• Eww homosexual is just so disgusting

    I hate gays simply because they infect AIDS all over the world. Gays are a disease to earth. I admire that in the history we prosecuted them and until now we should keep continue doing. Also gay are as equal as pedophile. There is an evidence that most gays molested children.

  • Yes because they are similar to pedophile

    Guys have you realize that homosexual are very very similar to pedophile ? Many statistical evidence and media revealed that homosexual/bisexual are much more likely to commit sexual offense against children than heterosexual. Also both of them are sexual deviance,unnatural and sick in their mind. And they are also among the most hatred groups in society. And besides homosexual has been classified as mental disorder for many many years but just has been recently changed.


  • Fuck gay people amiright

    I am a racist, sexist, white supremist who is also an avid Trump supporter. I know the best words, just like Trump, even though the largest words I said in that sentence were words and Trump. My church told me gays are even worse than the blacks and those Mexican drug dealers. We need a wall to keep them out

  • Homo sexuality should not be owtlawed

    I have many friends who are lgbtq+ and they are just normal people who have nomel intentions they don't want rape the same sex as them there people who just like the same same sex. I don't understand why we should put people in jail because they love different people or have a different religion,if america is going to be called the land of the free we should act like the land of the free.

  • We can't change them, so we may as well support them. But why even try to change them?

    Listen, people aren't going to change what they think is attractive just because you find their opinion disgusting or wrong. There is no "wrong" in love, so we may as well support everyone's version of "right". But the reality of it is: everyone is different. Everyone should be able to feel however they want to feel. We shouldn't mold others to our way of thinking; rather, we should do our best to mold ourselves to support them better. Homosexuality is simply how someone feels about the people around them. And since everyone is entitled to their own opinion--First Amendment and stuff--we can't outlaw homosexuality, because it's unconstitutional. "We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal."

  • I say No

    I say no because people should not be aressted just for having there own thoughts and opinions on who they love in their life yes its a sin but so is smoking and cusing and drugs but that aint band so why should lgbt be i mean im in it so

  • A very disgusting comparison from stephannoi

    This is really a ridicilous debate. Accepting LGBT community is nowaday part of our human right standard because we believe that they should have the same equal right as many as us. Homosexual people cause no harm to others as long as it's between consenting adults. While pedophiles do because children can never give meaningful consent to anything. To compare homosexual to pedophile is offensive and injurious to dignity of LGBT people. Homosexual should not such degraded in such manner because they have nothing in common to compare with them..Pedophile will never be accepted for many reason and should receive harsh penalty for committing such hideous crime.

  • It shouldn't matter gay or not bisexual or not

    It shouldn't matter if you are homosexual because it is like saying it is wrong to go to church and is as stupid as arguing with with someone about what your own name is. I am NOT racist, Sexist, And I am an just recently adopted bisexual religious teenage girl who has been through tons in 15 years that knows a lot more than any other teenage student.

  • We should love.

    To outlaw someone just because of their sexuality is a crime to humanity. What or who someone else likes affects you in ZERO ways. If they hit on you, Treat them like any other person you don't want to hit on you. You don't have to be rude and intolerant and breed hate because that gets us nowhere as a society and in my opinion is preventing us from reaching world peace.

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