• We as Students Should be Trusted to Better Ourselves

    We should be trusted to review and better ourselves academically without the threat of failure. What if I already know the material for my math test and don't need that much review? I should be able to only do a few questions on the content to check that I know it rather than 50 questions of the same concept. The physical deprivation that someone such as myself goes through from taking an advanced course load should be enough evidence to support homework reform.

  • Homework sucks alot!

    Homework is killing me and I want it to be optional because then I won't need to do it and I hate homework sooooooooooo much! I wish that there was no such thing with homework because soooo many kids hate homework and skip it anyway but then they get in alot of trouble from the teachers.

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  • Its wasting my fucking time.

    I need time to masterbate and not write something I did in class. I could be finding the cure for cancer but no I need to rewrite something i did in class but there always is one dumbass that doesn't understand anything or sleeps in class with their finger down their ass

  • Homework is fucking gay and wack

    Homework is useless and is just a review of what we today and is a fucking waste of time, Like what if i want to hold the sausage hostage but i can't because of homework and is just dumb and should be optional because its fucking cancerous and full of a black mans semen

  • Who doesn't love sleep?

    Yes, We get it, A lot of people would be saying that the extra work helps us grow academically, But what about sleep! Studies have shown that teens should have at least 10 hours of sleep, But with homework they are only getting around 3-6. If students have limited amounts of sleep then that will make them arrive at school not wanting to learn and get into it because of there tired eyes. By SD

  • Homework should be optional

    I am a student and whenever I remember that I have homework I immediately inwardly grown. Also though not my case. Many people stress out over homework and the get headaches when they are pressured. Finally students can get all sorts of answers at home which aren't theirs. Plus students should get grades based on their school work which means SCHOOL work and their ability in school will depend on their learning in school NOT HOME!!!

  • I hate all homework but math

    Is it's optional there will be way less stress in students lives. Besides, if homework were banned that would suck because there are some kids who like it. If it's optional people who don't like it don't have to do it and kids who like it can. This case is closed

  • Practice is IMPORTANT

    Me as a primary student,think that homework should NEVER EVER be banned.I have always get better and better marks in exams, from 93 out of 100 to 97. This is all because of homework.For example , the teacher taught a formula during class, and the student was doing other stuff. Giving the homework will then make sure that the student don't not know it.

  • Homework should not be optional.

    We need to fully understand the importance and purpose of it. Homework is practice of what teacher has taught. It is to check if you have learnt and fully understood the subject. Also, Homework is way more fun than schoolwork! The work is the same but you can drink soda and lounge on the sofa while doing work. Or eat tacos. Who doesn't like Tacos? Everyone should want Tacos. Everyone needs Tacos. Any ways back to the point, homework should not be optional. If it is optional, who would care about it anyway?

  • Homework is actually important...

    In my opinion, homework should only be optional if it is just extra review. Without homework, i would be failing most of my classes because of lack of understanding about the subject matter. Im 15, and as you get older, you need to put more work into school. It as easy as it seems now, but homework, no matter how much stress it puts on you... Is very important towards understanding what you are being tought.


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  • Johannes' state ment

    Im a kid only 11 and i think you should not be able to choose if you want homework or not to be honest alot of kids in my class do there homework so i dont see the reason to make it an option and you will have less education -johannes

  • To much stress

    Ok, sometimes you have lots of chores to do, and not enough time to do your homework! So you shouldn't have to be stressed knowing that your homework is due the next day, in that case, just don't do it. That doesn't mean kids will NEVER have to do homework, it means, if they can't do it, they don't have to.

  • Homework is important.

    Homework is the thing that can boost your child's accuracy on reading, math, writing, science, vocabulary, and a lot of other things. If you want some child to get into the best schools, the more practice the better. I know that kids don't like homework, but you can't just always listen to the kid.

  • No way in heck.

    Homework is one thing that teachers can use to make sure you understand things once you're outside of the classroom. Wouldn't you have more stress from working at McDonald's? Really, can't you see that it helps you? I'm very knowledgable in most subjects, and no matter how many times I think that homework might be bad, I remember that I want to go to William & Mary.

  • No way in heck.

    The jobs would go down the drain for many people, and only the smart people would get good jobs. Your community would fall into ruins, and your home would end up gone, food would be scarce, and smart people would be paid so much more than most people. Then you would just have the slums and rich pompous fools.

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