• They certainly can

    It's not that they SHOULD be featured. It's that there's no reason they CAN'T be featured. I took the liberty of interpreting the question to mean, "Is it okay if homosexuals are featured in kids' shows?" in which case the answer is undoubtably yes. There's no adequate reason why homosexuals couldn't feature in kids' shows.

  • Grow Up, It's natural.

    I'd like to quickly point out that homosexuality IS natural. What is natural is what happens in nature (animals) with no interference. Animals DO have homosexual tendencies, therefore making it natural. In this day and age, we should be supporting this struggling fight for same sex marriage freedom, but at the same time be sensitive and casual about it. This would benefit children in a positive way to show that all people, not only of the same sex, can be in love. They let the opposite sex kiss on this show, why cant we have a gay couple?

  • Absolutely Yes! Definitely!

    So, I speak from experience... When I was a small child, one of my good friend's parents were lesbian. And I never really thought anything of it, I just thought it was normal. And a couple of weeks ago, one of my friends came out to a group of my friends as bisexual, and I was like, "You go girl! Good for you!" but some people were a little weirded out. I think it's important to introduce children to homosexual and bisexual people at an early age so they know that 1 it exists and 2 there's nothing wrong with it, and if the parents have a problem with it, just don't have your kid watch that show.

  • Children have homosexual parents

    Homosexual couples have children just as heterosexual couples have children. It is critical for children to see themselves and their family represented; to say that lgbt representation is unimportant is to say that single-parent representation is unimportant, or that representation of divorced families is unimportant. Kids absolutely can relate to a show about gay parents, and if a show with gay characters would "void any title as a children's show" then by the same logic, shouldn't heterosexual couples "void any title as a children's show"? It is biased and unfair to innocent children to refuse them representation based on a personal prejudice against lgb parents.

  • Good Luck Charlie

    I think it should be in shows because it shows kids that parents are not just dad and mom. It teaches kids how the world is really like. Even if you are homophobic show it to your kids and say it's evil. People who support it, like me, can say love is not only female and male.

  • No, if small ears hear hate

    Picture it: a homosexual kid show is being viewed by the entire family. There is a visitor knocking, the door is opened and the visitor enters.

    The visitor remarks about the viewing in an untasteful manner. THAT is where stigmatisms begin.

    The child is enjoying the show with, perhaps, not the slightest recognition of homosexual activities. Each word said has an eternity in the mind of a child.

  • Absolutely allow this.

    There is no reason this should not be allowed. There are several young people who are homosexual and not allowing this content on TV would be like sending a message to these young people that it's not okay to be who you want to be and to hide your true feelings.

  • Kids shows featuring homosexuality: A logical contradiction.

    If its a kids show ... Whatever it is you have to do to display the kid as gay is no befitting of children's programming. Kids cannot relate to a lifestyle that should mean nothing at their age. There is no way for such a thing to even exist. Homosexual content would void any title as a kid's show.

  • No Homosexuality is not natural

    Homosexuality is not natural animals do not even do this. If your christian like I am we do not believe in homosexuality. The bible speaks out against it in the book of Leviticus. Plus this the homosexual agenda to try to get the public to accept homosexuality. That's why almost every new show and movie has references to this lifestyle. There is no moral in this country anymore. Its going to be hard for people with kids from my generation.

  • Definitely a No!

    I think kid's shows should be free of content featuring homosexuals. Kids are fast learners, so if shows features homosexual, they will also learn and take it as a natural concept. Homosexual is a concept developed in the mind of people, it has evolved as apart of culture which is not a natural thing to happen. Therefore, these can be avoided in their shows.

  • It's not a good idea.

    Personally, I am against homosexuality, but I know arguing against it right now would get me nowhere.

    But it is very unwise for companies like Disney to be featuring homosexuality. Seeing as it is still a hot debate topic, and neither side can yet be declared right or wrong, Disney would only harm themselves by featuring one side of the debate. Seeing as nearly half of the population is against homosexuality, Disney and other companies would face lawsuits, boycotts, slander, poor reviews, and possibly charges. Whether or not it is wrong, kids' shows should not feature homosexuality since it would be unwise for them.

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BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T11:22:10.267
I liked it when it was just the kids and no parent