• Equality to all

    Who are we to say who and who can't adopt a baby. Same sex couples are just the same as any other couple around. They can be just as loving and caring. They could be the best parents to a child if given the chance to. Who are we to say that they are not allowed to based on their sexual preference.

  • Separation of Church and State

    The laws should not reflect the Bible and Christianity. Legally, We allow many things the Bible forbids (e. G. Eating seafood). This issue should not be compromised due to religion. Legally, All people should have equal rights. Because of this, Legally, Homosexual people should be allowed to adopt children! The Bible is an imperfect guide that has not been updated to reflect new realities. Also, These children need homes! They have no parents that can take care of them. They should be allowed to have parents, And not have this opportunity taken away from them due to some people's religious opinions.

  • Parenthood is not a right. Parenthood is not necessary.

    Not even marriage is strictly necessary for heterosexual people or homosexual people. But it is a social and legal status that gives parties of that marriage benefits such as shared tax filings, Hospital visitation rights, Etc. It is also in some ways a declaration of romantic love and devotion, Of an intimate relationship that pretty much all humans crave and need to live a fully happy life. Homosexual people are just people who want to live full happy lives. As people, They deserve the right to marry whom they love and receive the same legal right s as heterosexual married couples. They deserve to be treated with the same respect and scrutiny as heterosexual couples who apply for adoption. Parenting ability has nothing to do with the sexuality of the parents (if there is then there must be some pedophilic nonsense going on). No, Homosexuals do not deserve the responsibility of raising children because they are homosexual. The same as heterosexuals to not deserve the responsibility of raising children because they are heterosexual. But adoption eligibility should not be determined by the parent's sexual orientation. It should be based on their financial and emotional ability to support a child, Both of which should be thoroughly evaluated.

    Homosexuals do not need to adopt or have children. But neither do heterosexuals. So they should be treated equally.

  • Pro Gay Adoption>>>

    Why should it even be considered a right for them to have a child, Because they're just as human as those that want to take away that blessing from them, And besides it allows the child to learn about homosexuality from a young age so that they are not mislead by the narrow-minded people in the world who are quick to use biblical references as a way to make them feel inferior, Instead of just following the same biblical orders to love and accept one another. Smh.

  • Love is Love

    I think that love overwhelms any kind of limit, The only important thing for a child is being loved and well educated, No matter if this love comes from men or women, From etero or omosexual couples. There are scientific facts about that and I really hope that who thinks not accepts as soon as possible that differences between us are ALWAYS a richness for EVERYONE.

  • Debunking a few arguments. . .

    Children raised by straight parents turned out gay, Children raised by gay parents turned out straight. . . How hard is that to see? Nature vs. Nurture, Nature wins here.

    Imposing your religion on others is bullshit and I refuse to believe something is bad because some invisible man in the sky said so.

    One less child in an orphanage is one less potential crisis.

    Single parents raise children all the time with little to no issue. Here you have two parents. Get where I'm going with this?

  • Everyone should be able to have a family!

    If a homosexual couple decide they want to adopt a child, Then let them. All they want is someone to love. They are not going to 'pressure' them into being gay or some shit that I've read over in the no section. They will accept them as whatever they are more than any other parent has ever done in the past. They already know about all the hardships that a homosexual has to go through. And if they decided to adopt, I'm 99% sure that they would have had a serious conversation about it because of all of the bullying the child might get because of having two moms or two dads. Let them choose if they want to bring another person into their family to love. It's THEIR CHOICE!

  • Yes, Homosexuals should be allowed to adopt

    Homosexuals are human just like anyone else. If you say "A child needs a mom and dad" you are absolutely wrong. Think about the children who don't have a mom because she died. Think about the child who doesn't have a dad because he died. Think about the child who doesn't have either because they abandoned their child. Having two moms or two dads is way better than none at all.

  • Why does it matter?

    I think that homosexuals should have the right to live how they want. They are people to and they also have feelings. I feel if they want to adopt they should be able to. I don't think that just because of their choice in who they like they shouldn't have they same rights as everyone else. Why does this topic have to be such a big deal?

