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I feel so bad for those kids

  You have got to be kidding me. The second other kids found out that a schoolmate has two gay dads who are probably mentally devIant that's it!, open the bullying floodgate. I mean men can be gay sure, but in the real world they are selfish for wanting to raise children
Anonymous says2013-03-01T01:29:37.893
I feel sadly about the bullying situation too, but I believe your outlook lacks perspective.

Consider the racism towards African Americans that still exists today. Should progress have been withheld because of the racism they received? Is any major change ever not accompanied by hate and bigotry?
Kathyrn says2013-03-04T20:40:18.743
Well the fact that you believe that gay men are mentally deviant is proof in and of itself that your argument is totally invalid.
Anonymous says2013-04-08T09:04:30.473
Gay people deal with an extremely hard thing at a young age, coming out of the closet, this makes them stronger and wiser. They can raise kids because theyll love and support th no matter what.
Anonymous says2013-04-15T19:50:38.657
Gays are not being selfish. Being swlfish is wanting everything to yourself. Having kids is certainly not selfish. They are giving a homeless child a comfortable home. Most homosexuals have been through hard times at a young age which makes them stronger, and more able to raise kids. Also, having rwo dads will make the child to have more masculinity. Having children does not make one selfish.
Anonymous says2013-04-16T08:05:05.887
Racism and being raised by a gay couple are completely different things!
Anonymous says2013-04-20T06:39:08.360
In middle school I got bullied for being jewish. Does that mean that my paretns were selfish for wanting me?
Anonymous says2013-04-26T01:10:44.183
That is just a sad comment on society more than an argument against gay adoption
Anonymous says2013-05-06T16:52:07.850
@ the original poster: Should a single parent (in good economic condition) be able to adopt?
Anonymous says2013-07-21T05:56:31.373
Why are you stating that the only way to deal with an adopted child of a same sex couple being bullied is to deny that couple the ability to adopt? Should you not be instead dealing with the children who are being discriminatory, who are bullying, who are breaking the law. Instead of targeting the parents. The problem does not lie there, it lies with how we teach our children.
Mariiiaa_13 says2013-11-22T14:06:22.140
How the heck are they selfish for wanting to raise a child whose own biological parents decided to give up on them or whose parents passed away and no one else claimed them as family?! They just want to give a child family and they want t have a family as well. There's children all over the world being bullied just because they don't fit them "norm" so they are automatically assumed to be deviants which they are not. They are just expressing who they are without caring what people think about them. If anyone is selfish here, it would most likely be people like you who think homosexual couples shouldn't adopt.
jdmpde says2014-03-10T17:30:16.277
Really, I live in upstate NY and no one bullies my daughter? Are you basing this statement on your own kids?
Cb2410 says2014-03-14T16:58:05.400
Ok look I have 2 mothers and they raised me just fine im a normal teenage girl. And I have friends over and they meet my moms and think that there the coolest parent ever and I have never been picked on a day in my life for the parents i have.
ItsPsychological says2014-03-28T17:25:32.767
If bullying is the problem then obease people, ugly people, and disabled people, should also not be able to adopt children. A bully can tease a child about anything, whether it be, "Haha your mom is fat" "Gee your dad's pants are ugly!" Or "Your parents have a medical problem? Lame!" There is no way to ensure that a child will not be bullied, since there will always be jerks who pick on others.
Softpie says2015-05-12T04:55:21.230
Thats why the old generations need to die off so the new and more accepting generation can take over.
nina.colada says2015-11-18T01:28:36.600
How bout instead of blaming the people who aren't doing anything wrong and are simply trying to have a family of their own, we teach our generation to be more accepting and not ridicule children on their parent's sexual orientation?
whyamisoawesome says2016-12-02T03:23:33.623
What the fuck? A desire to be parents for ANYBODY is healthy and natural. You wouldn't call straight people selfish for having like 12 kids, but gays are selfish for having one?

At least gay people don't have ACCIDENTS. Straight people accidentally have unplanned kids all the time, and many of those kids are unwanted.

But for same sex couples to have children, they have to go through a whole process of adoption or finding a donor, which shows that every child of a gay couple is WANTED and LOVED.
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