• People should be themselves!

    Maybe I am blast as I am a lesbian myself. But at the end of the day, who a person loves isn't something that they choose believe it or not. You can't force a gay guy to like girls and you can't force a lesbian to like guys. If they don't like it that's not their fault. There has been increasingly more homosexual people nowadays and people need to learn to accept it. They can disagree with it all they like but at the end of the day it's still going to be there. A gay couple isn't doing anything to hurt you or harm you. If you are homophobic then that's your problem, if you choose that route then the least you could do is be homophobic in silence. You don't see gays protesting or being offensive towards heterosexuals. We are all human and we all have the right to free will and our own ways of life. I may not agree with religions for instance but I still respect other people and their faiths because its just natural respect. Unfortunately some people seem to lack that respect for people these days and its really sad.

  • People are entitled to free will

    You are your own person and should not have other people telling you how to live your life. Plus, if you are homosexual, it is your own business and nobody else's. Homosexuals are not forcing homosexuality onto you, so why force heterosexuality onto them? We live in the modern day, not a bygone era.

  • The subject of one's love should not matter

    It's love. Who is given that love should not be taken into account. One cannot argue that, to some degree, one does not feel attracted to at least one other of the same sex. Homosexuals are being honest and simply taking it to the next level. On a more physical side, why would you care what people do with their genitalia, if one would forgive the crudeness of that last remark.

  • Crazy crazy people

    It's like it's April fools day ever day in america, people are against 2 loving consenting adults being with each other? REALLY? Did you fall on your head a bit too many times when you were a child? There is no LOGICAL reason to oppose homosexuality, note how I said LOGICAL so religion cannot be a reason since it is not logical, so, what other reason does there exist to oppose it hmm?

  • Yes, it is normal and not even a choice.

    Homosexuality is 100% natural, it is found in all animals, but homophobia however is only found in one species: Humans, homosexuality is not even a choice, gays are born gay, here in my country Brazil gay marriage is already legal since 2013 and I'm really glad for that, using religion agains homosexuality is stupid, religions are just pure superstitions.

  • They are people to

    Gay people are just as good as any other person. They are judged by their sexual orientation. Gay people are good people they are some of the nicest people you'll meet. We have the right to pursue our happiness. It is frowned upon because people say its not right because it is in the bible. Which no one has any proof that anything in it is real.

  • Science says that it is normal in humans.

    People against homosexuality often call out and say that homosexuality is not natural and should therefore not be accepted, but in fact all the major psychological institutions agree that it is absolutely natural and that it harms people more to suppress their homosexuality than to act on it. It should be just as permissible as heterosexuality is. No more, no less.

  • Of course it should

    Gay people are just like anyone else. Being gay isn't a choice. In life everyone should be happy and if you were looked down upon for being who you are you wouldn't be happy. Not accepting it is pure ignorance and is unacceptable in todays society. I know gay people and they're just as fun, nice, and awesome as anyone straight I know.

  • Any discrimination is wrong

    As a society, we understand that it's immoral to discriminate against sex, race, religion, ethnicity, disability etc... So why should it be okay to discriminate against others for something they were a) born as, so couldn't chose and b) Does no harm to any other members of society?

    We are fortunate to live in a county were everyone is equal, people die for this privilege everyday, and have died here so that we could have them. Taking away someone's rights because of who they love would be an insult to these people.

  • Should Heterosexuality be socially accepted?

    Heterosexuality: the desire to engage in romantic and/or sexual relations with a member of the opposite sex.

    Homosexuality: the desire to engage in romantic and/or sexual relations with a member of the same sex.

    How can anyone be seriously suggesting that the changing of a single word automatically means that one is "moral" and the other is not, that one is "socially acceptable" and the other is not, and that apart from this trivial difference the two behaviours are essentially identical?

    If Homosexuality is not socially acceptable then what is the justification for Heterosexuality being socially acceptable? Because more people are heterosexual? The majority of the world's population isn't Christian but I'm sure no Christians would accept that this therefore means Christianity is socially unacceptable.

  • Homosexuality shouldn't be accepted.

    Now I'm not saying I hate any gay people, my best friend or even a family member could be gay and I'd still love them. What they're doing I believe is wrong. I believe that homosexuals should be socially accepted, but not homosexuality. So even if people claim they're gay, they shouldn't be excluded in anything, but homosexuality shouldn't be encouraged or promoted. Also 'gay marriage' should definitely not be promoted. In fact if you're talking about 'gay marriage', it's not even marriage. Marriage is the covenant between man and woman to reproduce and educate their children. How could two men have a child? People say that it is the 'union' of two men or two women but this basically denies the whole purpose of marriage (the reproduction and raising of children). The features of a male and female body were specifically made so that man and woman can reproduce. A man is not meant to have sex with a man.

  • I don't hate the gays...

    But I don't support them. If we had a massive vote, I would vote against them. I don't like the Gay bandwagon, I think it's overblown and unfair. It's a timeless human thing, yell "we want freedom for everybody!" but when somebody speaks out against the bandwagon he gets crucified and called homophobic (btw, that has got to be the worst name ever).

