Should Honda fire top management for failure to report injuries and deaths?

  • Yes, being at the top makes you responsible.

    Honda management should be completely responsible for failing to report the injuries and deaths. As management you have two jobs, manage and report. They failed to report and failed to manage because by not reporting they took no corrective action, it was simply covered up. It is terrible to think that there are highly skilled individuals making decisions on a daily basis for companies effecting people, that are so far removed from the real world they can see something like a death or injury to and individual and do one of two things. Miss it or worse yet try to cover it up. This is the kind of corporate under mining that is destroying peoples lives and it is because some big wig up high only looks at their profit margin.

  • Yes, Honda should fire top management for failure to report injuries and death

    I believe all corporations, no matter what tier in the organization you work for, need to be honest and transparent in order for consumers to be able to trust said organization. Dishonesty in top management makes the entire company look bad so even if they don't fire that employee, then a demotion would be appropriate.

  • Yes I agree they should fire top management.

    I really do agree that Honda should fire and possibly charge the top management crew for not ever saying anything about all the injuries and death reports. I find it appalling that someone was able to sit in their office, look at the reports and be like "Oh well! That sucks!... On to the next!" and got to go back home to their family.

  • Yes - Its their job to!

    Honda should fire the top management who are ultimately responsible for not reporting injuries and deaths. By reporting injuries, the information is used to prevent the same thing from happening again, and is therefore essential. the buck has to stop somewhere, and for me, that is in the management of the company.

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