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No Gay Adoption

  it's against God original plan. When we get out of His plan we screw things up. That's why the world is just getting worse. It also affects the child emotionally. It confuses them as to who they are and their identity. Society will also treat them differently. They will have psychological problems.
Kathyrn says2013-02-18T17:26:24.500
I'd say that it was society with the problem rather the homosexual parents, and what makes you think you know 'God's original plan'?
Anonymous says2013-03-01T01:31:49.827
Did not God also plan for his disciples to give all their money to the poor? Why haven't you done so?
shirelle22 says2013-03-29T00:10:32.627
Because Kathryn they read their Bible and God shows them in His word. All Christians who read their word know that. God created marriage and is strongly against the act of homosexuality just like other sins that we commit. However, like I said in other post He Love Us soooooooooooo much!! He sent his Only Son Jesus to die in our place on the cross because we are sinful people. Jesus is God and has always been here He is perfect and is with out sin.He wants all to repent and trust Him as our Savior for the forgiveness of sins. In the Bible is says for the wages of sin is death. That is why we die and not live a long life. Man is all corrupt no sin is greater than the other.
Kathyrn says2013-03-29T17:01:43.030
God's original plan also appears to forbid you from wearing more than one type of textile at the same time, and assuming that you are correct in saying that 'no sin is greater than the other', and also assuming that your shoes and your shirt are made out of different materials (and let's be honest here; we know they are) you are an as sinful as any homosexual that you profess to condemn, and are therefore astonishingly hypocritical.
Anonymous says2013-04-19T03:34:11.620
Do you speak to God directly, at the moment of creation? Where you there? Did he tell you his original plan?
Think about it. Your paster told you, and your pastor was told by the bible, and the bible was transcribed from latin, and the person who originally wrote it was being dictated to ect ect --- It's like playing telephone! Messages get mixed up.
ajh says2013-04-19T07:01:34.543
Kathryn, I just wanted to take a moment to give you an internet high five.
Anonymous says2013-05-01T22:33:48.013
If you're going to have an opinion like this at least make sure you have proper grammar. Also, everyone is subject to being bullied, mentally and physically. Therefore, your opinion is irrelevant.
Anonymous says2013-05-30T21:13:28.340
I already have psychological problems (feeling lost and dead and empty inside, working hard in the wrong directions with the wrong degrees because I don't know where I come from, feeling like a dead rootless tree). These problems are the result of a closed records adoption system!!! I have a piece of paper that says my true identity must be concealed - how's that for conspiracy! Social pressure to have children, lack of birth control, closed records adoption system of secrets and lies, overpopulation, bullies and hyperextroverts, radical religious nuts - these are the problems with the world that need to be solved!
jmjoshua says2013-12-09T23:28:37.113
Having a father and a mother didn't confuse me. I know who I am and how I am different from other people.
Cb2410 says2014-03-14T17:49:48.197
GODS PLAN????? Everyone has plans in life but they dont always work out how you plan them and most of the time its for the best. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! GOD LOVES ALL HIS CHILDREN. I have 2 mothers and i am a healthy normal child.I am catholic and my mothers raised me better than a man and women could have!
Heatherelainex says2014-06-23T23:09:39.397
Who cares about your "god?"
JacksonSpark says2015-08-03T05:44:59.330
The children enduring the living hell that is the foster system don't agree with you. Gay parents are a lot better than no parents.
titicoco says2015-09-29T20:45:27.750
Stop with the lets all take a fake gods word for it when this is a moral question. I am gay and maybe one day i would like to start a family. Why shouldnt i. Oh i shouldnt because some homophobic and sexist god said its against his plan. Yes i should be able to so please keep your discriminative opinions to yourself.
NestorTheZizek says2016-10-06T14:21:56.827
Then fuck God. He probably likes it up the arse anyway
whyamisoawesome says2016-12-02T03:20:31.230
Alright then, saint. Let those kids have no parents and not be adopted by anyone. Exactly what God wants.
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