    I don't think it's natural, I don't think it's healthy, and I don't support it. I'm not going on a gay-hunt, but, in our political system, I would ban them. It's a perversion, and it's been called a perversion for many years, the only difference is our society, in search of some "modern" ideal, has allowed it to become legitimate.

  • Not necessarily .

    Personally, I don't think everyone needs to be okay with homosexuality. For some of us, it goes against what we believe. However, do not jump to conclusions; I'm not saying we should judge them or oppress them. We're not all going to like a certain something about certain people. For instance, I don't like being around extroverts, but that doesn't mean I should judge or hate extroverts. Same goes for homosexuals...Same goes for the beliefs or quirks about everyone. We're all individuals, we all have things we don't like about each other, but we don't need to bully people for something they do or beliefs they hold or the people they are.

  • Should we teach kids that Cancer is "ok"?

    I don't hate homosexual people but homosexuality is not a legitimate sexuality, unfortunately it is more of a perversion. This is immediately recognisable when just observing the homosexual culture. Marriages last 1/3rd of heterosexual marriages. Homosexuals die younger than heterosexuals, still approximately 20 years younger, even with extremely expensive aids medication. Even partners in long term relationships have 8 other sexual partners each year, and around 20% of the homosexual community admits to more than 1000 sexual partners in their lifetime. There is very strong correlation between sexually abused children who grow up to be homosexual, and very compelling evidence that homosexual adults are around 25x more likely to sexually abuse children. Then we see alot of gender confusion arising from exposure to certain plastics in the womb and we see man for man, homosexuals are more infested with disease than any other portion of the public.
    All of this and much more suggests that homosexuality should not be socially accepted. Like cancer, It is right to tell children not to bully homosexuals and to educate children on factors which increase the chance of homosexuality, but it is wrong to tell children that homosexuality is "ok", a "healthy lifestyle choice", or any other such tosh which is provably incorrect.

  • Homosexuality is detrimental to evolution, thus is should not be accepted.

    During the 1980s, the homosexual lifestyle spread Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and human immunodeficiency virus at an alarming pace. While blood transfusions and drug use proliferated the spread of AIDS and HIV, the fastest spread was in the Gay community. The evolution of a successful species is commonly described as "survival of the fittest." Homosexual behavior has no known benefits to the human existence, therefore, it should not be socially accepted.
    In contrast, heterosexual behavior has several known benefits. Not the least being a continuation of the human species.

  • Don't confuse legal with social

    I agree same sex marriage should be legal. However, the question states "Socially accepted" not legally. Socially, everyone has their beliefs and right to approve or disapprove of whatever they want. Without this freedom, America simply becomes a nation run by laws whose lack of freedoms resemble that of every middle eastern nation and territory governed by Sharia Law.

    If you wish to be told exactly what you can and cannot do let alone what you can and cannot think, feel, and believe; I would suggest renouncing your American citizenship and moving to a place like Iran. Oh wait, sorry Iran is that way but AGAINST gay rights. I guess you'll have to form a military or a kickstarter fund and go take over an island somewhere.

  • Dont accept homosexuality

    1 of the basic reasons why homosexuality is not accepted is that : for a religion perspective, its pitiful and sinful.
    2nd: by law in some countries, its banned and justice takes its place in this issue. And im sure that no one is born a homosexual but the environment affects the person.

  • Being gay is literally more dangerous than Russian roulette.

    20% of gays in the United States have Aids, while Russian roulette has only a 16.66% chance of you getting shot. And that's just AIDS, imagine what percentage how them have the more commons sexually transmitted diseases. I have no idea how something like this can be accepted by the public.

  • It Should Not Ever

    It is wrong and so should not be accepted, just like I bet most gays would not agree that a father-son or Mother-daughter sexual relationship should be accepted.
    Homosexuality destroys the family unit, no continuity, just plain ego serving desire filling needs which people want to force on the world and with that forces people who are allowed their own views to bend their views to accept homosexuals and thus denying those people's right to their own views and beliefs under the title of homosexuals being discriminated and hunted.
    We must love everyone, I love homosexuals, but hate wrong actions, and thus it is homosexuality I hat, homosexuality and not homosexuals. The world was created to have man be fruitful and multiply, gay marriage is anti-nature and destroys the world.

  • Family is more important than your sexual desires

    The traditional family structure works and produces healthy societies. The mass acceptance and media propaganda about LGBTQ+ ideals will slowly rot away at the strong foundation holding people's lives together. People become estranged from their families and end up seeking only self fulfillment at the expense of others. Think bigger people!

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KaileyFox says2014-03-04T20:32:41.347
To add to this opinion question, can someone explain to me why gay marriage is really only a problem in America and in this century? Because it's not a big deal in other countries, nor was it a problem in America until recently.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-10-15T15:31:05.650
You're poorly informed on your facts. Here is a global map showing each nation's acceptance of gay rights. America is one of the most accepting, and MOST nations have little to no acceptance. You're limiting your world view to western nations which is a huge mistake.


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