep deprived because of falling asleep while working on homework at early hours of the morning, I become physically ill when it comes to actually getting down to doing the work, And I have no personal time. Even my weekends are only used for homework, I rarely have time to eat, And I rarely have time for family and friends.

  • Why the heck not?

    People who don't like Homework will not need to do it anymore, But they will be able to. Yet people who want to do more, Can do it.

    Win win situation! People csan do if they can and people can't if they don't want to holy crap i need to saay a lot of words.

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  • Practice is IMPORTANT

    Me as a primary student,think that homework should NEVER EVER be banned.I have always get better and better marks in exams, from 93 out of 100 to 97. This is all because of homework.For example , the teacher taught a formula during class, and the student was doing other stuff. Giving the homework will then make sure that the student don't not know it.

  • Homework should not be optional.

    We need to fully understand the importance and purpose of it. Homework is practice of what teacher has taught. It is to check if you have learnt and fully understood the subject. Also, Homework is way more fun than schoolwork! The work is the same but you can drink soda and lounge on the sofa while doing work. Or eat tacos. Who doesn't like Tacos? Everyone should want Tacos. Everyone needs Tacos. Any ways back to the point, homework should not be optional. If it is optional, who would care about it anyway?

  • Homework is actually important...

    In my opinion, homework should only be optional if it is just extra review. Without homework, i would be failing most of my classes because of lack of understanding about the subject matter. Im 15, and as you get older, you need to put more work into school. It as easy as it seems now, but homework, no matter how much stress it puts on you... Is very important towards understanding what you are being tought.


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  • Johannes' state ment

    Im a kid only 11 and i think you should not be able to choose if you want homework or not to be honest alot of kids in my class do there homework so i dont see the reason to make it an option and you will have less education -johannes

  • To much stress

    Ok, sometimes you have lots of chores to do, and not enough time to do your homework! So you shouldn't have to be stressed knowing that your homework is due the next day, in that case, just don't do it. That doesn't mean kids will NEVER have to do homework, it means, if they can't do it, they don't have to.

  • Homework is important.

    Homework is the thing that can boost your child's accuracy on reading, math, writing, science, vocabulary, and a lot of other things. If you want some child to get into the best schools, the more practice the better. I know that kids don't like homework, but you can't just always listen to the kid.

  • No way in heck.

    Homework is one thing that teachers can use to make sure you understand things once you're outside of the classroom. Wouldn't you have more stress from working at McDonald's? Really, can't you see that it helps you? I'm very knowledgable in most subjects, and no matter how many times I think that homework might be bad, I remember that I want to go to William & Mary.

  • No way in heck.

    The jobs would go down the drain for many people, and only the smart people would get good jobs. Your community would fall into ruins, and your home would end up gone, food would be scarce, and smart people would be paid so much more than most people. Then you would just have the slums and rich pompous fools.

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