• Homosexuals should be able to adopt.

    I find the idea that homosexuals not being allowed to adopt, one to be sickly and ignorant. Homosexuals can be just as good as parents as a heterosexual couple and even better. We should no longer impinge on the rights of an entire group of humans because of some misplaced ignorance.

  • Homosexual people should be able to adopt.

    Homosexual people should be able to adopt. They can do just as good of a job when it comes to raising kids as any straight couple can do. They can provide shelter, food, clothing, education, and everything else necessary in order to raise a child. It is the same as saying can a dad or mom alone raise a child, yes they can.

  • It Should Be Allowed

    I believe it is perfectly acceptable for homosexual people to adopt children. I think children, regardless of their home life, are introduced to a variety of different living situations as they grow up and meet other children. I think it would be far better for children to experience all of the possible differences, so that the next generation does not look down on homosexuals, as some people do now.

  • Yes, anyone should be able to adopt.

    It used to be that only traditional couples, male and female, could adopt. Now, it has been opened up to nontraditional families, including homosexual couples and single people. While we can all probably agree that the best family is a father and mother, so that kids can have both a mom and a dad, I would much rather that children who are in need of families get adopted by any approved couple than stay in the foster care system all of their lives. I am sure most children in need of homes would agree.

  • Yes, gays should be allowed to adopt.

    Any child deserves a good home with loving parents. He or she does not care if there are two parents, although that is usually better if they are loving. He or she does not care for sure what the sexual orientation of this person or these persons is. So loving gay homes can certainly include children.

  • Everyone should be able to have a family

    It would be against one of the amendments. It should be a but their criminal record instead of who they love. If you don't like homosexuals then don't be in a same sex relationship. Normally boy girl parents are horrible. I thought religion wasn't supposed to be infused with laws.

  • This is ludacris

    This question is absurd. There is no evidence backing up the claim that a child is worse of. But more importantly. People say every child needs a mom and dad, but single people are allowed to adopt. Saying gay people arnt for to raise a child would mean that you want to take single parents children away from them because it's "unnatural"

  • Put this myth to bed.

    There's no evidence to suggest that homosexual couples make bad parents. The only arguments that I have ever seen against homosexual adoption are religious in nature, not factual. Futhermore, homosexuality occurs in nature in animals from lions to chimps to swans. In fact, the New Mexico whiptail lizard reproduces parthenogenically. In other words, they're all female. And yes, they do engage in mating behavior. Which begs the question, how much sense does it make for an some Abrahamic god to condemn homosexuals but created lesbian lizards?

  • Homosexuality is an Immutable Difference

    It's amazing that today this is still even a question. So, to answer the question, I would ask the same about heterosexuals and ask if heterosexual people should be able to adopt. The bottom line is that there isn't a single valid argument against homosexual adoption. In fact the only people opposed to it are people who share a religious belief that there is something wrong with being gay. So the fact that these anti-gay sentiments are derived from religious beliefs is a testament to why religious opinions shouldn't dictate the law. Equating homosexuality with 'sin' is like saying it's a sin to be left-handed or red-haired. And it's about time we recognize it as a nation and stop allowing a small percentage of fundamentalists from legislating their hatred.

  • Every child deserves a loving home

    Studies have demonstrated that homosexual couples are just as capable as heterosexual couples in raising children. Furthermore, any child would do better in a homes with two loving parents than in the care of the state. There are thousands of children in orphanages across the US that just aren't being adopted by heterosexual couples - of course homosexuals should be allowed to adopt them and care for them, just like a heterosexual couple.

  • Every child deserves a mother & father!!

    It is unnatural for people of the same sex to be together and it is not fair for a child to be subjected to something so unnatural its just not good for them to be raised thinking that homosexuality is right because it really isnt!! People know this but do not want to be classed as homophobic or nazis its warped

  • It is wrong, Think about the children

    A child needs a mother and a father, not two fathers or two mothers, It is just like the three bears. Ones too hot, ones too cold and one is just right. The one that is just right is one woman and one man. You have to have a balance between masculinity and femininity or Else the child will grow up crooked.Think about the children!

  • A child needs a mother and a father

    Think about the children. If a gay couple adopts a girl then look at what's going to happen. Both of them don't understand what she is going through. They have ZERO idea about it. As for a lesbian couple with a son, it's the other way around. It all boils down to this: a child, regardless of gender, needs a mother and a father to be an example, guide, and teacher. They both have roles in life which can never be replaced.

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