Should hormonal therapy be offered to inmates in prison?

Asked by: stevendoering
  • Yes, since it is something that hinders them.

    I think hormonal therapy should be offered to inmates in prison because it is like a disease to them. They feel they are trapped inside a body that does not belong to them, and since prison systems offer health care and dental, they might as well offer hormonal therapy in order to alleviate the symptoms and anxiety that comes from being the wrong gender in your own mind.

  • Hormonal therapy is part of mental health.

    Mental health medications are provided to inmates generally, and should be. Hormonal therapy is given after a diagnosis of GID. This process takes months to years for an RX and the hormones mist be taken for life. If they are quit some aspects and attributes of them go away. This and improper care of those with GID further complicates inmate housing problems.

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