Should Homophobic and Homosexuals leave each other alone?

  • Yes, but it's unrealistic.

    Homophobic people will never leave homosexuals alone. If one group hates another and vice versa, things will always be tense between the two groups. We've seen this before. For example, most of America right now does not like Donald Trump, but the groups for and against him won't leave eachother alone. That may be a bad example, but it's good enough to show that two groups that hate eachother will always hate eachother and won't leave eachother alone.

  • Fights between the two groups are inevitable, And to say that each other should leave each other alone is a silly concept.

    I will try to say this from a neutral perspective; homosexuals should have basic rights, And "homophobic" people should have basic religous rights, Simple as that.

    The fight between the two groups cannot be solved, It can only end with one group being ultimately favoured by the government and the unfavoured group being suppressed, Although violence between the groups can be reduced via making sure that protests and marches are completly peaceful, And to seperate the two groups far apart should violence occur at protests and counter-protests.

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