  • Not everyone one is religious

    Our laws should not be dictated by religious beliefs of any religion. Same sex couples should be allowed to adopt the many children in this world who have no one to care for or love them. Their sexual preference has nothing to do with they parental abilities. Be a decent human and stop dictating other people based on your religious beliefs!

  • Absolutely POSITIVELY NO

    CHILDREN are conceived when sperm from a man and the ovum of a woman merge. Simple as that. Being gay is a choice therefore when you chose to be gay you also chose to give up the ability to create a life. Let children stay innocent. Don't infiltrate their pure little minds with your filth.

  • It's all about the child.

    A child needs both Mom and Dad... Not two Moms, and not two Dads. A father can never make up for the place of a mother. This subjects is usually about the couple, but we need to stop and remember the child. The child needs both parents to have a healthy house. Being raised by two dads or two moms is no different than living in a divorced house... You have plenty of one parent, but none of the other.

  • It is wrong

    It clearly states in the Bible to be homosexual is wrong. God created women and men to love one another that is why in the begining there was only one man and one woman. Having gay parents could cause the child to question his/her sexual orientation where as if they had a mother and a father they would less likely question themselves. I understand that they are humans too and they deserve equal rights. But when the step out of the norm they have entered their own state of equalisim because they have taken the equal right of being married and made it into their own favor instead of the way we were made to love.

  • I don't agree, although I feel I'm being forced to.

    The one thing I dislike abut this question is that for putting no, people feel the need to get defensive and then call me all sorts of name because I'm a christian. Being a Christian doesn't effect my personal opinion because I've only been one for 2 years (I'm 22).
    I do feel like there is a pressure to put yes constantly in this society, because if you don't then are a bigot or whatever.
    I know people can't always help their feelings which is fair enough, but you are in a homosexual relationship and you must remember that has consequences. A child you adopt will have to face prejudice at school because they will be an easy target from other kids. They will be labelled and all sorts and i don't think that is fair. No one has said people in same sex relationships would be bad parents, but you WANT to have kids. It's all about want want and want. Marriage= a wedding between a man and woman. conception=happens after a man and woman give birth. There is no need to start changing everything and demand equal rights, because there isn't anything equal. I just it is pushing toward things that aren't necessary.

  • I feel so bad for those kids

    You have got to be kidding me. The second other kids found out that a schoolmate has two gay dads who are probably mentally devIant that's it!, open the bullying floodgate. I mean men can be gay sure, but in the real world they are selfish for wanting to raise children

  • Homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt a child no matter what.

    When God created the world he created a man and a woman. He also made the Male Private part to insert into the Female's comfortably. He also made them go hand in hand on being able to create a next human being. That clearly state that a relationship should only consist of a man and woman especially if a child is involve. God DOES NOT LIKE THE SIN OF HOMOSEXUALS. My Pastor always say she love people she just dont like the sin their in. The same with me. I dont believe people were born that way I believe that it is a spirit and I HATE IT.Thats why I dont belive that a child should be bought into that mess!

  • No Gay Adoption

    it's against God original plan. When we get out of His plan we screw things up. That's why the world is just getting worse. It also affects the child emotionally. It confuses them as to who they are and their identity. Society will also treat them differently. They will have psychological problems.

  • No HomoSexuals should not be allowed to adopt children.

    I believe that if they are not able to bring the child into this world they should not be allow to have a chance to persuaade the child's over all view on their life. Because if they are raised by homosexuals parents they are more likely to become homosexuals themselves.

  • Some find it to be morally wrong.

     To grow up to be well-balanced adults, children need role models of both sexes. Boys without fathers under-achieve, especially since there are now fewer male teachers in primary schools.
     We are a 'Christian' country - even if few go to church, our values remain based on Christian teaching. Two parents are axiomatic - 'Honor thy father and mother' invokes the Fifth Commandment.
     Children raised by gay parents are offered only one partnership model and are therefore (some argue) more likely to be gay.
     If Roman Catholic adoption agencies close rather than allow gay couples to adopt, the number of adopted children will decline, leaving more in the unsatisfactory care system.
     Some areas of life cannot be legislated for and must be left to individual conscience. A sufficiently large minority simply find gay parenting 'wrong'; the practice therefore should not be enforced on all.

