• Horses need space

    The only think i think they should banned is the amount of hours and the stall's they live in. The horses don't have enough room to lay down, and they never get to spend time in a green pasture. If we can get it so they can. That part isn't wrong of me to ask. Don't get me wrong they are pretty and work well but they need breaks they deserve, and they shouldn't be worked as hard as they are. And did you know if a horse is ill they don't go to green pastures to heal they get sent to slaughterhouses!!! For all we don't know we could be eating the horse that took you for a ride. Think about that then answer.

  • That's what horses are for.

    No, horse carriages should not be banned because they are abusive to animals, because they are not abusive to animals. Horses were meant to work. Horses were not meant to play all day. Using them for work is just what they are meant to do. They can help us. Horse carriages are not inhumane.

  • No, They Shouldn't

    Horses pulled carriages for decades and no one complained one bit. I do not think horse carriages should be banned just because we have people who have gone to the extreme with animal protection or animal safety. Horses have been used for riding and pulling things for longer than you've been on this planet. They don't need saved, it's not even harming them to perform these duties.

  • Some horses have been bred specifically for carriage driving

    Those horses that typically pull a carriage have been bred to conduct that activity. The equipment used is designed to have minimal impact on the animal. A horse is no small investment, and it is unwise to abuse such an investment. The longer the horse can perform that duty, the better the investment. Most carriage horses are well cared for, for that reason.

  • It's not abuse.

    I think unless all horses are wild and running free, we should give them something to do. Horse-drawn carriages are a way for horses to get out and be physical and have a sense of something to do, rather than just moseying around doing nothing all the time in a stable.

  • No, horse carriages are not abusive to animals

    No, horse carriages should not be banned as being abusive to animals. The owners and operators of the vast majority of horse carriages take exemplary care of the animals in their charge; making sure they are well fed, cleaned and kept healthy. The animals are more likely to be thought of as members of the family rather than tools of the trade.

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