Should homosexuality and transexuality be removed from children's cartoons?

Asked by: jaksunmadness
  • No business in cartoons

    Children should not be bothered with matters related to sex. When they grow up into adults, they will have plenty of time for such. Hopefully, they will make decisions about their sexuality using the Bible.

    But while children are children, let them be allowed to their innocence.

    It is upsetting that the LGBT want to impose their way of life on the public through the media.

  • They should not be there in the first place.

    When I was a kid, you rarely heard of a homosexual. I did not personally know any homosexuals. You knew some existed but it was clear that they were looked down upon because of it. The very few famous homosexuals became famous for other reasons and the fact that they were had no positive effect on their career and often ended it. This can be simplified by this.
    Homosexuality + unpopular = fewer homosexuals
    Over time, homosexuality became more of a media circus especially with the AIDS issue. Any time one side makes a statement, it always rallies others to the side of opposition. In this case, anti-homosexual actions leaded to pro-homosexual actions. Because some famous people where homosexual, other famous people rallied around them in support. This not only brought more media attention to the famous homosexuals but to all homosexuals. The gained media attention caused them to become more popular. A new equation had emerged.
    Homosexual + famous + popularity = increased number of homosexuals
    Today, if a normal person is not accepted, well, that's normal, but if a homosexual is not accepted, even if it has nothing to do with sexual preference, the person/people who do not accept them are labeled as being bigots or other such negative terms. An additional part was added to the equation.
    Homosexuality + automatic acceptance = even more homosexuals
    With so many homosexual people and situations being placed in not only the media but in our own lives, it is not surprising that more and more people are identifying with being homosexual. It is a statistical fact that children raised by or around homosexuals are about 4 times more likely to identify with being homosexual even when not related.
    This means that homosexuality is more of a subconscious choice rather than being something your born with. The subconscious weighs the benefits to being homosexuality such as I have stated and in more and more cases they are outweighing their natural instincts causing them to identify more with being homosexual or bisexual.

  • Why Is Sex in Cartoons?

    Part of the point of being a child is you're immature. You're not supposed to be focusing on reproduction. You're supposed to be developing yourself so you're ready to reproduce when you get older. Even concepts like love, passion, intimacy, and romance take maturity. They shouldn't be in cartoons at all. The orientation of the matter is secondary to this. It's like saying, "Should someone eat apple pie before dinner?" No, you're not supposed to eat pie at all before dinner whether it's apple or not.

  • Think about it,

    If a child watches his/her favourite cartoon and then two gay people come on, it could make him or her question their sexuality, so it could make a force on children worldwide, making more children gay, making Vladimir Putin that much more angry with the society that we have today.

  • Yes. End the madness.

    Just like how we shouldn't brainwash children into religion, we shouldn't brainwash them to think things like homosexuality are ok. People would go mad if incestuous activities were promoted to children, so homosexuality shouldn't be promoted to children.

    We should be keeping children neutral towards controversial topics and not bias them in either way, this'll result in a natural and unforced decision to tolerate, join, or act against homosexuality and other such 'ways of life'.

  • That Makes No Sense

    Why should a child be exposed to such nonsense at such a tender age. Okay I understand that its everyday life, homosexuality is everywhere, but one place that it definitely should not be is somewhere children go on a regular basis. What if Elmo was openly gay? Every child who watches Elmo would consider being gay. Why? Discrimination is wrong, I agree, but homosexuality is wrong too. No parent would not want to have a homosexual for a son or daughter. Trust me, I am not an ignorant person who hates gays, I just do not support them!

  • Homosexuality In Children’s Entertainment Is Shameful.

    Civilization is based upon a man being married to a woman and they having children, Resulting in a family unit. The best family situation is when the man and woman are the parents of their children. However, Even if the man and woman have children from another marriage or union, The same emotional and social dynamic is at work. If the family were to consist of two men and two women, The non-parent spouse would be awkward to the family unit. The arrangement would be extremely awkward and embarrassing to the children. The children would not develop emotionally as potential parents. This is a destructive and unnatural trend to the family unit and to the psychological welfare of children. It is shameful that homosexuality is creeping into children’s entertainment.

  • LGBT confuses children and ruins friendships

    “When a man and woman really love each other. . . ” Nothing’s more awkward than having to explain to your child where babies come from. But imagine being asked by your kid, “But Billy has two dads or Cindy has two moms, So how was he/she born? ” LGBT can’t change the minds of Conservatives and Christians and Muslims (yes, Even their beloved Muslim pals), So they move on to innocent children, Who have no real understanding of relationships and sexuality. Just look at “Queer Kid Stuff” on YouTube, The host of which looks awfully similar to Rebecca Sugar, Creator of Steven Universe (perhaps they’re related? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were). Friendship is a beautiful, Powerful thing, But the LGBT groups wish to destroy friendships and make “Best Friends Forever” into “Butt Friends Forever”. And believe it or not, Children of gay couples share the same pain that children of divorced parents go through: the absence of a mother/father. You can’t replace a mother with another man or a father with another woman; it just doesn’t work that way. It’s what God (or if you don’t believe in God, Then say Mother Nature) intended since the beginning of time. There’s a reason why homosexuality is called “unnatural”. Confusion leads to unhappiness and depression, And depression leads to suicide. Just take a look at the increasing suicide rate among transsexuals. What does that tell you? That LGBT people are happy with their lifestyle? Far from it. They are sad, Confused, And long to be accepted by the rest of the world, Even if they have to resort to bullying and brainwashing. The only safe cartoons to watch now are those that aired before the 2010’s, Before the LGBT groups graffitied our beloved cartoons with the colors of the rainbow. By the way, I am from Generation X, The so-called “tolerant” generation.

