• They already do.

    They already have equal rights, corndog. Can you name one thing a straight person is allowed to do that a gay person can't? (And, no, marriage is not an answer. The marriage laws apply to every human being equally, regardless of sexual orientation.) The question is based on an invalid premise.

  • We are people

    I am only 13 and I can say that everyone is the same. If there isn't any homosexuality in a world how will Parthenogenesis work? Oh? You don't know that? Its were 2 females in a ALL female species produce babies. Note- more then 140 species have homosexuality, only 1 have homophobia.

  • The LGBTQ+ community are humans too.

    LGBTQ+ people have to fight hate and discrimination on a daily basis, how would you feel if people were judging you based on who you loved? Also, aren't we guaranteed three basic rights? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not allowing gay marriage treads on your natural born rights. This is also classified as a civil rights issue, which we already went over in the 50-60s era. We need to realize everyone is equal.

  • Yes they should

    I have gay parents and they got married in San Diego because Arizona is so stupid and wouldn't change their law about gay marriage and rights. I think that all gays should have the same rights and not be discriminated just for liking the same sex. It's not wrong at all.

  • In the US, it is a matter of principle.

    In the US, we believe, or should believe, in concepts of liberty and justice for all. We have pained ourselves to grow from the discriminate past of our nation to a brighter future. Now we have all these people wishing to drag us back into another era of discrimination. This is wrong. We are a secular nation of freedom and opportunity, with no institutionalized favoritism for any particular ethnicity, class, sex, etc. so why should we treat anyone as a 2nd Class citizen for being gay? I say it'd be unAmerican not support your fellow countrymen's ability to have the same rights and freedoms as you, despite what you may personally think. It'd be hypocritical not to then yell on about your freedoms and rights, yet deny others theirs.

  • Why should they be treated differently?

    You don't like it when someone comes up to you and points out a difference and bully's you for it and neither do they! They are humans to and deserve to be treated like it! What if all straight people and the different ones and we are the ones being judged for being with the opposite sex? We wouldn't allow it and something would be done to stop it so why should gays be treated like this?!

  • Why shouldn't they?

    Homosexuals are still people, they're all living beings just like us. There's no reason why they shouldn't have equal rights. Although they like the same sex doesn't mean anything at all. And there's nothing wrong with them, they ain't disgusting nor horrible. And to be honest who cares what they do in the bedroom, it's their life, and not anyone else's, and there still a creation of "God"

  • Y'all need to get over it.

    People can't possibly be happy stressing over the way others choose to live their life. Let people love who they love, its less harmful than people setting examples for their children teaching them to hate other people over things that do not cause harm to anyone and shouldn't concern them.

  • Homosexuals are people

    These are people. They were created from two heterosexual parents. Just because a male and female created this wonderful gift, does not mean they should be abused, disowned, treated unfairly, face bullying and unable to be employed or housed. There are more suicides of the LGBT community then there is regular heterosexuals. Why can't they love who they love. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel being discriminated and unable to marry the true one you love.

  • Changing the whole world to, equality.

    For the minority of a 23%, what happens one day if heterosexuality was known as a sin and you knew you couldn't Change the way you felt as a heterosexual think about it would you like to be treated like that and what gives you the right to say we're filth some homosexuals may think the same for you, don't like it do you? Also remember when the majority of white people hated blacks and were treated like animals that soon got sorted. So one day everyone will soon learn that so called 'God' should not dictate your life if he was a true god he'd let you think for yourself.

  • No, They are filthy disgusting people! Do you know what do homosexuals do in their bedrooms?

    Ask yourself? Do you want to grow up realizing that women are arrogant, treacherous and deceitful?
    If so, then you agree with me that the reason why homosexuals exist in our society is due to the attitude of equality and transgenderism! If we could taught the weaker female sex to have a better attitude in their daily lives by implementing laws that cause their emotional repulsive self esteem such as shopping, beauty pageant.... Then, homosexual issue would not be even brought up! Our ignorance to all new laws and focus on freedom had distort our views on discipline and positive thinking for our generation! Laws exist to guide us when we are lost! We are only humans, absolute power given means absolute corruption! Choose wisely!

  • Because it is in the bible that it is wrong

    So if anyone wants to disagree with me they can deal with it. It is plainly says it in the bible. Go read it if you think i'm wrong.

