• No! No! No!

    Children who are raised by homosexual parents are not happy. They will suffer at school and other kids will make fun of them. A kid who suffers from bully is going to be affected for the rest of their life. No one should be bullied and children have the right to be happy.

  • Yes, love is love.

    Any child who winds up in the foster care system or in an institution of some sort would welcome being adopted by a loving parent or parents. When a gay person or a gay couple is willing to adopt a child, he or she or they should be evaluated just like any other person.

  • Loving Families Exist No Matter the Sex of the Parents

    A homosexual couple can provide a loving family just as well as heterosexual couples. As such, homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt children if they follow the same guidelines as heterosexual couples in terms of stability and income. The United States is a land of opportunity and equal rights for all, no matter what sexual orientation the parents are.

  • Homosexuals should be able to adopt children.

    There are many children who are waiting for loving, adoptive homes. Homosexual adoptive parents are every bit as capable of providing a loving and nurturing environment as anyone else, so they should absolutely be able to adopt children. In such a scenario, both homosexual parents and children get the family of which they have dreamed.

  • If homosexuals meet the criteria then they should be able to adopt

    Yes. With the amount of children that have no home, should it really matter about the sexual orientation of the a willing parent? As long as the person or couple are eligible and pass the same screening as anyone else who wishes to adopt, it should not be an issue. All homosexuals are not perverts or child molesters; they should not be penalized for their sexuality.

  • If They Meet The Criteria

    I believe the United States already has a well placed adoption system that allows social workers to thoroughly check out possible adoptive families. I believe if a homosexual couple can meet all of the same standards that a heterosexual couple must meet, then by all means they should be allowed to adopt children as well.

  • Of course they should.

    Gays and lesbians should be given every opportunity to adopt children that single parents or heterosexual couples have. Studies have shown time and time again that LGBT people make great parents. There was even a study that demonstrated that children raised in lesbian homes were actually slightly better off than the children raised in heterosexual homes.

  • Yes, it is better than nothing.

    Yes, homosexuals should be able to adopt children, because it is better than the children not having anyone adopt them. Also, homosexuals cannot have children naturally, so this provides a good option for them to have children, which might even cut down on the need for surrogate parents. This would give these children a chance to feel wanted.

  • Yes they are equals.

    Homosexuals should be able to adopt children. They might even be better parents than heterosexuals who are still ignorant and do not believe same sex couples should be able to get married and adopt children. They deserve equal rights and to exclude them from adopting children is ridiculous and absurd.

  • Of course they should.

    To put things shortly and in a legalism standpoint: It is illegal to discriminate against a person due to their sexual orientation or other marital status. Homosexuals are perfectly capable of parenting, as are trans gendered people. This has been shown repeatedly in many cases, many of which are in the United States.

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