• The APA, AMA, and the ABA

    All have stated there is no empirical evidence to prove gay parents are any less fit than straight parents to adopt.
    In fact, there have been studies that have shown that children parented by lesbians are more likely to excel in school, and even more so in art and music.

  • Freedom of love

    A homosexual couple is capable of offering a child everything a heterosexual couple is bar breast feeding, and a great many of the latter use bottles. All prejudice in modern times is credited to two things; ignorance and religion, and in my view the latter is the same as the former.

  • Yes, there is no scientific evidence to the contrary.

    Research shows that children can be successfully raised by same-sex couple with no adverse effects that would not have been present if raised by parents of the opposite sex. Tradition is not sufficient evidence for discrimination. In these modern times we should be supporting all families and people with love and kindness, no matter what their sexual orientation.

  • Yes, it is fair.

    As all human beings, they have the right to have a family. Therefore the fact that they are homosexual shouldn't be an opponent to their life. In addition, it is difficult for them already to find someone who can help in the production of having a baby for them so adopting is the best choice they have.

  • Uh, prejudice much?

    There is no specific reason that shouldn't allow homosexual people, specifically, to start and raise a family. Raising children and starting a family is something that most people look forward to in life. Who has the right to take that privilege away from someone? That's not okay. If you take away the right to raise children from an entire group of people and name all of them incapable, that is prejudice, discriminating, and has no place in our democratic society. Also, I hear the argument, "If gay parents raise kids, won't their kids also end up gay?" What. The. ?? That argument makes no sense. With that logic, all straight parents raised straight kids, and if that were true, no body would even be discussing this right now.

  • Gays want children too, you should respect that.

    You can't decide whether someone can raise a child. The child would probably be better off with a gay couple rather than nothing. Perhaps a gay couple will raise an adopted child better than a heterosexual couple. It is not up to us to decide, I believe that maybe the children should be asked, obviously they can't have the deciding say. The government will have to be the ones to actually allow it, but it's only fair the child be asked.

  • What research have you folks in the "no" group been looking at?

    What study shows that kids raised in homosexual households are more likely to be homosexual? If there even is a legitimate, scientific study that states that, then I think it's because homosexual households tend to give the children an open mind about who they are. Gays do not push their views on their children. If you are raised in a heterosexual household, then those kids are more likely to fear being open about their homosexuality (If they are it). It has absolutely nothing to do with how you are raised that makes you either homosexual or heterosexual. It doesn't matter who your parents are. And so saying that a gay/lesbian couples shouldn't be allowed to raise a kid is ignorant and petty. They are people just like you. They deserve children if they want children.

  • Homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children, as they can provide as happy and healthy a home as heterosexuals can.

    A recent long-range study that made the news revealed that the most balanced and positive home environments were those run by lesbian couples. While this may not be the only factor to consider, it does underline the reality that homosexuals are fully capable of adopting children. To allow prejudice and ignorance to disallow adoption would be to deny orphaned or foster children to be raised by loving and caring parents.

    Posted by: P3nrIin
  • Yes for gay adoption!!!

    It doesn't matter if your gay or not, there are children in children homes hoping for some one to come and change there life and if that means there gay then there gays whats wrong with gays! If your giving a child a happy home then they should be aloud to be adopted/fostered by them!

  • Everyone is equal.

    This is coming from a 15-year-old standpoint. I have grown up majority of my existence without a mother OR a father. I'm technically an orphan living with loving grandparents, but that doesn't matter here, what does matter is that orphans like I should be able to have the right to be adopted to a loving home whether it's a gay couple, gay single person, straight couple, or straight person. Children will have problems either way and it doesn't depend on the parents they have. If I was to be put into an adoption center, I would chose any loving family that would accept me. And no, children do not need both a mother and father figure because I grew up with only my mom and I'm just fine the way I am. Yes, I have problems, but doesn't everyone? Gay people do not hit on their adopted children anymore than straight people. You can bring out all your statistics and crap trying to say how bad gay people are, but it goes both ways, straight and gay. And you could also bring out your religious beliefs saying 'God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.' Well, that's only your assumptions, and those are your beliefs, everyone doesn't have the same beliefs as you. Freedom of religion, speech, and the press AND the separation of state and religion according to the United States Constitution. Religion should not be a factor of decision, it should be the child's choice. Whether the parent(s) are straight or gay the children could turn out just fine or bad. No statistics can enforce the children's decision.

  • Completely diabolical and against human nature

    Homosexuality is trinsically evil. The suicide rate compared to heterosexuals is 1:5 which is extremely high. The homosexual couple who adopt kids are drastically known for having sexual abuse to "there" children. The poor kids are wound up dysfunctional and lead up to suicide. I hope one day all the sodomites will know what they're doing is evil and they WILL go to hell for there evil acts if they don't repent.

  • Kids need a normal family

    Adoption is the right of kids having a mother and a father not the right of homosexuals having a kid.
    When homosexuals adopt they take away the chance of a kid having a normal family and the rights of a kid are more important than the rights of all homosexuals together

  • Absolutely not !

