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  • There's nothing wrong with it.

    I think there's really nothing wrong with it. Its the society that wrong. So what if they're homosexual? They're still humans. But the thing is, the fact that society is messed up, they'll just end up getting discriminated which makes me want to say no. But the thing is, nothing's wrong with it.

  • YES. It is unhealthy to lie to one's self about one's sexuality.

    There are so many young people on this site who are clearly struggling with their sexuality, but refuse to admit both to themselves and others, what they are experiencing.

    As a young bisexual man who once viewed the world through the lens of hetero-normativty, I know as well as anyone what it's like to repress natural urges and desires because your peers and those in authority tell you the feelings are wrong.

    It isn't until one is older that they realize the established perspective is often flawed, if not outright incorrect. We are living through such a generational transition.

  • Why not? There's

    Nothing wring with it. So what if someone is gay or hetro or asexual, bi etc they're still people? However in a way I disagree with this question. As a society we should stop calling heterosexuality normal and every thing else weird or unnatural. The phrasing of this question as 'admit' suggests that homosexuality is wrong due to its connotations.

  • Since when is someone's sexuality everyone else's business?

    Like any other aspect of our lives it's up to the individual to choose what is and isn't private.

    In a perfect world being gay would be like having blue eyes. It just is another thing about you as a person - if this was the case then it shouldn't be hidden. Unfortunately there are too many people out there who force their own beliefs on others.

    So I say NO it needs to be a choice.

  • It's usually pretty obvious anyways.....

    Who cares? Should I start my conversation with you by saying Hi, I'm heterosexual. Want some coffee? I mean seriously people, What makes everyone think that everyone else's personal business is THEIR business? People are insanely nosy. Almost to the point of creepy! A neighbor, relative, associate. Doesn't matter who. They are just wrong.

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