• Bi-sexual women and lesbians should have rights, but not gays. Gays should be rounded up and forced into slavery.

    How can countries in the West compete with countries like China, India and Brazil were workers have very rights and are paid a pittance? The answer is simple, by under-cutting them by using slave labour.

    Unfortunately the trade in slaves from Africa has dried up now so we are going to have to use home-grown slaves instead. Of course, nobody is going to volunteer to be a slave but if male homosexuality was made illegal again then the punishment for those found guilty could be forced labour. The government could make money by hiring these effeminate felons out to companies and wealthy individuals.

    Then again, perhaps plan this might contravene international human rights treaties so it probably is a good idea to let them have rights after all.

  • Yes You answered your own question...

    Gay People are people. All people are guaranteed those rights under the constitution. There should be no question here. All people under the law are created equal. Anyone with any other thoughts would be proved wrong by law. Under the protection of the constitution. There is no other answer. They should be able to marry, have children and include each other in their wills. That is also being shown as truth in the courts. Thank Goodness.

  • Yes, of course. Despite being gay, they're still human beings, so why not?

    They need to be seen as normal people, 'cause they are. They belong to a society, so they need to have rights in spite of being homosexual. We're all sinners, no one can escape from sin, because it is impossible, nobody must judge other. I don't go against any gay or lesbian, I just think it's wrong to be gay or lesbian, it's a sin, only GOD can judge them. For me they should have rights despite I don't consider them as people that can please GOD, they need to change to make GOD happy.

  • Yes, Homosexuals should have rights.

    Homosexuals are human beings who deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and tolerance. Anyone who believes otherwise would be considered a bigoted moron because there is no logic based reason to deny homosexuals the rights that are entitled to everyone else, especially if your reasons to treat homosexuals as second class citizen are based on religion. People should learn to live in peace and coexist as human beings instead of oppressing others based on their differences.

  • Gays Are Still People, Not Aliens.

    Just because a man loves another man or a woman another woman does not mean they're different from everyone else. People are people. If someone made the mistake of spilled wine on their white shirt. Would you point and laugh or help them get the stain out? Same goes for gays. If there are two guys holding hand, would you snicker and tell jokes about it or say 'god for them' and carry on with your day? Gays are people and people have rights.

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