Should homosexuality be taught in sex education classes?

  • Yes it should be.

    Homosexuality should not be hidden, more and more people are coming out in Secondary school, Children there are more educated because they have things like, Stonewall coming to their schools to educate them. Why should Primary schools not educate their children about sex education? Secondary schools are just picking up from were they have failed. EQUALITY & DIVERSITY are needed in this country.

  • We can't avoid it

    Whether we like it or not, homosexuality will be talked about in the schools. So it would be better if students knew the consequences of 'coming out the closet' in a society such as this one where the practice is still not fully accepted. It would also help the non homosexual students (if done right) to see how such persons feel when they are picked on for the sexual preference. So to be on the safe side just teach it in a class about life and don't condemn or judge.

  • It's Sex Ed, isn't it?

    We need to teach our children that being homosexual is not wrong and is not a choice, but genetic. The increase of awareness of homosexuality would most likely decrease the confusion or fear of it, and gay people could actually be moresocially accepted. Too many homosexuals deal with bullying and suicide, and no one should ever have to go through this becausw of their sexual preference.

  • I prefer to be teaching my children about sex though, not the school

    I personally don't feel comfortable with a teacher instructing my children on sex ed. My sex ed involved a condom, a banana and diagrams. As a parent I will be educating my child on these things because I feel it's my job as a parent.
    As for the homosexual part, I don't care if my kids are Lesbian, gay, bi or transgender, those are my children, I made them (with help of course) but I want them to be happy in life. But they need to be safe too, I can teach my children to make a dam and such.
    I do understand that there are parents out there who don't educate their children on these things or abuse their children, so I understand that for some children this is the only place they will learn it.

  • Of course it should.

    As a 12th grade lesbian, I can personally say that not having homosexuality included in the curriculum left me with more questions than answers. The point of sex education is to provide education on sex. After completing health class, I still had no idea how to keep myself safe. I had to pretty much ask the internet, and we all know how reliable that can be.
    Many schools, including mine, like to pretend that either LGBT students don't exist, or homosexuality itself doesn't. No matter where you stand on the "is it moral?" debate, you can't deny the fact that there are LGBT students. Teaching only about heterosexual sex also makes us feel isolated and rejected because we feel that the schools don't feel that we're important enough to even mention.
    So yea, having homosexuality be included in sex ed classes would be nice, thank you.

  • Yes homosexuality should be taught in sex ed.

    It's like a regular couple just two people of the same gender and there is nothing wrong with a homosexual couple in my opinion. Students should know about it, they'll see it around a lot cause some homosexuals don't hide their relationship cause they shouldn't have to hide it. It's okay to be gay or lesbian. But try should learn about it even if their parents don't think being a homosexual is right they should get the chance to learn about it. People hiding it is not going to make it go away.

  • Yes, in principle.

    When different ways of being sexual are discussed, being gay should certainly be included. There are going to be some gay young people in the class and this will normalize it for them and for others who will not be as likely to bully if it is presented factually and as one among many ways of being sexual.

  • A general understanding

    I believe it is important for sex education to include information about heterosexuality and homosexuality. I believe it is important to teach these topics in the class room so that all students receive the same information and facts, rather than the bias from other possible outlets. I don't see a problem with addressing the terms and their definitions in class at all.

  • Homosexuality should be taught in sex education classes.

    Homosexuality should be taught in sex education classes. I think it is important to talk about everything openly and honestly in sex education classes. Students need to understand everything that they can in order to protect themselves when they get out into the real world. I think being open and honest is the best approach.

  • Yes it should

    Is there gay youth? If so then it should be taught. Does not matter if you agree or disagree, the fact remains there are gay youth out there that needs to be sexually educated to know how to avoid catching HIV. Just as girls and boys need to be taught about pregnancy. When is being educated about anything ever wrong? When is being informed ever wrong? Not educating gay youth will not stop them from being what they are.
    People need not shield children from the reality that homosexuality exists. This does not mean showing them gay porn exactly, but they should be taught about what exist regardless of others opinion about it. To not make children aware of homosexuality is teaching them to not accept life as it really comes, you are teaching them a fantasy world that gays do not exist, when they do, and they are not able to handle it very well when they encounter homosexuals that they will encounter them at some point.