    I have only one argument, Matthew Scully-Hicks.
    Check his story on Google and see what the future or the lack of it will be for an adopted by perverts child.
    If everyone was gay then who would give birth to humans or is this what the ultimately want, the end of the human race?
    Good night world!

  • It shouldn't be allowed

    My personal opinion is something like this should not be allowed. If you're the a christian, it goes against the bible. The bible states that any type of relationship other than a man and a woman is wrong. A man and a woman are made to be together and be able to mate and have a child, not anyone else. If you aren't the religious type, look at it from someone else's view. Most people in society these days aren't all that accepting of things that are unusual. That child would be subject to many insults, comments, and remarks from other people just because of the people who chose to adopt him or her. Also, the parents could negatively impact the child or their point of view on a certain sex.

  • Kids are innocent and we can be confusing them

    Kids to be in a neutral home so they can grow up being normal. Its not fair that just because two women or two men want to have a baby they can corrupt a innocent kid. If they really want to have a family and a kid why they don't get marry girl with boy and boy with girl and try to live a normal life for a kid. Don't get me wrong I have nothing agaistn to gay, homosexual, lesbian, transsexual or anything but we need to start thinking about those kids too. Its not fair for them to live with a gay family when they didn't choose that they want a home not a circus where everybody makes fun of them or they segregated them because of having different parents

  • The child is entitled to a Mother and Father balance.

    I would feel ripped off it I had been put into that situation as a child/baby. It is a warped to force a child into a situation
    that is unnatural. If it was me I would sue the government when I got old enough. To do this to an innocent child is pure selfishness on the part of those who would condone such a thing.

  • Its just not right

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  • They can have their own

    Hundreds and hundreds of straight married couples that want to have children cant. So they decide to adopt, but hey just have les posibilites of adopting if other gay couples are also waiting to adopt.
    Gays have other ways to have children, (even their own). But the straight couples that are not fertile cant have kids in another way.

  • These gays are so gay its unreal

    Two dicks touch.... A dick goes in another mans asshole.... Where is the vagina????? Think about that for a second. Now think about your children being exposed to that. That's not what you want and neither do your children. Homosexuals act so gay they need to stop giving each other rimjobs.

  • Homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt

    ITS NOT MEANT TO HAPPEN THAT WAY ! Woman and men is what's right that's why a man united with a woman and the woman conceives children .. If it was meant to be a man and a man being parents by nature than ok I would agree with same sex couples adopting but since it's not natural I disagree ! Gay man or gay woman will just end up molesting children !!! Wake up people !!

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Anonymous says2013-03-28T21:16:30.903
In My inter Life I read so much about homosexual Rights and as a person who supports that we are all human's, and anyone should have a life like anyone else, for the first time i will say, that i don't supports homosexual people to be allowed legally to adopt children!! And under that children's should have a good life, i think they will not grow old feeling the same as children's who raised by both sex couples ! ! Which is not fair for any child!
Anonymous says2013-04-04T15:40:31.447
Yes I think they should be able to adopt a child because they want a family just like the ppl who are not gay .. I mean I have nothing against gay ppl at all I feel if they want to be that way let them be that way I mean we all sin in some type of way everyday but when God calls them home then they will have to answer to that's its not your option about the sexual like or what sex they like or wanna be with .. Just worry about yourself and you will find life more better for you but yes I think gay adoption should be legal because everyone wants to be happy in life .
Anonymous says2013-04-13T22:34:43.050
At the Heart of it all...I'm a Child, I have had the worst Start in life, what do you find me? At the very Basic...Give me a Mum and Dad...As an adult, I want to be able to have a Mum and a Dad, nevermind your Gay view for your own Sexual realationships, Where what I want get Lost in all of This...We Need mothers and fathers

Anonymous says2013-04-25T04:55:31.407
Every one deserves a parent including the orphans they wont care if their parents are gay or not im not a homophobe but there also some very bad things about it to like the child getting bullied thats not right for a thing like that. people who think that it is a sin to be a homosexual should get told the right thing beacause it is not in the bible dabout homosexuality being a sin i dont even know if homosexuality is a word but the thing im trying to get at is homosexuals are the same as us! ther are way to many orphans in the world who are waiting to be love and many gay people out there who are looking for children to love. there are also to many children being aborted every year due to unwanted pregnancies. there are even children out there who are being abused. if we let gays adopt we can raise the welfare and lower the orphan rate. it bugs me when people judge people for their way of life because i bet you anything if the tables were turned they would hate it so i say let the Gays Adopt ! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
NestorTheZizek says2016-10-06T14:25:12.127
This whole debate has given me cancer. Having same sex parents, or three parents, or a single parent... Makes no difference. If your parents are idiots, or Christians, or bad influences, you'll grow up damaged. But you won't be any different because dad likes it up the ass. It's illogical. Dad will be different (as in, gay) but it doesn't effect you if someone else has a sexuality that is different

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