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No HomoSexuals should not be allowed to adopt children.

  I believe that if they are not able to bring the child into this world they should not be allow to have a chance to persuaade the child's over all view on their life. Because if they are raised by homosexuals parents they are more likely to become homosexuals themselves.
Anonymous says2013-02-17T06:34:50.880
And if they turn out to be homosexual themself, it doesnt matter?
Kathyrn says2013-02-18T17:57:09.673
Why is it a problem if they are homosexuals themselves?
birthdayfan says2013-02-20T22:26:29.273
People do not 'become' homosexual, you are born that way.
Anonymous says2013-03-01T01:04:08.357

Beliefs without reasons are not helpful. For what reasons are homosexual couples, who are, by nature, unable to naturally conceive, unfit to parent (i.e. "a chance to persuade the child's over all view on their life") children?

Your second sentence is actually incorrect. Current research is indeterminate in deciding whether gay parents have a higher percentage of gay children as compared to those raised by heterosexual parents.
Anonymous says2013-03-24T22:59:28.520
@birthdayfan i'm not on the against side for this debate, but your statement about being born gay is false. most people don't even know what their sexual preferences are until there about 25 years old so some people start out straight and become gay or the other way around
Kathyrn says2013-04-19T21:09:43.800
Why on earth would it matter whether or not they were homosexual themselves?
Anonymous says2013-08-16T13:23:48.703
Uhm why would they become homosexuals themselves? In my house there was not a gay in sight still funny enough, I turned out gay, I can't speak for everybody but for my part I know for a fact because it is the way I WAS BROUGHT UP by my parents, that is right homosexuals have an education as well, your point is mute since I am pretty sure if I had children they would be properly EDUCATED as well and they would be treated as rational beings capable of choosing THEIR own sexual orientation, religion, career path, all they would get would be support.
People treat children like they don't understand, but they don't understand because they are not explained.
zebra183 says2013-12-17T08:03:49.073
How can you even say this? A child raised from homosexual parents are just as likely to be gay as they would from straight parents. It just matters what the child feels in their hearts.
Titan_BOY says2014-03-13T18:32:28.470
Y'all gay!! Stf already
ItsPsychological says2014-03-28T17:31:25.543
So infertile women should also not be able to adopt children because they can't have them naturally? What exactly are they doing "persuaading the child's overall view of life."
luzcudahy says2014-04-08T06:40:14.447
So you are telling me if a women can not have children with her husband because she is infertile she does not have the right to adopt children just because she can not bring a child to this word because she will never conceive a child is that what are you saying.
luzcudahy says2014-04-08T07:58:29.470
There was a case of where a girl was been bully since she was little. Only because she was Chinese and her mom was white and she had a mother and a father. Even grownups will make stupid comments like hey "I heard that in China people do not want the girls". And so on see when people have bad manners it does not matter with who the children live with. And if some of you say that god does not allowed that. First if you believe in the bible he say love everyone the same no matter what. And also god commands in the bible to kill others and allowed others to kill are you going to listen so why care what god says (this is depending on the bible that we are referring to). My question is which God does not allow that. Greek, God, Ala etc. Please be specific when you guys mention a God.
bmc01080 says2016-09-26T21:14:43.900
Of course a homosexual is going to raise his/her child to be gay. But straight parents don't always raise straight children. Wait? If a homosexual was raised to be straight, why is that person a homosexual? Homosexuality is not a choice. If someone is a homosexual or a heterosexual, they were born that way, they can't be forced to be like their parents. If you are heterosexual yourself, just try to make yourself want to have sex with the same gender. No? How do you know if it's a choice, or if you were forced to be that way as a child? If you tried, you probably haven't succeeded. Why? You were born that way. I, myself, am a homosexual. I can't make myself attracted to the opposite gender no matter how hard I try. The only reason I tried to in the first place is to avoid harsh comments about my sexuality. I was raised in a straight household, my brothers and sisters were straight, so where did the homosexual come from? All my grandparents are straight, and honestly, I didn't even know what homosexuality was until puberty, when I realized I was different.

And of course they need to be able to bring the child into this world. That's why we as a society strictly prohibit single parents and infertile couples to raise children as well. It's not right. Two people definitely need to be able to make the child. The world does not have enough people on it, and our orphanages need more children, that way there will be more children that grow up without a loving family. I personally believe that homosexuals should be allowed to raise children.
NestorTheZizek says2016-10-06T14:22:35.237
Nope. Sexuality comes from more than just your parents. All animals, even humans, practise homosexuality
whyamisoawesome says2016-12-02T03:24:57.830
Then why do nearly all gay people have straight parents? Their parents didn't turn them gay or straight. So how would gay parents turn their children gay?
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