  • Children don't need to be involved in the homosexual/non homosexual arguement.

    As we all know, there is an argument as to whether or not homosexuality is wrong and should be allowed. I am a Christian, but I believe homosexuality is a choice, and we can't force anyone not to be. However, there are Christian parents that may not want their innocent children taking part in the argument and taking sides. They them to be a kid while they can and not worry themselves about those things. That is my reason homosexuality should not be a part of children's cartoons.

  • Not normal and sinful.

    Homosexuality is something that should not be exposed to children at all. Especially in cartoons. Sexuality was never my concern when I watched cartoons as a kid, so what makes you think that they care about thier sexuality. Stuff like this should be discussed with their own parents, not through cartoons. And there are people who are not comfortable with it because they believe that the practice of homosexuality is wrong-like any other sin. I understand if homosexuality is addressed in adult cartoons, but it should not be part of kids' cartoons. And if there is a cartoonist who personally prefers not to feature LGBT themes in his cartoons, then respect that and let him be.

  • Should homosexuality and tran sexuality be removed from children's cartoons?

    Of course not..It's no different than saying should blacks be removed. Keeping children's head in the sand over the realities of life is not a good idea.. Who people love and who the person feels they are inside is their business and theirs alone...Would removing change the reality of the existence of these folks

  • What is the point?

    Homosexuality and transsexualism are apart of life. If cartoons and children's shows can depict heterosexual relationships (and very explicitly might I add) then they can also highlight the existence of the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender individuals as well. Everyone opposing this is a complete hypocrite. You make it all about sex when it involves the LGBT community but have no issue with sexual innuendos when heterosexuals are involved. Being gay is not all about sex, gay people have families and lives beyond their sexual orientation. If more children's show actually depicted this reality, there wouldn't be so much ignorance in the world. There is no logical reason to remove LGBT people and topics from children's shows on television or in the media.

  • Should we also ban bossy?

    Before considering removing something like Homosexuality and Transexuality you first would need to provide verifiable evidence for the reason behind removing them.

    As you can see on the left side where "MitchV" has posted in agreement with removing Homosexuality from cartoons/anime or whatever, we can clearly see it's not only incorrect statements being made but it's all entirely opinion with no sources behind the argument.

    If MitchV were to have evidence on his/her side then there would be a little more reason towards the claims he/she spews out, however there isn't and I look forward to actual evidence with proper verifiable sources posted on my post or MitchV's original post.

    However even then there's still no reason to ban something in the same way the "ban bossy" campaign begun.

  • Of course not

    Should we remove heterosexuality from cartoons? Children need to learn about different sexualities from a young age so we can prevent some of the bigoted opinions that can be seen on the proposition side. It seems utterly ridiculous that we are still treating homosexuals like demons in the 21st century.

  • Should homosexuality and transexuality be removed from children's cartoons?

    Should homosexuality and transexuality be removed from children's cartoons? No, if children are exposed to things like this early on, they will learn to be more tolerant of it(as they should be). Children being exposed to things like homo and tran sexuality early on will also provide a sense of commonness and will not be foreign to them, decreasing the chance of them judging people for it later on in life.

  • Seriously a dumb question

    I do not know about all of you but I really liked the Spongebob episode where Patrick and Spongebob get a baby clam and they are parents to it. They're both males and then Spongebob dressed like a female and took the traditional gender role of being a female. So basically a gay parents and a transexual parent. Seeing gay people on tv doesn't make children question their sexuality and that's seriously the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Regardless of what you watch, you should explore your sexuality, it's healthy and natural. And even if you have a problem with it, I have a brilliant and revolutionary idea; don't watch it and don't let your children watch it. Stop oppressing people with your opinion because you don't like it.

  • That is Blatant Discrimination

    What right do we have to isolate and ban a large group of people from children's shows? That can be seen as being very offensive and harmful to children who have same-sex parents. Having that ban would only contribute to closing children's minds and encouraging a narrow view of the world and other people.

    FYI: The picture for the opinion question is Japanese anime/manga, not an American cartoon. Japanese anime/manga has no issues with homosexuality and transsexual discrimination.

  • Should homosexuality and transexuality be removed from children's cartoons?

    No, if children are exposed to things like this early on, they will learn to be more tolerant of it(as they should be). Children being exposed to things like homo and tran sexuality early on will also provide a sense of commonness and will not be foreign to them, decreasing the chance of them judging people for it later on in life.

  • This should never be removed.

    There is nothing wrong with being homosexual or transsexual. Even if you are not either a homosexual or transsexual you can still learn about tolerance and acceptance of them when your cartoons include them. People are born homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, or transsexual, so they will always be around. People need to learn to be accepting of them.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Can make LGBT people feel more comfortable which growing up.

    LGBT people need to be shown from young ages just like heterosexual people are such as, when the guy gets the girl and the prince saved the princess but what about the girl gets her dream girl or the boy asking the other boy to dances, or someone wondering about gender because a lot of these responses are talking about no they shouldn't because then children would question themselves, do you think that children don't question already? Children from a young age who they have crushes on or whether they are a boy or girl and the should have role models on TV to look up to so they can see that who they are or need to be isn't bad and even if their bigot parents think they are too young or think it's wrong they see that it's normal. Children who grow up questioning and are seen not normal that builds into a self hatred which can lead to depression, this is why the rate for suicide is 3 times high than straight people. Straight people shouldn't be the default because they aren't just like white people aren't the default.

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