• Homosexuality, or gay marriage?

    If you meant homosexuality in itself of course. Being alive can't be illegal. Gay people are obviously born gay, so being alive would be illegal to them. If you meant homosexual marriage, still yes. It doesn't affect anyone but the people in the marriage, so it really can't be illegal.

  • Gender Doesn't Matter, We're All Human

    I don't think homosexuality it such a bad thing. When most people hear about it, they consider it gross, or unnecessary. People say it's prohibited by the Bible, and that men were made for women, and women were made for men, but forget about the Bible. It's a book written by an invisible man in the sky (supposedly)! I think people should be free to love anyone they wish, whether they're same gender or not.
    Although it's becoming more likely to meet a homosexual, or bisexual, person these days, it's not a bad thing. They're still people who have feelings and they're no different from any other person in the world. This shouldn't start turning into something where gay people are banned from restaurants and get no service. That would start coming back to segregation, except with sexuality. I don't think gay marriage should be illegal.

  • Their isn't any need for restrictions on this point

    I have debated this subject with multiple opponents over the years, trying to learn what are the reasons for people to be against homosexuals. During this time I have had people say it is against God who made it to where men and women should be together to produce offspring, in which I respond with, "the guy who demands that his most loyal and devoted followers (priest and nuns) (for Catholics at least) are not aloud to have sex period. I've had people say that it hurts the population, in which I reply "you would be right if we all lived in isolated tiny villages, but for the modern world we are currently at the highest population that we have ever had. Others say that it is unnatural, so their for it is wrong, to that I have to say, many animals do homosexual acts, some examples are, goats, beetles, and obviously humans. What I am saying is that I have heard many reasons of why homosexuality is wrong, immoral, and should be illegalized, but I have never heard one that couldn't be immediately countered and proven to why their is no need for a discriminating law against homosexuals

  • Why does it matter to you if you are not gay.

    It does not hurt anyone. Screw god. You are not affected its not your marriage. It would lower teen suicide. It as bad as racism. Its there right to marry who they want. Separation of church and state. Banning this is unconstitutional. Why do straight people say no to people doing want they want without harming anyone.

  • It already is

    I'm assuming you're referring to the behavioral component of homosexuality. Criminalizing the status would be downright absurd; nobody chooses their sexual orientation. In the Supreme Court case Lawrence v. Texas(2003), laws that prohibited same-sex sodomy were declared unconstitutional. It is not our place to forbid certain sexual practices among consenting adults.

  • It Doesn't Affect You

    Someone being gay doesn't affect anyone's life but their own and as a human they have every right to like whoever they want. We are all made of flesh and bones, we are all the same inside, so why does it matter who likes who.
    People don't choose to be gay, they are born that way, just like a white person is born white and will be white forever, just like black people are born black, and will be forever.
    If someone doesn't support a person being gay because of their religion, it doesn't mean they have the right to discriminate against them. They don't have to be happy about it or support them, but they shouldn't feel the need to hurt anyone or their feelings. I'm not saying all religious people are like this as I know several who are supportive, but to those who aren't, just think about the fact that you aren't getting harmed or affected in any way by knowing or being around someone who is gay.

  • This is 2015

    I'm frankly surprised that this is still such an issue. It's like with the African Americans in the 60's; they are born black, they have no choice but to remain black for the rest of their lives. Nowadays, hating on the black population is seen as ridiculous and racist. Damn it, the US even has a black president! The thing with homosexuality is that we must educate the masses, like we did with the other minorities. And for god's sake, BEING GAY DOESN'T HURT ANYONE!!!

  • Homosexuality should not be legal in all cases.

    The tone of the question makes it sound as if it is asking whether homosexuality should be legal unqualifiably, and that is what I am addressing. While the question of whether homosexuality is good or bad is pertinent, it is not the only question here. What is also on the table is how far the government should go in restraining people from evil.
    First, I do think that what is right or wrong, and good or bad, can be objectively known. I think that everything which can change (is a mixture of act and potency) has a final cause (that which it naturally tends toward) in accordance with its formal cause (its essence, that which it is). In short, what a thing is determines what its final cause is, and this final cause is the good toward which it aims. Thus, briefly, can we objectively find the good of a thing.
    Clearly, homosexuality is not the good at which sexual desire aims. Sexual desire aims at having people engage in sexual intercourse (intercourse between both sexes), which is impossible when only one sex is present. Thus, a homosexual act is contrary to what the final cause of sexual desire is, and the urge to engage in homosexual acts occurs when there is a defect in a person's sexuality. Thus, while a person may or may not be able to change their orientation (I honestly don't know and it is irrelevant to this question) and hence should not be automatically held responsible for this, engaging in gay "sex" (which is not even really sexual intercourse since only one sex is present) is always wrong, as it is contrary to the final cause of sexual desire.
    So, homosexual acts are wrong, and could potentially be outlawed. However, how would we police this? Drones peering in people's windows? It would almost be impossible without some sort of totalitarian state. Though theoretically it could be outlawed and illegal, the methods of enforcing this would have to be minimally invasive or else they would be downright awful. However, you could make flagrant acts of homosexuality illegal (like walking around kissing another man), so long as this didn't result in some thought police bureau being too invasive.
    As you have probably surmised, I do indeed think that whether homosexuality should be illegal, or to what degree it should be illegal, or what punishments should be given(or even whether there should be punishments), are all matters of prudence to me--is the cure worse than the sickness, the legislator must ask--even though whether homosexual acts is not a matter of prudence but of fact. Furthermore, a person with same sex attraction who refrains from engaging in bad acts related to their orientation should be left alone, and even respected for overcoming a natural weakness. Thus, while all homosexuality should not be made illegal necessarily, it should not necessarily all be legal either. This is a matter if debate and deliberation for every country's legislators.

  • Don't hate those who think differently

    I have no doubts that homosexuality will be legal some point in the near future so to all those who support homosexuality, please calm your farm!
    But at the same time, I also ask that you give religious people some respect and actually respect their opinions against homosexuality. As a christian myself, I would not support homosexuality simply because I believe that the bible is truth and that homosexuality (just like any other sin) leads to death. It is not out of hatred that I am not supporting homosexuality, but because i believe it holds consequences for those who pursue in this act.
    For those who support homosexuality, I believe you support it for reasons such that everyone should be equal and that it is not loving to not give people what they want if they desire it, and you believe that homosexuality holds no consequences etc.

    But please, just don't go hating on religious people and others just because we hold different views and have different beliefs. It doesn't look great when you appear to be fighting for equality and love for everyone, but you are so aggressive and disrespectful towards those who think differently from you.

    Posted by: mish

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