• Of course they should

    It is 2013! Many places have legalized same sex marriage--England, Switzerland--and the cause has momentum. Why would they not fight for the right to have the same rights in marriage as heterosexual couples? I honestly cannot see why? Let them have the same happiness it is what everyone deserves

  • They shouldn't have to

    It should just be generally accepted that if you are in love with a person and they love you back and the two of you want to make a life long commitment to each other then you should be able too. Who cares if you are with another guy or another girl ? The fact that its even an issue that conservatives seem to have a problem with is really stupid

  • Yes, Marriage Is A Right

    The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that marrying the person you love is a legal right in this country. This means we have been denying homosexuals of their Constitutionally protected rights for years and years. They should fight for marriage equality and fight for the right to marry the person that they love.

  • Yes to equality

    Homosexuals should fight for marriage equality. They should be able to recieve the same tax, medical, and partner benefits as their heterosexual counterparts. They should not have to spend endless amounts of time and money on lawyers just to recieve the same rights such as visiting your partner in the hospital or having a say over their property after death, etc.

  • Of course they shouldn't.

    What's wrong with your people? Who should have to fight for the right to marry? Love is love right? Understand what i'm getting at? I understand what many people on the Pro side are saying, and I agree with them, but I don't think they should have to fight for their rights in the first place.

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