  • I Have To Say That So Far Nobody Has Provided Geniune Answer From Both Sides

    How Many Pedophiles Does God Have To Create Before We Accept Them? (Mm! same as homosexuals). According to the bible and the Qur'an, Homosexuality is looked upon as a "Sin". Why would then God create Gays or Pedophiles ? The logic: He already must have decided that they are going to hell without even bothering to wait for the 'Judgement Day'. For example: If you had a son who is born homosexual, how would you feel if you went to heaven and he went to hell? Religion is a man made creation (illogical fallacy). Having said that GOD does exists but will never know anything about him EVER. Moreover a logical question for the religious community: Why would God wait for the Judgement Day? ( An omnibenevolent, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient being). He should already assign to each individual a Hell or Heaven option without the illogical testing procedure as he can foresee who is Bad or Good. ( "Free will" is unsound since God has the power to see the future ). Is god playing a game with us? Answer. No. Conclusion: All religious belief systems are WRONG.

    Homosexuality should be accepted into the world civilization.

    Criteria and rights:

    1. Marriage in specialized institution

    2. Human rights as enjoyed by all human race

    3. No same-sex child care option: Argument to support this claim: ( We'll obviously use the natural argument i.e ( Existence of some Homosexual spices in the Animal kingdom - It is natural why don't we accept it?).
    Question: Why in the animal kindgdom there is no a single evidence where a heterosexual animal couple entrusts a child or an infant to another homosexual couple ( No evidence in any specie ). Conclusion: There MUST be a biological balance and harmony. If homosexuals can produce a child then it is considered natural ( infertile is different - willing but unable biologically (born with disability)). As harsh as it may sound this is the reality ( Air and water is reality! try to change?). Man + Woman = child. (Infertile = Man + Women = no child). However adoption is acceptable. It still maintains the important biological balance in nature which is the Man + Women equation. Mother and father provide different and unique love and are naturally able to produce a child by their natural harmony with the bio system in place).

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Anonymous says2013-03-28T21:16:30.903
In My inter Life I read so much about homosexual Rights and as a person who supports that we are all human's, and anyone should have a life like anyone else, for the first time i will say, that i don't supports homosexual people to be allowed legally to adopt children!! And under that children's should have a good life, i think they will not grow old feeling the same as children's who raised by both sex couples ! ! Which is not fair for any child!
Anonymous says2013-04-04T15:40:31.447
Yes I think they should be able to adopt a child because they want a family just like the ppl who are not gay .. I mean I have nothing against gay ppl at all I feel if they want to be that way let them be that way I mean we all sin in some type of way everyday but when God calls them home then they will have to answer to that's its not your option about the sexual like or what sex they like or wanna be with .. Just worry about yourself and you will find life more better for you but yes I think gay adoption should be legal because everyone wants to be happy in life .
Anonymous says2013-04-13T22:34:43.050
At the Heart of it all...I'm a Child, I have had the worst Start in life, what do you find me? At the very Basic...Give me a Mum and Dad...As an adult, I want to be able to have a Mum and a Dad, nevermind your Gay view for your own Sexual realationships, Where what I want get Lost in all of This...We Need mothers and fathers

Anonymous says2013-04-25T04:55:31.407
Every one deserves a parent including the orphans they wont care if their parents are gay or not im not a homophobe but there also some very bad things about it to like the child getting bullied thats not right for a thing like that. people who think that it is a sin to be a homosexual should get told the right thing beacause it is not in the bible dabout homosexuality being a sin i dont even know if homosexuality is a word but the thing im trying to get at is homosexuals are the same as us! ther are way to many orphans in the world who are waiting to be love and many gay people out there who are looking for children to love. there are also to many children being aborted every year due to unwanted pregnancies. there are even children out there who are being abused. if we let gays adopt we can raise the welfare and lower the orphan rate. it bugs me when people judge people for their way of life because i bet you anything if the tables were turned they would hate it so i say let the Gays Adopt ! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
NestorTheZizek says2016-10-06T14:25:12.127
This whole debate has given me cancer. Having same sex parents, or three parents, or a single parent... Makes no difference. If your parents are idiots, or Christians, or bad influences, you'll grow up damaged. But you won't be any different because dad likes it up the ass. It's illogical. Dad will be different (as in, gay) but it doesn't effect you if someone else has a sexuality that is different

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