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I don't agree, although I feel I'm being forced to.

  The one thing I dislike abut this question is that for putting no, people feel the need to get defensive and then call me all sorts of name because I'm a christian. Being a Christian doesn't effect my personal opinion because I've only been one for 2 years (I'm 22). I do feel like there is a pressure to put yes constantly in this society, because if you don't then are a bigot or whatever. I know people can't always help their feelings which is fair enough, but you are in a homosexual relationship and you must remember that has consequences. A child you adopt will have to face prejudice at school because they will be an easy target from other kids. They will be labelled and all sorts and i don't think that is fair. No one has said people in same sex relationships would be bad parents, but you WANT to have kids. It's all about want want and want. Marriage= a wedding between a man and woman. conception=happens after a man and woman give birth. There is no need to start changing everything and demand equal rights, because there isn't anything equal. I just it is pushing toward things that aren't necessary.
California says2013-02-14T04:14:44.807
Why should people in a homosexual relationship have to accept "consequences" for these feelings you say they can't help? And what about all of the terrible heterosexual parents that abuse their children, or get divorced? Shouldn't they not be allowed to have children? And what if during the civil rights or feminist movement everyone was all like "There is no need to start changing everything and demand equal rights - we'll just hang out and deal with all of this oppression because of things we have no control over."? Things change, society evolves.
Kathyrn says2013-02-18T18:15:00.377
If a child is facing bullies at school because of the homosexual parents, is it really logical to blame the parents? That's like saying that the solution to paedophiles molesting children is to ban having children.
Anonymous says2013-03-04T09:21:41.370
If children get bullied at school then its the children who are doing the bullying parents that have taught them wrongly and its not fair on them, they should of explained everything to them and leave them to have their own opinion. This is why there are more and more bullying happening in schools towards gay people. It is not fair to blame the Gay couple for the child getting bullied, it is actually the parents of the people bullying.
Anonymous says2013-04-15T00:51:01.447
I feel a little guilty because a lot of people already jumped down this dude's throat, but I'm going to post anyway. If you're straight then I don't expect you to understand, but look at it this way. If you married someone of another race, or from another country, then your children will be bullied mercilessly. Would you decide not to have kids with your partner just because some little brat at your child's school is going to say mean things?
Anonymous says2013-04-16T08:57:59.487
No need for equality? Let's bring back in slavery too shall we?
Anonymous says2013-04-19T03:34:47.587
MARRIAGE is a legal term, not a religious one. The church has no right to dictate who gets married.
Anonymous says2013-04-26T01:26:18.190
I'm not here to bash your religion or call you names, but I believe that people are people and they have the right to be happy. Its the principle that our country is based on. If adopting a child will put a little more happiness in the world then why is it not right? Foster care is a broken system causing more pain than any bully ever could to these children. They need a set of loving parents and same- sex couples are made even better candidates because as a couple they cannot naturally conceive on their own. This helps to abolish the loneliness of not only a couple longing for youngsters but helps give a child a happy and loving permanent environment.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T00:58:34.043
"conception=happens after a man and woman give birth" that makes absolutely no sense.
Anonymous says2013-05-30T07:29:27.490
1. Conception usually takes place 9 months before birth
2. Its generally just the woman giving birth unless they're both hermaphrodites and get each other pregnant together.
3. A hermaphrodite lesbian can make her partner pregnant and a hermaphrodite gay man can conceive from his partner, why not let gay couples with the misfortune of neither partners being a hermaphrodite have a kid?
Anonymous says2013-06-06T13:10:05.913
Do you not remember the seperation between 'Church & State', thats why prayer was taken out of school.
Anonymous says2013-06-14T15:46:33.437
You say that the child will face prejudice from school, but doesn't every child. I was bullied because I was slightly chubby (not even fat), but lots of people get bullied because of there hair, race, colour etc. What I dont understand about your argument is that you think the only children to be bullied is those who have gay parents.
