• Why Wouldn't They?

    There isn't a big difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals (besides the sexual orientation). Two of the same gender can give the same love and care to a child as two of a different gender. If you ask me, they should be allowed to adopt. There should be equality towards all genders and all sexual orientations.

  • Yes they can!!!

    It isn't fair to those who are homo sexual to not be able to adopt children. Most people, including myself, agree that they are people too. Going against homo sexuality is kind of like being racist. Since some one's sexual orientation is different than yours, you discriminate them. Just to let you know, they're people too.

  • Yes They Should

    We are all human here. What is the difference between Hetero & Homo - sexual s besides the sexual orientation. They can express love to their children show care and take care of their kids just as a heterosexual couple does. There is no difference between the two and the kids are still taken care of.

  • I don't care

    I think the state should stay out of the realm of child rearing. If at all, it should be up to the parents that are putting the child up for adoption who can adopt them. Assuming that the original parents are in the picture. I think that it makes little difference who raises a child as long as they are cared for and are taught morals

  • Yes

    There are so many kids in foster homes waiting to be adopted but the problem is not all heterosexual couples have enough money for it so by allowing homosexuals to adopt kids more kids would get adopted out. Plus there is nothing wrong with homosexuals wanting to adopt a kid.

  • Yes

    There are so many kids out there that need a good place to live. I feel that as long as the home has been inspected and has been cleared from the adoption agency than they should be able to give a child a good home where they know where the next meal is coming from.

  • It would be unfair not to.

    I believe that the best environment for a growing child is with a mother and a father, but that is not always possible. Single parents end up raising children, there are divorces, and there are all kinds of other bad situations. In these cases, a loving homosexual couple would probably provide them a lot more comfort and stability than the alternative.

  • Yes homosexuals should be able to adopt

    There is no good reason outside of religion to restrict the rights to adopt a child to straight people only. Homosexuals should have the very same right to do that. The best home for a child should have nothing to do with gender or sexual orientation, but rather how good the parents are for the kid as a whole. That's the only thing that should ever matter, nothing else. So yes I absolutely think homosexuals should be able to adopt as straight people do.

  • Everyone Has Equal Rights

    Homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children just as much as heterosexuals, as long as they pass the same standards as everyone else. There are too many children abandoned by their parents in today's world. Whether the child was born to a single teen in the United States or the child lost his or her mother at childbirth in Africa, it doesn't matter. As long as the kid is fed, clothed, educated and taken care of, anyone should be allowed to adopt.

  • No They should not be allowed

    The child won't get enough nurture. Both a mother and a father are required for a child to grow up to become a good human being. A mom's kind n soft heart and a dad's teachings of life both blend to give a child proper quantities of all dats reqd to be a gud human being..

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