    Genesis 19:1-13. The wicked men of Sodom attempted a homosexual rape of two messengers from God who had come to visit Lot. As a result of this and other widespread wickedness, God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in a storm of fire and brimstone.

    You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination. (NKJ, Leviticus 18:22)

    Food for thought

  • You are correct. We can not judge people. Only God can do that.

    We all fall short of the glory of God. We all have sinned.
    That said. This is not the same as Black or Women's rights. God does not judge people based off of their gender or color. We are all created equal in the eyes of God.
    Homosexuality is a choice. Just like someone who steals, commits adultry and any other sin in the eyes of God.
    We all want to be accepted as we are but God has certain standards and laws we are to live by. Not to keep us from being happy, on the contrary, to be happy without guilt or condemnation.
    In the end it does not matter what we 'WANT'. It only matters what God says is right and wrong.
    He is the only just Judge of man.

  • Sad and discusting.

    Being gay is strictly a behavior. They ARE NOT a minority. They ARE NOT an ethnic people. Should i get special rights because i like to wear purple hats? Or should other people get special rights because they wear thier pants around thier knees? No, you say? Well the same goes for anyone practicing unnatural sex.

  • Homosexuals are people who dont know what god has created!!

    GOD created adam and eve not adam and steve!! He made them for each other not for eve to have a wife no that will be really gross. All homosexuals dont deserve the same rights as everyone else. They should be sent to church so they can realize theyre mistake.

  • Where does it stop?

    If we're going to start giving equal rights to people with psychological sexual disorders, where does it stop? Today, queers could be allowed to marry. Tomorrow, pedophiles, necrophiliacs, and all those other creepy people could have equal rights. So do we let pedophiles get away with their crimes? Do we let necrophiliacs desecrate the corpses of our loved ones? No, no, no! Once people with such abnormalties start to earn rights, no one knows where it'll end.

  • Gays be wrong

    I'm just a simple potato growin, bridge buildin, goat fuckin Aussie who don't know what for how can do and i feel that my lord and savior johnny depp would never commit such irrational behavior, i love givin anal to my mother but giving it to a man is just plain wrong.

  • It a broken way of life

    If almost every religion sees it as wicked or taboo there must be something wrong with it. I'm not really all that religious but I know something is bad when I see it. The way life works is between a man and a woman without it no new life can be created. There shouldn't equal human rights if future generations can't benefit from it. If it were up to me homosexuality would be illegal and punishable by death.

  • Immoral sexual impulsiveness in globalized society.

    Its disturbing to have homosexuals continuously talk about sexualy explicit topics / subjects, Continuously over the internet, making it a disturbing expirience to get online. Its fine that they populate public servers and public forums, but to continuously mention penis in almost every conversation and their love for it is disgusting, immoral and disturbing.

    They have the right to do what they wish, but, why do they have the right to come on servers where people enjoy a normal fun time, and fill chat with sexualy fueled explicit material about what they prefer to do in bed with their male partner.

    Moreover whenever i raise this issue, i get hatemail and hatespeech on how "I am homophobic" and hate gays.

    Well you know what? Get over it, you cant force me to love something. Males are more sexually "perverted", and this legalization is starting to sound more like a green light to Massive Orgy fest with no difference between male or female partners.
    A massive Lust driven Orgy fest with No morals or respect for others who have to put up with this disgusting behaviour and have the bad luck to stumble upon nasty immoral and dirty subjects.

    So i vote no.
    America can have all their homosexual Rights, but dont forget that you are Not alone on this planet. Other nations have other set of Beleifs, for the sake of Respect, ... PLEASE Behave yourself.

    Lets Not mention the Children that come online and have to listen to these people talk about how they like to suck.

  • The Demise of Western Civilization

    Remember Ancient Rome, well why aren't we living there? Oh that's right, immediately before the collapse of the Roman Empire, homosexuality was rampant. We need to create a government based on religion, actually also known as the basis of western civilization. The founding fathers only created this in the bill of rights so that one denomination could not have a monopoly on religion, which makes sense, Christians should be able to choose their denomination and tithe to that denomination and not to be required to support say the Anglican church. I doubt they would support any aspect of the muslim religion or other crazys'. While they said "no state supported religion" the purpose was to prevent a religion ran state; which at the time was the Catholic Church known for atrocities such as the Inquisition. Homosexuality will hurt the religious individuals in this Great Nation and we will be the next Roman Empire.

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