Also, how is it different from having a single parent? My mum left my dad 12 years ago and she only got married last year, but for about 8 years I was raised with a single mother. And look at me now As/A* at GCSEs, doing A levels and hoping to study medicine at uni. I dont understand how two moms or two dads will be any different, just have more people to talk to!
Also, you speak of gay people not having equal rights, How funny is it that 60 years ago that was said about women, and 50 years ago about black people, but of course you don't see the irony of that. According to your argument, only one type of people can do anything, which is not what Christianity says.
Im sure somewhere in the bible, it tells you to love thy neighbour and treat others as you wish to be treated. Now dont tell me how the bible says that homosexuality is wrong because it says tthat divorce is wrong, and God has killed 2 million according to the bible, even though killing is wrong.
So why dont you actually do what Christians are suppose to do and support EVERYONE. Unless you have a new contradictory religion which says likewise.
Also, a lot of people in gay relationships WANT children. Really want them. Who are you to deny them that possibility?
I appreciate that this is your opinion, and this is mine. I find it wrong and disgusting that people are against homosexuality just because some people thousands of years ago said so. Get an opinion that is not forced fed you through the bible
I don't wish to offend you by calling you names, but I just feel like your argument is flawed, and you have not researched for yourself to form an opinion, just read something and believed that because you thought you had to.
Anonymous says2013-06-17T02:10:53.570
I believe the catholic religion has a large contradiction at their hands, because God states that you should love your neighbor, however, the church is known for persecution and discrimination. I believe in God. But i also believe Gay people should be able to marry and adopt. There is no valid argument that says that children raised with a mother and a father are better off, and the argument of christianity is a hypocritical statement. I do not disrespect this religion. I find that faith is incredible, and being able to believe in it is beautiful, but if it gets to the point were we are depraving people's rights because of it, I believe it stopped being about the beautiful part of religion, and it becomes human nature of judging something that is different from what you see day a day.
Anonymous says2013-06-21T17:48:03.857
So instead of two stable homosexual people adopting kids, you'd rather have two stable heterosexuals having kids via the process of sex? I'd say adopting kids already in this world is better than making new kids when there are already thousands of kids that need good parents.

Also, bullying is the primary reason? Seriously? Alright, I'll play your game. Obese people, people with diabetes, etc, must not have children. What if their children get bullied because their parents are obese? ... Um, seriously? Every argument I've seen in this debate against homosexual people is either motivated by religion or idiotic thinking... Sigh.
Anonymous788 says2013-11-13T16:51:27.050
I agree with you 100% gay people should not adopt!
BSmith87 says2013-12-18T05:33:25.857
With all do respect the ignorance of people now days is just amazes me. So if what you are saying is true than a single parent should not raise a child either. Absolute and underlie ignorant. I also do not see any of you offering to give these children a loving home. I child dose not care if the parents are skinny, fat, black, white gay or straight a child just wants someone to love them. With all honest it has been proven that most gays have better relationships with their partners than those in a man and female situation. So really in the long run gay couples may make better parent than hetero sexual.
mayram says2014-03-11T15:57:41.317
I think in society now we are more open to accept other peoples choices, yes there will always be some people who don't like it, but we just need to grow from it like we grew from slavery and the whole African Americans can't go to this store, etc. I know a child in preschool who has 2 moms and all his little friends don't care about it, they think it's awesome. They don't bully him because he has two moms. It all depends on how you raise your kids too. If you teach them that having gay parents is bad and sinful then of course they will bully children with gay parents if they were brought up that way, but anyone can change that by raising their child to be more open minded. Thank you for sharing your opinion.
truth_serum says2014-04-25T21:28:30.877
I get where you're coming from because we would basically be imposing our values onto a child who is already vulnerable and has limited choices. We're assuming the child would've chosen homosexual parents, which is not nearly the same thing as a child born to homosexual parents outside of his/her control. Adoptions allow parents to choose so why doesn't it allow children to choose? It has nothing to do with discrimination because I'm sure agencies try to match children to parents of the same ethnicity. Anything else is an alternative when the ideal isn't available.
