• Hong Kong is part of China, but they're better off with U.K than those Communists

    Did you know that the Communists killed 6 times more people than the Nazis did in the Holocaust? Also, do you here how rude Communists are? I would never asked the opposition to enter a gas chamber. BTW, Taiwan, which is the Republic of China, has an average income that is 3 time higher than that of the mainland. BTW, search up Tiananmen Square massacre. But make sure it's on a U.S website. Chinese app are censored.

  • God Save Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has enjoyed freedom under British rule, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to peacefully assemble, from to petition. The freedoms that were eliminated from Hong Kong once the U.K. and colonial Hong Kong flag were completely lowered and the national anthem "god save the queen" was played for the final time. As the prc flag and new Hong Kong flag were raised with the PRC's national anthem. That is when all of Hong Kong's freedoms were removed and the land (like the rest of China) became oppressed. If China is mistreating Hong Kong, then Hong Kong should have the full right to self determination.

  • The UK should be nuked

    No what is wrong with you. Why would you think this? Why are you so mentally challenged? Please do the world a favor and enter a gas chamber. I beg you to please end your life while you still have the chance. It is the right thing to do. Please.

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