Should Homework exist? Does it have value? What's your opinion on the Homework Debate- should teachers assign homework/do students need it? Why or why not?

Asked by: amyclancy
Should Homework exist? Does it have value? What's your opinion on the Homework Debate- should teachers assign homework/do students need it? Why or why not?
  • Homework is control

    School should teach you to love what you do, not to loathe it. School should teach you be yourself, not take time away from your own interests to fit into the school's mold of a "good student". School should be a place of love, harmony, and self-discovery, not a place of fear, anxiety, and shame. Homework makes no one happy but the admins up top, because it means more money for the district. Homework, as well as other factors, contribute in making the school experience one of anxiety and stress. Let us be happy! Stop thinking we need to be controlled!

  • I think homework is needed.

    Although it takes us many hours to finish, but there are benefits which we can't contradict. Firstly, homework helps students to understand lessons more clearly and have much more responsible in their studying. Otherwise, the teachers can evaluate ability learning of students by homework. Practice more and more helps students to achieve a high score in exams.

  • Teachers should give homework out to students

    Homework is a needed thing for students. Kids need homework to give them extra practice and understanding of what we are learning. Also if we have a bad grade by doing homework and turning it in we can get extra points to help raise our grade. So yes homework is something that we should have

  • Yes to homework

    Homework is a priority in school. Many kids would not learn the content if there was no homework given. It challenges kids to complete so then they learn from what challenges them. Also by learning this content kids can do well on tests and quizzes. That is just my opinion not everybody's but i'm throwing it out there.

  • Antonio López de Santa Anna Meyers

    Yes, I think that we should have homework. Having homework helps us find out what we are good at what we need help on. Then, once we know what we need help on, we can improve that area. Homework also forces us to learn essential life skills such as responsibility and diligence.

  • That Guy Jared R

    Homework is one of the essentials for school. Its not really much of a "force of struggle and frusteration" as much as it is a review. Teachers assign homework to make sure the STUDENTS know what they are doing. If they are not paying attention to the lessons, its not the teachers fault. Some people might say that some students have a low ability to learn the lessons, however the student can receive help from tutors or even the teacher can help with the homework. Homework is necessary for to make sure they know the required material for learning

  • Elizabeth s sup

    Homework should stay in schools because it allows teachers to see if their students are learning the content or not. It also lets students practice what they're learning and see if they can complete the work without help. This lets them see if they need to learn the content again or ask for help. Homework is also practice. As you know practice makes perfect. If you want to succeed in school and learn as much as you can

  • Chase B <3

    Homework is needed in some situations. If a student is behind in class, or if the entire class is behind, it's good to have homework to catch up in class. We have a lot to learn in just the one year, so being caught up is pretty important. ^_^ (>人<)

  • Elizabeth s sup

    Homework is what tells teachers that we understand the content they teach us. Without it the students who don't ask questions or communicate with the teacher often aren't going to learn as well if they had homework for them to do. Also when you do anything practice makes perfect. And that's what homework is. Practice for school and for learning. Without it our education system would be a lot less efficient and progressive. Keep homework in schools if you want to continue learning as much as you can.

  • Gary s. Hi

    Homework is important so teachers know if a student is understanding what they are trying to teach, without homework, the only way a teacher would know whether or not a student understands something is by testing them. So homework is beneficial to the teacher understanding how much a student has learned throughout the year.

  • No more homework

    Homework has nothing to do with grades. The only use is to occupy your kids while you are cleaning the house or doing chores. My teachers never grades my homework. I your kids are doing homework you better check in with their teachers to make sure that they are getting credit for what they are doing.


    Find the motherfucker who invented homework and burn him alive!
    Take all the homework and nuke it!
    And nuke the teachers too!

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  • No never nada

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  • I don't like homework and teachers go crazy

    They are like have you done your homework and if you didn't they say go write in the book and then they complain I'm a teacher so you listen to me and if one person will be happy it will be me so do your homework and today she gave me write each word 100 times that was extra homework and they give too much homework. NO FAIR

  • Way Too Much

    I don't learn anything from homework, and should only be given to students who need it. I review the same thing I learned and class way too many times, and now they're giving very, VERY time consuming work, that does not teach me anything. It wastes my time having fun, or spending time with my family. It stresses me out, and I keep on finishing late at night, when I'm tired. It makes me feel terrible. As I said, teachers should only give a reasonable amount of homework to students who need it.

  • Not as much homework

    I understand having a bit of homework to help you better understand or practice something, but once you get into higher grades you get a ton of homework that takes way to long. I think this much homework is unnecessary because you only need a bit, it also takes away time from extracurricular activities such as sports or an instrument you play. In the end I think that homework should still exist but we shouldn't have as much.

  • Some of us don'´t need homework

    I think teachers should only assign homework to those who are requiring extra PRACTICE not help. If the student needs extra help, he or she should should talk to the teacher. If the student is doing good on that lesson, he or she should not be assigned a lot of homework.

  • Homework Causes Stress!

    Homework just causes stress. All it does is makes makes you mad. It's supposed to be a review of what you learned in school, but why not just extend school a little longer? That I'm okay with. It's homework I'm not. It wastes time and bothers me because I get good grades on homework and bad grades on tests. Many times I have just been so mad at homework. NO MORE HOMEWORK PLEASE!

  • Home work SHOULD BE BANNED FOREVER!!!!!!

    Why does homework even exist kids can get sick because of homework so if u are reading share this with your friends and when you get home say "Why does homework exist?" Because I'm wondering on that question and it should be done in school not home or maybe you might lose it like I nearly did and sometimes home work can ruin family time or social media and networks so homework is hell for people who has it so tell your classmates if your reading this and maybe later the people will remember that homework can damage your own social life I hope homework will not exist and wil ban it

  • Homework causes stress

    And stress can kill you or cause health problems such as anxiety, diabetes and im pretty sure it can cause obesity and asthma too. And homework is a waste of time anyway, 6 hours of school is already enough as it is, so we really dont need to have any kind of homework.

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