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Homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt a child no matter what.

  When God created the world he created a man and a woman. He also made the Male Private part to insert into the Female's comfortably. He also made them go hand in hand on being able to create a next human being. That clearly state that a relationship should only consist of a man and woman especially if a child is involve. God DOES NOT LIKE THE SIN OF HOMOSEXUALS. My Pastor always say she love people she just dont like the sin their in. The same with me. I dont believe people were born that way I believe that it is a spirit and I HATE IT.Thats why I dont belive that a child should be bought into that mess!
Anonymous says2013-03-06T23:17:25.843
establishment clause... look it up
Anonymous says2013-03-06T23:24:42.457
You cannot use your own religious beliefs to argue for a law to be made. You CANNOT. EVER. The Constitution forbids any religion to associate with the law...including those about adopting children. It would violate the Constitution to create a law preventing homosexuals from adopting children on the basis that it is not god's plan. It is called the Establishment Clause.
Anonymous says2013-03-19T14:12:27.273
you cannot ever use your own religious beliefs to argue against the law its called a establishment clause
shirelle22 says2013-03-28T23:43:28.533
It s free Country and God is REAl more than you know my friend. There is 100 percent evidence of His existence and I pray that you will one day see the light and instead of living in darkness of sin. This world is sick and things that were originally good is now bad and confusing. One day Jesus will come back and change everything. You may laugh but you won't be if you are eternally separated from God for ever in the most horrible place.
Kathyrn says2013-03-29T17:15:31.723
What on earth is this 100% evidence!!!!!!! And why isn't it on the news?
Anonymous says2013-04-16T08:52:58.053
The Spanish Inquisition was real also. That was God's wonderful work, or so people were told at the time. This kind of hatred being spewed out of the mouths of homophobes is exactly the same kind of thinking.
Anonymous says2013-04-19T03:40:40.973
God made gay people.
If god didn't want gays, he wouldn't have made us.
Anonymous says2013-04-24T16:50:03.243
Am I really in the 'most horrible place', because being in this horrible place seems a lot better than being someone so dogmatgic and intolerant.
Mariiiaa_13 says2013-11-22T14:08:12.837
Tell me again how you think God will judge other for who they love and not judge you for hating someone you've never met?
laurie1 says2014-02-16T19:26:21.270
People are born gay, they don't choose to be. Can you not get that into your head? I believe in God but I think it is fine to be gay.
Heatherelainex says2014-06-23T23:10:51.967
I will envy the one person who does not use their phony religious beliefs as a "reason" to prevent this from happening.
whitewidow says2014-07-14T14:26:55.093
.Its a bad example for children to see .Gay cant be right i can prove it .Men who are gay often get anus cancer. Gay women have fertility problems a lot of the time and both have other issues i will not speek of . If it was not a choice you could reproduce on your own .
JacksonSpark says2015-08-03T05:54:31.933
According to your god your female pastor is an abomination for being a female pastor, as women are seen as unclean by the bible.
SensibleMarcus says2016-08-14T09:54:54.713
There's no such thing as anus cancer.
NestorTheZizek says2016-10-06T14:23:01.287
@whitewidow no evidence
HanzoisAfurry says2016-12-07T18:58:37.213
You and your pastor are idiots
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