• Vacations is a time to rest

    I think having homework should be prohibited during vacations because it is something very similar as not having vacations, even though people are not going to work or school, they are working so their brain is forced in working. It is already limited being with their friends or family, so I think that as I said vacations is a time to rest, not to have more work, also many people can cheat doing this works taking advantage that teachers are not supervising them.

  • Students may not be able to do homework when they are away

    When students leave the area, they can only bring certain things there. The luggage has limited space, and students can't take it with them. Even if a student isn't leaving the area, they need a time to rest. Family and friends may not understand and may not plan out homework on their schedule.

  • Well well well

    I'd think we don't need it cause everyone has their own path to be through,and we already be shape by school during the non-vacation day. Btw it's not good if u spend all vacation to play.Visit museum,learning how to fix a car,learn math,science,history by read browse internet.Do something to increase personal ability in this world.Not play around everyday that's my point.

  • There's a reason they're called vacations

    The point of a vacation is to get a break, rest. Take Christmas/winter break for example. What would you rather do:
    1.Spend time with family, make cards and cookies and have fun
    2. Spend hours stressing over this crap known as homework. And while normal people do what Christmas is for. Spending time with family.

  • Vacation is for relaxation

    The whole point of vacation is for students to relax and be relieved of all the stress from homework, school projects, deadlines, etc. Giving students homework during vacation kills the whole point of vacation. Plus, many students are away during long breaks and it is senseless for them to carry their books on a plane to Hawaii.

  • If there's a need for it.

    If the kids are in summer school, making up a class or something, then yeah, homework should be given. The intended purpose of homework, as much as we hated it when we were given it as kids , and now as adults if we go to college,lol, is to see how well someone has mastered the content that was taught.; if they need more mastery, then the teacher will have time to get them up to the desired level. If the homework is done just because without any real need, then no, they shouldn't get it. Homework can also be given to kids if they're involved in summer programs that may also have the need to test the mastery of the content taught.

  • No no and No.

    If there would be no homework over the vacations you would forget most of needed information that you need. When you have homework on vacations your brain is all ways having a little work out, and that helps him to remember stuff. You can rest in heaven, earth is not a place for resting.

  • I am one of the people who absolutely HATED homework

    And I still do. Homework would literally kill my grades when I was younger even though I demonstrably knew the material as I aced the tests. I just refused to do what I considered to be busy work and a waste of time. Especially so because I'd still lose credit at times, for losing my homework even when I did it as I was way too disorganized.

    However what really opened my eyes to the necessity for many people is when I went to college. In my senior year in high school I had taken a calculus course, but it wasn't for AP credit so we all had to basically repeat the course as college freshman.

    My classmates and I were some of the best available in my high school however some of them had forgotten EVERYTHING about calculus after summer vacation. I myself breezed through the course, only showing up in class because they took attendance, but I found myself teaching my former classmates things I knew they were capable of just months before.

    People have different retention abilities, and those with less need the homework to maintain.

  • Just A little

    On vacation, if we don't have homework, we would forget everything we learn in school. I would say just a little homework so we could at least remember a little bit of what we have learned. At least about 1 or 2 pages of homework will be fine for us

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