Should homosexuals be banned from adopting children?

  • A child needs a close role model of both sexes

    If I child is to be brought up to be a level headed, balanced individual they need the love of both a father and a mother. Both are needed to give a role model to the child. A child devoid of maternal affection can have serious problems in adulthood, so can children devoid of paternal affection and roles models cause problems too. This world that is becoming far too liberal.

  • Picture this image:

    A curious child of a homosexual couple accidentally walk in on two men or women participating in whatever intimacy they have. That child is then traumatized. I am adopted and I have to say that no child should have to live like that. They would be better off staying in a foster home, waiting for the right type of parent to come. Children think just like adults and they have minds. They think too. Would you think its just okay to see two men or women kissing. That rubs off onto that child. That isn't the example you want to have. Homosexual couples would hinder a child's ability to concentrate. They'd think: is this right or wrong. Picture that.

  • Yes they should

    People without a mother are proven to be slightly different and more likely to be murderers.

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  • If they can provide a good home, why not?

    I don't see any reason to ban homosexuals from adopting children. While I do believe that a couple with a mother and a father is still the best environment for a child, I don't see the homosexuality of a couple in itself as a particularly negative influence: a healthy homosexual couple would probably provide a better family environment for a child than a single parent who is at work all the time or a heterosexual couple that fights all the time.

  • No they should not

    There is no reason that a homosexual couple can't raise children as well as anyone else. The reasons that we would ban homosexual couples from raising children all have to do with fear and bigotry and not anything to do with what is actually best for a child. As long as they meet all other requirements for adopting children, I see no reason why they shouldn't be allowed to!

  • No, they can be as good parents as anyone else

    The goodness of a parent is not defined by their sexuality, it's defined by their willingness to care for, love and nurture a child. Homosexuals are not by nature lacking in any of those capabilities. Our society has by necessity been changing our conception of what constitutes a normal family from a very narrow definition to one that is more inclusive. Is a grandmother raising a grandchild not a "normal" family? A single career mom or dad? To ban homosexuals from having a family based simply on their sexual preference is not saying anything about their ability to raise a child but speaks more toward the prejudice society holds towards them.

  • Should Hetrosexuals be banned from procreating if they would make unfit parents?

    Of course not, there is no evidence that homosexuals or any non-hetero person or couple would make a worse parent than a heterosexual person or couple. Provided that the people involved are fit to be parents and meet the requisite standards that are set out and can love and care for a child, there should be nothing to stop them becoming parents, through adoption or any other legitimate means.

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