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I Have To Say That So Far Nobody Has Provided Geniune Answer From Both Sides

  How Many Pedophiles Does God Have To Create Before We Accept Them? (Mm! same as homosexuals). According to the bible and the Qur'an, Homosexuality is looked upon as a "Sin". Why would then God create Gays or Pedophiles ? The logic: He already must have decided that they are going to hell without even bothering to wait for the 'Judgement Day'. For example: If you had a son who is born homosexual, how would you feel if you went to heaven and he went to hell? Religion is a man made creation (illogical fallacy). Having said that GOD does exists but will never know anything about him EVER. Moreover a logical question for the religious community: Why would God wait for the Judgement Day? ( An omnibenevolent, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient being). He should already assign to each individual a Hell or Heaven option without the illogical testing procedure as he can foresee who is Bad or Good. ( "Free will" is unsound since God has the power to see the future ). Is god playing a game with us? Answer. No. Conclusion: All religious belief systems are WRONG. Homosexuality should be accepted into the world civilization. Criteria and rights: 1. Marriage in specialized institution 2. Human rights as enjoyed by all human race 3. No same-sex child care option: Argument to support this claim: ( We'll obviously use the natural argument i.e ( Existence of some Homosexual spices in the Animal kingdom - It is natural why don't we accept it?). Question: Why in the animal kindgdom there is no a single evidence where a heterosexual animal couple entrusts a child or an infant to another homosexual couple ( No evidence in any specie ). Conclusion: There MUST be a biological balance and harmony. If homosexuals can produce a child then it is considered natural ( infertile is different - willing but unable biologically (born with disability)). As harsh as it may sound this is the reality ( Air and water is reality! try to change?). Man + Woman = child. (Infertile = Man + Women = no child). However adoption is acceptable. It still maintains the important biological balance in nature which is the Man + Women equation. Mother and father provide different and unique love and are naturally able to produce a child by their natural harmony with the bio system in place).
Anonymous says2013-03-01T01:22:55.600
Just because no evidence exists for a heterosexual animal couple entrusting an infant to a homosexual couple, does not:

a) prove it to be non-existent
b) justify the significance of your point
Kathyrn says2013-03-04T20:38:38.280
Considering that virtually all animals would leave the infant to die, I think we can safely assume that taking a leaf out of nature's book is neither acceptable nor practical in this situation (unless you believe that an orphaned child should be left to die, in which case I don't think anyone would take your point at all seriously anyway).
Anonymous says2013-03-06T13:09:45.543
I like how you compare gays pedophiles, it makes me laugh, because it doesn't make any sense, by the same token you could compare heterosexuals and pedos. Or rapists and heterosexuals, the only thing they have in common is the fact that they are human. Please find a better argument.
Anonymous says2013-03-13T06:51:01.383
The people above me didn't provide any valid points, saying that almost all animals abandon their offspring either proves the poster doesn't know what he's talking about or he's lying.

From a psychological point of view most, if not all children need of both a father and mother figures to be healthy from said POV.
Anonymous says2013-03-25T18:41:57.973
I think the poster who mentioned animals leaving young to die, means that if the parent (usually mom, let's get real) die then the baby dies. Unless a human (gay or straight ) is around to help.

Most animals do not raise young as a couple. Do you see a daddy horse teaching a baby horse anything? Or a daddy bear? It's always the mommy bear or horse. Until the baby reaches puberty. Then the animal goes off to make its own way. I'm pretty sure the majority of the male animal kingdom is of the hump it and dump it philosophy.
shirelle22 says2013-03-28T23:39:57.977
The bottom line is the act of the gay life style is a sin just like lying, stealing, adultery and regular fornication. God is real and just because you dont believe in Him doesn't mean He doesn't exist. Judgement day is coming for those that love their sin and not have repented and turned to Christ for the forgivness of sin. You will see and will weep so please turn from you sin. The Bible says that all has fallen short of the glory of God. Atheists I promise you that God loves you and wants you to come to Him and accept is Son Jesus as your Savior and Lord. God is Holy and perfect He is out of this world amazing!!! Our minds will never understand the power or God because we are little human beings. Satan has many people bound and hurting. People don't like to be accountable for their sin. It' sad our world is so morally back wards is sick.
Kathyrn says2013-04-02T19:34:33.807
Just because YOU believe in him, doesn't mean he actually exists. None of your points actually justify WHY 'a gay lifestyle is a sin', and until somebody can logically explain this point of view without any preudice colouring their beliefs (I for one am of the opinion that a jusification of homophobia without any preudice is impossible, but I digress) your point will remain totally invalid.
Anonymous says2013-04-15T00:03:39.030
I do believe in Him. And that does make Him real. But I have a little different view, all people sin. Homosexuality is a sin, it is also a sin to have sex out of wedlock even if you're heterosexual. Many things we do in our lives are sinful, it happens to be our nature. This topic needs to be discussed logically, and there probably isn't enough real data to support the answer either way. And unfortunately we are talking about people's lives here, so by the time the data is in, well....It will be too late to correct either way.
Anonymous says2013-04-24T15:19:55.503
I am just curious where in the bible does it say that homosexuality is a sin? This has been an argument between me and my father for about 8 years now.
Cb2410 says2014-03-14T17:45:54.413
Are you really trying to compare homosexuality to RAPISTS. This has to be the most pigheaded thing i have heard! I love god. I am catholic. And you must be thinking that a came from a firm stable home, well i did. But guess what.... I HAVE 2 MOTHERS and they love me with everything they have. LOVE SEES NO GENDER! And guess what else it says in the bible..... GOD LOVES ALL OF HIS CHILDREN!
luzcudahy says2014-04-08T06:45:40.717
Why are you saying that animals do not have sex with the same sex they do, sometimes they do have sex with their same sex if not see national geography. And you think that everybody in this word their mission is to reproduce well let me tell you not everybody want to reproduce. It will be sad because then who will adopt the children that do not have homes. Children that had been conceive from a people from the appositive sex. Some of this parents do not want this children.
Heatherelainex says2014-06-23T23:09:17.320
LOL okay, yes. Homosexual actions are equal to a 60 year old man touching a little boy or girl.
whyamisoawesome says2016-12-02T03:27:08.580
You do realise... Paedophilia is when grown adults are attracted to younger ages, and homosexuality is attractions to certain genders? There's a huge difference, and the main reason why paedophiles are unaccepted.
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