Heatherelainex says2014-06-23T23:02:49.927
I hope you can realize how pathetic (not you, just the idea) it is to have the fear of kids with gay parents in school. The problem is not that the parents are gay, it is that many American children are taught incorrect behavior. This bullying should not even be happening.
lovetetris says2014-06-24T01:04:01.317
First of all, it is 21st century. Due to the massive amount of Millenials out there and their ridiculous liberal views, homosexuality is becoming something everyone can easily accept (*one thing hipsters are getting right). The only reason they would be target, if anything, is people like you broadcasting your belief and making these kids feel bad and weird about their own parents, and turning their peers against them.
Also, I have no idea how familiar you are with foster system comparing to the bible. Trust me, no amount of taunts is worse than these kids' fate of being passed down from one fostering family to another. Transitioning into adults without ever having a proper&loving caregiver in their life. Majority of these kids usually turned out very poorly by the way, you should search up some scholarly articles on the case studies they have done and thoroughly research this case if you think kids with gay parents have it bad.
ModernHippie says2015-02-27T23:43:53.293
You shouldn't feel "pressured," to do anything first of all. Feeling pressured to do anything is wrong. I apologize for any pressure that you may have felt.
With that being said, I don't believe it makes you a bigot for thinking its wrong, it doesn't. What could make you seem like one is your reasoning. The reason most people who have disagreed are called that because their reasoning lacks intelligence. They cannot seem to come up with one good, thoughtful, reason as to why they believe same-sex couples shouldn't be allowed to adopt.
The child with face prejudice at school? Isn't that already a daily thing? There are millions of children who get bullied at school daily. Many of which have nothing to do with anyones sexuality. Kids bully other kids for no apparent reason. They will be bullied over the clothes that they wear, their grades, wether or not they do drugs, glasses, their book bag, anything and everything. Having same-sex parents is just one of those things. Quite frankly, we can't even blame that on the kids. Their parents are to blame for that. If you teach your children that a family is only "one mommy and one daddy," then of course they are going to bully those who don't fall into that spectrum.
I'm sorry but your use of "fair," is quite comical. If you truly cared about what is fair for the child, you would give it a home. There are thousands of children's who do not have parents. There are thousands of children who have been kicked out and thrown out in the streets. What would be fair is giving them a home. In any way possible. There are approximately 6x the amount of same-sex couples willing to adopt than there are children available.
This is necessary. I believe in equality for all who deserve it. This will be necessary for as long as heterosexual couples continue to put a child in a place of not having a home. This will be necessary until there is no child to ever have to go through the pain of being tossed around like a soccer ball. This will be necessary for as long as there are children suffering and feeling unwanted. Because they are wanted. Adoption will be necessary for as long as there are idiots having children whenever they do not and cannot take care of a child. How can you say that a child in need is not necessary?
I don't mean to try to change your views or anything of the such. I don't mean to make you feel pressured to change your thought. I do mean to make you question your reasoning. And if there is anything I've said they you believe to be wrong, by all means, question me. I would love to hear your views and more of your reasoning.
LedaRevolucion says2020-03-31T22:39:17.723
Marriage is not necessary for heterosexual people. But it is a social and legal status that gives parties of that marriage benefits such as shared tax filings, Hospital visitation rights, Etc. It is also in some ways a declaration of romantic love and devotion, Of an intimate relationship that pretty much all humans crave and need to live a fully happy life. Homosexual people are just people who want to live full happy lives. As people, They deserve the right to marry whom they love and receive the same legal right s as heterosexual married couples. They deserve to be treated with the same respect and scrutiny as heterosexual couples who apply for adoption. Parenting ability has nothing to do with the sexuality of the parents (if there is then there must be some pedophilic nonsense going on). No, Homosexuals do not deserve the responsibility of raising children because they are homosexual. The same as heterosexuals to not deserve the responsibility of raising children because they are heterosexual. But adoption eligibility should not be determined by the parent's sexual orientation. It should be based on their financial and emotional ability to support a child.

Homosexuals do not need to adopt or have children. But neither do heterosexuals. So they should be treated equally.
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