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  CHILDREN are conceived when sperm from a man and the ovum of a woman merge. Simple as that. Being gay is a choice therefore when you chose to be gay you also chose to give up the ability to create a life. Let children stay innocent. Don't infiltrate their pure little minds with your filth.
Kathyrn says2013-02-18T17:58:28.507
YOU GENUINELY THINK BEING GAY IS CHOICE? Well we know that your input is going to be well educated...
Anonymous says2013-02-27T09:13:16.297
Being gay has been absolutely proven to be genetic, they found out by doing twin studies. Identical twins are far, far more likely to share the same sexual orientation with each other (both be straight or both be gay) than they are to share the same sexual orientation with their non-identical siblings (raised by the same parents, with the same upbringing).
Also, let children stay "innocent" (remember, homosexuals aren't the only people having sex, lol), or make them stay in orphanages and foster homes for the rest of their young lives?
TheInstagator says2013-03-10T20:38:06.640
extremely biased opinions are bad, and make your argument invalid
Anonymous says2013-03-23T19:31:38.297
Filth? you call gay people filth? Its not a choice for them, just like its not a choice for you to be strait (and ignorant). All people are born with different mind sets, our brains are all weird differently, sadly yours is wired to be an insensitive, rude, and incorrect thinker.
Anonymous says2013-04-05T02:06:25.573
A gay couple can't create life together. It has to be done artificially, unnaturally.
Kathyrn says2013-04-05T12:56:46.640
Hey you know what else doesn't occur naturally? Ice cream. I assume you're also morally against ice cream because of its 'artificial, unnatural' qualities.
Anonymous says2013-04-05T23:55:06.077
Are you seriously comparing ice cream to human beings? You've got to be kidding me. When you're ready to have an intellectual conversation, let me know.
Anonymous says2013-04-10T07:52:57.920
If a man puts his penis into my vagina I can get pregnant, despite my sexual orientation. Really, the procreation argument is really bad. I'm not infertile.
Kathyrn says2013-04-11T15:06:29.547
Yes I believe I am comparing humans to ice cream, and will continue to do so until you give me a satisfactory explanation as to why I shouldn't. I'm just making a point: can you actually tell me why something is 'bad' because it is unnatural? Don't dodge the question this time because I want to hear the logic behind your argument (not that I expect there to actually be any) Why is ice cream allowed to be unnatural but humans aren't?
Anonymous says2013-04-16T07:58:26.977
I expect this person and some of the others on the "no" side may stand by the deranged homophobic Baptist minister Fred Phelps and his followers who went to support the killers of Matthew Sheppard. Sheppard was murdered for being gay and therefore in their minds filthy and wicked.
Anonymous says2013-04-24T16:42:32.217
The only 'wicked' thing is the amount of ingorance an intolerance regarding homosexuality. Why would someone voluntarily choose a life where they are looked at as sordid perverts by bigots like you?
Anonymous says2013-05-27T23:09:41.513
Anyone can live THEIR life the way better fits their needs/taste as long as this does not affect others in a negative way, but if children are brought to the discussion, then it needs to be proven that being adopted by gays it is better for them or at least the same than being adopted by a heterosexual couple.
atomic_misfitt says2013-11-22T09:38:47.680
Why can a "straight" couple adopt a child if they are unable to conceive? No one chooses to be infertile. Those who identify under the "QUEER umbrella" do not choose to do so.Saying someone chooses to be homosexual is similar to saying that one choose to be what ever race/ethnicity they are, the eye color they have. I agree that children need to be kept innocent, but only so that they may be taught right from wrong: for example that it is wrong to steal. But when does innocence become ignorance? If children grow up in a family that shelters they from homosexuals and they are asked to explain why they feel fear and hatred towards them a simple "because its wrong" or "because children are conceived by a man and woman" will not suffice in America's society today.They will, without a doubt, be seen as close minded ignorant fools and will be ignored by those around them. Another thing, the adopted child WAS conceived by an man and woman, created naturally, unlike in vitro fertilization.
