• Yes it should

    Think about all the consequences america has had to face since it legalized homosexuality. AIDS patients have increased dramatically, higher divorce rates, higher child poverty rates. Homosexuality legalization has also started militant gay movements to change the meaning of gender and allow homosexuals in boy scouts and military openly therby creating a uncomfortable environment for those around them

  • Countries should chose their laws

    Homosexuality has been morally and sociologically problematic. Countries that decide to make homosexuality illegal through their democratic process have the right to do so. That America has been legalizing same sex marriage doesn't mean that India cannot make homosexuality illegal.

    Homosexuality should neither be legal nor legal issue, just left to what people in their privacy. The law should keep its nose out of the matter. I don't want homosexuals locked up for homosexuality anymore than I want homosexuals in the courthouse getting married.

  • Maybe it should

    Homosexuality is an unnatural act. Even if we made Homosexuality legal for everyone who wanted to be homosexual, they have no way of reproducing without using an innately heterosexual act, whether it be a sperm bank, in vitro, test tube etc. Moreover, a homosexual relationship is based purely upon feelings. Meaning, there is no biological drive to be with someone of the same sex...No matter how you draw it, the human race goes extinct if homosexuality is somehow our biological instinct. If not illegal, homosexuality should be under no obligation to be recognized by the state, any more so than the state has a right to recognize bestiality or incest.

  • Yes yes yes

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    homosexuality should be illegal, because,...Well why not:

    i don't understand why some people are gay

    just please for goodness sake make homosexality illegal and punishable y death

  • Nothing ing should be illegal*

    *Except for that which violates the life, liberty, or property of other individuals. I dont believe voluntary homosexuality to violate any if these. Although I dont endorse this religiously, i am politically tolerant. The same goes for drugs, gambling, guns, liberty, and how you run your life.

    Stay vigilant folks!

  • Ignorance is no longer accepted on this planet

    If a man loves a woman, great. If a man loves a man, great. There is honestly no difference. Love is Love. I respect the bible but it is a little outdated. Rumor has it the Pope is even supporting gay marriage. Anyways if there is a same sex marriage between two total strangers of someone, it doesn't even effect them.

  • ...Why?.. Just why?

    Homosexuality should not be illegal. If a man wants to stick his candy cane in another guys life-saver then let him. Men and women conduct sodomy together, so why can't men and men do it together? Some people say homosexuality and homosexuals shouldn't be accepted because of the Bible or whatever, but I guess you can't exactly say that because everyone has their own different beliefs, someone could be an atheist or an agnostic or whatever. Some christians oppose homosexuality, some are for it and some just don't really care either way. Other people don't like just because they simply don't like the fact or idea of a man sticking his ying up another guys yang. No big deal really, just like a man sticking his yang up a females ying. AND there's some ignorant people who are like "Being homosexual is okay.. Only if your a girl though.. Faggots are disgusting." My reaction to this is basically like, "What the hell". Like, a girl and another girl is hot and everything but a man and a man are totally disgusting. And, people not liking homosexuality because a lot of diseases can get transmitted through sodomy. Uhh.. You can get AIDS by being straight and hitting it from behind with a girl.. And one last thing. "I don't like homosexuality because they cannot reproduce" That is true, but all of the children you heterosexuals are leaving in an orphanage and homosexuals are picking them up..(: My reasons may not make much sense, but like, it's whatever. I'm 14, actually.

  • Should dating outside your race be illegal?

    No! People need to have the education that homosexuals are born with their preference in their partners just as some people like certain dog breeds and some people like different races and foods. Its all about desire and individuality, which is not a legality. Do what you love and what makes you happy!

  • Why should it be illegal?

    The only reasons people can't accept homosexuals are: 1. The Bible, because people are just looking for a reason, and 2. They think it's gross. Well, I can't disclaim the Bible argument because you can believe whatever you want to believe, but saying it's gross is your perspective. A man who has been attracted to men his entire life has a completely different perspective than you on whether or not it's gross. Other than a few pissed off religious freaks and self centered people with no sense of perspective, what's the hurt?

  • Homosexuality is not a crime

    Homosexuality (status and activity) cannot be criminalized, it is impertient. Homosexuals engage in sexual activity with members of their own gender for the same reason heterosexuals have sex with the opposite gender: acting upon their feelings. Homosexuality does not cause any identifiable harm, so there are no grounds in criminalizing it.

  • That's like saying should love be illegal

    No because you can't help who you love. It just happens. If a man and woman can be together than why can't a woman and a woman or a man and a man? There's nothing wrong with it, until you bring the Bible into. And let me tell you, that book is how old? Obviously it needs to have another look and many things contrast in it. I just think it's pathetic that things like this have to come up because of the fact that you can't help who you love (and if you don't believe that you haven't truly been in love). {{{"God may have made Adam and Eve, but Adam and Steve had more fun"}}}

  • This is along the same lines as making interracial marriage/sex illegal.

    This would be the same thing as what many states (including the northern states by the way) had as law for many decades. A couple that was of a different race could not have a relationship. No, just let people that are gay/lesbian have the relationships that they want. Let them get married and have the same rights that heterosexual couples have.

  • There really is no debate.

    We cant ban a natural experience.
    That is like banning a left handed person or a black person or a person who has a physical disability.

    Yes in some countries even in modern times they have tried.
    Mugabe did it in Zimbabwe when he told blacks they can remove white farmers.
    Left handed people have always been pressured to conform and still are.
    People with disabilities are still rejected in some places as facilities do not accommodate them.
    And yes in some lands they have turned on homosexuality.

    But none of those are a ban. They are the result of a crazed governments and in the future the mad policies will be over turned.

    An attempt to implement such ban would require the controlling body to totally ignore any scientific/and historical facts. They would instead do as Russia and Uganda and some Arab countries do, it would be religious based topped up with a touch of fear mongering. They even have laws that make it a crime to know a gay person and not report him/her.

    The logic that such governments promotes could have come straight from an old Monty Python movie.
    When question on the morality of such a law they would say. We know we are right because the people agree with us. We know they do because we have jailed and killed all the ones who do not.
    Now no one says this law is wrong.

    They also use religion, which is a good and powerful tool to use as what ever they say, they will then end by saying, its what God wants. Its in the Bible. (or what ever the holy book)
    No one can challenge this as few people even bother to read such books beyond the occasional review.
    And if they do by using other verses, the person simply says you are reading that out of context.

  • Homophobia at its finest.

    Many of the things that we take for granted today have in fact been `uncovered' by way of a combination of struggle and reason. Slavery for example is wrong today as it has always been wrong (even in ancient Rome). Racism is wrong but this moral understanding was only uncovered in the 20th Century (through struggle and reason) although it has always been wrong. Homophobia is wrong but the battle still rages on this front (especially with the theists) but need I say, it has always been wrong. Likewise the equality of women which still rages in many parts of the theist world.

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kbub says2014-10-14T02:39:45.573
Even the most hardcore conservative US politicians don't say that. Awful thought.