• Homework Never Actually Helps

    It never enforces, Or helps, In any way. Instead it's used as a way for teachers who can't fit a lesson in the allotted class time to not bother teaching it the next day. Most homework is boring and students are too exhausted after a school day to put effort into it.

  • There should be no homework

    To keep up their energy levels during the schools day so they could memorize what thing the teacher tells them to do and to not be insane they should take away homework, But the thing is that they always blame electronics for us not doing our homework but the things is really that the stress has built up so much stress

  • It should be banned

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  • Homework is boring

    When i do homework i feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Some of the questions are confusing and very hard. I don't really think it helps and it makes me feel stressed out. Sometimes it takes very long to do homework with my parents because it takes us about 3 hours. I like it when i have short homework though. Anyway i wish if i didn't have homework at all.

  • What is the ROI?

    When you think about it, The school system gives us more than 6 hours per day to complete a relatively small amount of material. But most of that time is dominated by lectures and social situations that stifle any work you were actually doing that day. When I really think about it, I probably only do 2 hours of solid work at school per day, Because the cognitive tradeoff of doing work in a social setting is huge. Homework is merely extra, Uninterrupted time to complete the tasks that should have been done in plenty of time allotted in the first place.

    Studies show there isn't a one-to-one relationship between the amount of time someone spends studying and the results they get at the end of the year, What matters more is HOW they work. Deep work means long stretches of distraction-free time that improves your capacity to learn things quickly and to perform in a certain area extraordinarily well.

    In the workplace, Deep work is regarded as sacred, Especially for knowledge workers, So why are we constantly distracting students and digging into their spare time that they could be spending learning about finance, AI, Energy, Building rockets, The big issues that we are intrinsically curious about and are passionate about pursuing the love of the craft, Not a fear of some arbitrary authority.

  • No homework = no learning

    Homework is necessary to learn! I grew up with homework and for me, It helps me to understand lessons and we can have a training for exams.
    And if we ban homework, When pupils are at home, They will not work and go on TV or games. . . School period is for work and learn, It's not just to go at school and have fun at home.

  • Homework should not be forbidden

    Homework should not be forbidden. But they should be approached in another way. Indeed, Why not reduce homework and do homework in class, In some countries it is already the case!
    Often, When the children combe back home, They do not want to work, Do their homework, They are no longer in this "school" atmosphere. A homework assignment will be less well done at home than at school for some children. The homework should not be a constraint but should allow the teacher to see if the students have understood a lesson. In secondary school, So that there are less homework on the same day, Teachers should communicate to give less of homework at the students.

  • The only reason why people say it should be banned is because they are not motivated themselves or have tough teachers.

    In either case, The problem isn't the homework, But the person in charge of administering it. Homework exists to reinforce a student's learning for the day, And if not homework, Then what else? Whilst it's true that homework can be mundane and that some may argue that it doesn't foster creativity, Creativity only gets you so far without knowledge, And without homework to reinforce knowledge, What's the point of going to school if a student is allowed to skimp on a necessary evil?

  • Homework should be reduced, Not banned

    Firstly, I would like to start off by saying I am currently in high school, So I do get homework. I do hate homework, But they are essential to providing you with the necessary tools to be able to do well on tests. It also reinforces the material taught in school so you can retain the actual knowledge.

  • There just needs to be less of it.

    Students receive an enormous amount of homework that is, In many ways, Detrimental to their mental health. This is not to say that homework is not important, However. Homework allows the learning to be taken outside of the classroom, And there are not simply enough hours in the day to teach students all they need to know at school. I do think though that students receive a massive amount of homework that definitely needs to be cut down on drastically.

  • It should not be banned

    It should not be banned because many students who come back from their school start watching tv or any electronic devices but if they have a fear about their teachers who would probably scold them for not completing the h. W, So they will have a good revision for what they have learned that day.

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