  • Teaching Homosexuality to predominantly Heterosexual students is Nonsensical

    Most people let alone students are heterosexual. Only 1.8% of men are homosexual! 1.8 percent!!! That's nearly 1 in 100 students! So why would you teach homosexual sex to heterosexual students - do we wish to ENCOURAGE students to try homosexual relations? Does anyone in their right mind think that is an appropriate thing to do? Disclaimer: I have zero problem with homosexuality. I accept that people are born heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual and I would never think of anyone as lesser or greater because of their sexual orientation. The fact of the matter is - there are downsides to homosexual relations: biology being one of them. If there are homosexual students then they should be given the right to a seminar in gay sex ed. You can't say "homosexuals" were born differently to "heterosexuals" and then simultaneously argue that homosexuals and heterosexuals are the same when it comes to sex education. Educators need to create an environment in schools where feeling ashamed of going to a gay sex ed class for gay students only doesn't result in bullying or shaming.

  • Homosexuality should be taught with proper warnings and weight.

    Certain types of homosexual sex such as anal sex can be taught under the conditions that 1) Anal sex can led to deleterious effects such as hemorrhoids, tearing of the anal tissue, unwanted defecation during sex 2) Anal sex isn't a genital and therefore not evolutionary favorable to sexual stimulation of any kind 3) Isn't physically pleasurable in the same sense that vaginal sex is 4) Requires a great deal of preparation by the receptive partner in order to avoid very unhygienic sex. Lastly Homosexual individuals make up a great minority of the population. The majority of the classroom will be heterosexual and therefore homosexual sexual education should not be given equal weight.

  • I don’t think that homosexuality should be taught in sex education classes.

    I don’t think that homosexuality should be taught in sex
    education classes. I don’t think that it
    is appropriate to teach homosexuality in sex education classes. Sex education classed should teach the basics
    in order to prepare kids for a healthy sex life. Any school that teaches homosexuality would
    be condoning it.

  • Homosexuality can confuse some students

    No, I do not believe that homosexuality should be taught in sex education classes in detail. It could be touched upon because it is a part of today's world, but it should not talked about in dept. If a student wants to know more then it may be discussed in another session and it should also be at the discretion of the parents.

  • I'm Gay and Wary about Gay Sex Ed as part of the curriculum

    I think gay sex should be taught to those who want to learn about it - gay or LGBT students. Students who want to learn gay sex education should be able to take a class without straight students in the classroom. In this way the school can simultaneously publicly support the sexuality of their students and avoid enforcing political views on other students. Some of the comments here are correct - anal can be very painful especially in the beginning. Most gay men don't take part in anal because it's so painful. So teaching straight boys that anal sex is basically the same as straight sex could be a bad idea. I think we need to accept the fact that straight sex and gay sex are really different - Trust me I've done both and they are completely different physically and mentally.

    Experience: 15 years of sexual experience - mostly gay sex, but some straight sex.

  • Teach it with exceptions

    The LGBT community is a very small percentage of the U. S. Population. Teaching homosexuality as if it is "normal" seems entirely unreasonable. Why teach homosexual sex to a class of entirely heterosexual kids just because the syllabus requires it? Wouldn't that be encouraging students to engage in homosexual sex? Isn't anal penetration something people should avoid with the exception of circumstance where the person is a homosexual male?

    Wouldn't it be more reasonable to separate sex ed into heterosexual sex education and homosexual sex education? Students can then choose which class they would rather go to (or they can go to both)! Also, most homosexual acts aren't really the same as heterosexual sex. As I said above, homosexual sex isn't reproductive, certain acts like anal sex can be really harmful over time (just being honest!).

  • Bible Supports Straight But it Should be Optional

    Many beliefs start with no LGBT and the health class would teach them about something they do not like or believe is right. They should be taught but it should be optional to take the class. Everyone deserves the right to be educated about something they believe it right and care about.

  • It's not healthy

    I don't see homosexual activity or orientation to be healthy or wholesome. The sexual culture in gay communities tend to focus less on STDs, consent, and relationships than straight communities, leading to a variety of affects for those who engage in such activities and societies that encourage those activities. Teaching homosexuality to children encourages less healthy sexual behaviors and makes many people such as parents feel uncomfortable as well.

  • Don't teach it to straight students. I agree with separating sex education classes

    Make sex ed classes separate. Allow gay students to take a class focused on gay sex ed and straight students to take a class focused on straight sex ed. It will be easier for closeted kid to come out this way and it will help "normalize" sexuality. Sort of like being interested in taking chemistry rather than biology for your science elective. Bi students could take both. You could mention the homosexuality in straight sex ed, but keep the content superficial and focus on safe heterosexual sex.

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