Should homosexuality be taught in sex education classes: Will this be beneficial or detrimental?

  • Yes, yes it should

    First, lgbt people are very vulnerable to STDs. By teaching safe sex, lgbt people would not be as vulnerable, by having protection. Second, people ask lgbt people invasive questions that they never would ask a straight person. Teaching inclusive sex ed would have people know about gay sex and would never ask them these questions in the first place. Third, lgbt kids would be much safer because their straight peers will understand more about their sexuality

  • Knowing is better than ignorance.

    Sex education goals include reproductive education, safe sex, standards of conduct, puberty changes, planned parenthood, etc and should be an integral part of an adolescent's education. The instructor should give a broad overview of all possible combinations.
    I'd rather have my tax dollars spent informing children of the generally accepted sexual behaviors than having another ignorant generation.

  • Yes, teaching all sexual orientations is educational.

    Since a teacher has no way of knowing what the orientations of his or her students are or will be, then sex ed needs to be truly educational. It needs to cover the facts, and the facts include that there are LGBT people whose orientation is fine and needs to be accommodated.

  • Teaching All Aspects of Sexual Education Is Good

    All aspects of human sexual behavior should be taught in sex education classes, and homosexuality is one of them. The more people hear about homosexuality and all of its aspects, the more tolerant we will become as a society. Fear stems from not knowing about something. If students are taught about homosexuality in class, the irrational fear of homosexuals will go away.

  • To Older Students

    I think at the high school level it would be fine to cover homosexuality within an education class. I do not think it should be pointed out exclusively, but I don't think it would hurt for all students to receive information about homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality, as well as other odd and less talked about topics in sex education.

  • Homosexuality should be taught in sex education class.

    Homosexuality should be taught in sex education class. The more open to this subject then the more understanding we will be. Homosexuality is not just going to go away but is here to stay and we should learn about it and accept it. I think it is important to teach our children appropriately about it.

  • Kids aren't stupid

    Pretending that something doesn't exist won't make it go away.

    Some people are heterosexual, some people are homosexual. It's life. We know this. We also know that teenagers, whether they are homosexual or heterosexual, are going to experiment with sex. The goal of sex education is to teach people how to be safe and the best ways to prevent disease and unwanted pregnancies.

    We should do our best to ensure that all kids, regardless of sexuality, are taught what they need to know to be safe and healthy. What good is accomplished by not teaching homosexual kids these lessons? All that would be accomplished is hiding our heads in the sand like ostriches while the real world, the world our kids already knows exists, is out there. Anyone afraid that their kid will "turn gay" from learning about safe sex in health class needs to come to grips with the real world. Ignorance has consequences.

  • Schools can't legally teach homosexuality.

    If schools were to begin teaching homosexuality in sexual
    education classes, all hell would break loose.
    Preachers would preach against the schools and the destruction of our
    moral fiber. Parents would pull their children
    out of the school districts. It would be
    a national fiasco. America is not ready
    for this because it is technically a Christian nation, and the Bible teaches
    against homosexuality.

  • It should be discussed if need be

    No. I don't think that homosexuality should be discussed in sex education class. It will confuse many and may not be acceptable to some based on religion. The subject should only be brought up if it has been asked by a student to be explained. Furthermore, I think before, if it is all at brought up, the parents should be asked.

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