Mariiiaa_13 says2013-11-22T14:01:02.207
Filth?! Really?! What is wrong with you, honestly! Why people tend to believe that homosexual couples will corrupt an innocent child's mind is beyond me. Not only do I believe gay couples SHOULD be able to adopt, they should be able to do it without people like YOU stopping them from doing so. Yes, children are made by man and woman having sexual intercourse, congratulations on getting something right now, but correct if I'm wrong about how many children are put into foster care because their MOTHERS & FATHERS didn't want them, were abused by either their mom or dad who also happened to be straight. It's not gay couples who corrupt child or take away their innocence its people like rapist and those who abuse their partner in front of their children who do because those who abuse the spouse in front of their child are showing them that it's alright to beat the more 'submissive' partner, I say that's corrupting their minds NOT the fact that they may have 2 fathers or 2 mothers. I can tell you this, if it were up to me, I would much rather have a child who wants a family much like any other child does, let a homosexual over a heterosexua. Couple adopt them because they have done nothing wrong other than fall in love with their partner. They all deserve a chance at being a family, there is definitely nothing wrong with that. Homophobic people need to seriously grow up because I know they are not scared of gay people they are just too dense to realize that when you love someone nothing NOR no one can hold you back from shouting it to the world and if that includes a little girl or little boy then you know what more power to them and I give them all the happiness in the world!
BunnyFeeds says2014-01-18T19:17:25.047
What does this have to do with adoption?
All it says is that homosexuals can not conceive life, which is obvious considering biology and all of that.
But for those who can, some (not all) can not support their child or abuse them and so the kids have to go to adoption homes.
I know what it's like, and most times its terrible.
Adoption centers are overflowing and if homosexuals could adopt, then it would free so many kids from that misery, the feeling you are a mistake and that you should have never existed.
Also, I have two great mothers who haven't "dirtied" me.
Although, I am homosexual, but I knew that before I had even met them. And I used to have straight parents.
laurie1 says2014-02-16T19:21:54.323
So your saying "instead of these children being adopted by a gay couple, we will keep them in an orphanage where they will be lonely and unloved". Well, I suppose its each to their own.
lovetetris says2014-06-24T01:14:29.560
I, along with every other related-gay/bi-individuals would like to say that we are sorry we want to give these unfortunate kids who are rejected by society a home and an idea of what is it like to have a loving caretaker. Mold them into shape and help them structure their independence and map out their life. So they may form opinions on these issues for themselves as a healthy individual with a future.
We will now give up as an eligible potential parent and let these kids fall back into a broken fostering system that is poorly funded and allow them to forever wander what it would be like to have a loving family. In most likely scenario these kids would grew up and become problematic individuals of the society.
No, not really. Pull that stick out of your butt you filthy piece of garbage and save your "where did baby come from" speech for adolescent teenagers who actually need it. Every time when you deny an eligible gay parent to adopt is one kid having to miserably spend his/her life in the fostering system, wondering why no one wants them. And it's because trash like you who are contributing to making this thing a lot more difficult than it already is.
jacktores69 says2014-08-17T08:46:56.897
All you people that say its ok to be gay and raise children, that's ridiculous. Its Adam and eve not Adam an Steve, get a grip. It clearly states in the Bible to be homosexual is wrong. One person said: God created women and men to love one another that is why in the beginning there was only one man and one woman. This is true, why do gay people think its ok to gay, I know they cant help it but ITS WRONG no matter how you put it, ITS WRONG. To raise children in a gay household is wrong no matter how you put it. Its not fair to the child at all.
jacktores69 says2014-08-17T08:49:50.487
People that support gay adopting children mush be gay themselves and thats why they are lashing out like that.
bethtirendi says2014-09-10T09:50:57.663
The thing is that God, isn't real, never has been and never will be. Stop using a lame excuse for a book to support your argument.
How in the world is it unfair to a child if they have homosexual parents? You can not possibly tell the difference between a child that has been brought up with homosexual parents and a child that has been brought up with heterosexual parents. If anything a homosexual environment is more incline to teach a child to accept one another into their lives and not push people away from living a happy and fulfilling life. A child will not stay innocent their whole life and the sooner they accept the reality of life the better off they will be. There is nothing wrong about being gay and you do not choose to be gay. How horrible would you feel if you are the reason your child does not feel comfortable in their own skin, if you were the reason that their lives were miserable. Every person who is against homosexual adoption need to look at the world and how it is rapidly changing, because your viewpoint right now, is 100% wrong.
B10CKUS3R says2014-12-07T23:45:10.627
There's over a billion people in this already crumbling world. I think people made enough. And hasn't the internet, gangs, news, and even kids friends in school corrupt their little, innocent mind already? As we grow up we see horrifying things and homosexuals and heterosexuals can't stop it. I highly doubt a gay couple can corrupt a child's brain like the internet can.
Ju5tAB0r3d1 says2015-03-10T06:59:18.170
Wow, there are a lot of points here. There's stuff about how two men can't create a family because they're biologically incompatible. There's stuff about how two men can 'corrupt' children's minds with their sexuality. There's stuff on the bible, there's stuff on genetics - there's even stuff on overpopulation. The debate here is on fire.

Just please excuse the two men giving another chance to the child a man and woman once abandoned.
TheRightOpinions says2015-03-24T20:58:16.207
Your factually wrong there
juli6o says2015-11-07T04:28:32.600
You are the scum of the Earth, people like you need to learn that it's not about what you think of a person nor the lifestyle of that particular person. If a man is gay, it's because he was born gay. Try to prove me wrong. If a gay couple want to adopt, it's because they want a family and to love that family. Nothing else fucktard.
siddys97 says2016-03-10T05:09:31.280
You started this off with a blatant lie. Being gay is not a choice, if being gay were a choice, you could one day wake up and say 'I'm going to be sexually attracted to the same gender' and go along on your merry way. That's not how it works. Often gay people struggle with their sexuality. Believe it or not, being gay isn't all rainbows and sunshine. First off, abuse from people like you, difficulty finding jobs, bullying, and general hardship. Only an idiot would choose to live through that.
In addition, gay parents will not hurt them in any way, except abuse from kids with parents who are homophobic, and have taught them that way.
XxPandaxPowerxX says2016-04-26T19:34:06.903
I 100% disagree with your statement dude. I am gay and have lots of gay friends. I think if me and my girlfriend want to have a kid we should be able to adopt one. The kid will still be innocent. Also it's not a choice. Did i choose to be gay? Nope not at all but am i glad to be myself? Hell yea. Dating guys to me is not comfortable and makes me feel sick and grosses me out and sickens me when i think of them trying to kiss me and ive dated girls and kissing them feels right.
HanzoisAfurry says2016-12-07T18:54:27.587
Being gay is NOT a choice. All we know is that YOU were raised wrong and YOU need to be cleaned of YOUR filth
rc04 says2018-05-13T18:35:50.340
BITCH pull yourself out of the 20th century please. As a gay, I know that it 110% was NOT a choice, as soon as i hit puberty i knew i wasn’t attracted to the opposite sex, and i didn’t choose to like men, it’s just how i am. Having gay parents won’t rid kids of their innocence ffs. Your the one who’s the filth.
Electro_blob says2019-02-27T05:24:56.280
Ya, I don't know what all these people are talking about. Being gay is clearly a choice. Choice: have a relationship with other men, Or don't.
There you go. Being gay is a choice.
Electro_blob says2019-02-27T05:25:00.150
Ya, I don't know what all these people are talking about. Being gay is clearly a choice. Choice: have a relationship with other men, Or don't.
There you go. Being gay is a choice.
Firecat says2021-05-02T03:27:59.813
What child would say yes to this shit. Those who disagree with this post stfu
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