• The horse is NOT a willing participant, they're forced, beaten and drugged to run

    Every time I see them beaten with the whip to run "faster", my heart is just crying for them. Not even mentioning how much they're drugged. Racehorses are the victims of a multibillion-dollar industry that is rife with drug abuse, injuries, and race fixing, and many horses’ careers end in slaughterhouses.

  • It's cruel and worse than you think when you go to one

    I went to horse riding venue once fought hat I witnessed was horrid. The horses nervously were paraded into view of gawping loud crowds. The horses were whipped by the jockeys to the finish line. Once horse fell further up the line. They covered it up in a windbreaker type of cloth. Then a van pulled up to it. I couldn't see from a distance but I knew what happened. They shot it dead. It made me sick to my stomach.

    Later that day drunken revelers fought on the field and boozed up gamblers traded insults. Drunken lads showed their genitals to ladies. It opened my mind to how barbaric this sport is. I was shocked. The finishing horses were panting and soaked in sweat, completely exhausted. The whole thing is not just something I can't go back to. I wish for it to be stopped. When animals are in pain I find it distressing and saddening.

    My experience wasn't the great day out I hoped and opened my eyes to the animal cruelty and dark side of human nature - the fighting, swearing, drunkenness, gambling. Horrible.

  • Horse racing should be banned.

    In my opinion horse racing can be quite cruel to the animal and is a sport which gains lots of its popularity through gambling therefore people who look at this from a religious aspect would feel probably that it is a cruel sport which is there people to earn money through what they consider a sin, I support animal rights and I looked into this finding that over 1200 horses die from racing in just the U.S per year, which is a pretty shocking number, admittedly horse racing has been tamed a bit so the horses rights and safety is cared about.

  • Horse racing needs to stop!

    This has to stop because horse racing hurts. If you compare horse racing to NASCAR they are actually different. You get to decide if you want a race because you can actually communicate with others. However horses can not speak and tell you, "I want to race" or "I dont want to race". Horce racing should stop!!

  • Racing to the Grave

    Horses begin training or are already racing when their skeletal systems are still growing and are unprepared to handle the pressures of running on a hard track at high speeds. Improved medical treatment and technological advancements have done little to remedy the plight of the racehorse. Between 700 and 800 racehorses are injured and die every year, with a national average of about two breakdowns for every 1,000 starts. Strained tendons or hairline fractures can be tough for veterinarians to diagnose, and the damage may go from minor to irreversible at the next race or workout. Horses do not handle surgery well, as they tend to be disoriented when coming out of anesthesia, and they may fight casts or slings, possibly causing further injury. Many are euthanized in order to save the owners further veterinary fees and other expenses for horses who will never race again

  • When you get down to the nitty gritty of it, horse racing isn't as glamorous as it seems - its a cruel sport.

    Ah, horse racing. I used to be absolutely obsessed with it. In love with it. Just last year I was cheering as I watched all three triple crown races, then later the Breeders cup and so on. I attended a few races when i could, never betting - simply going to 'enjoy the sport' and 'see the beautiful horses run.' I tried not to seem troubled when I saw right in front of me a 2 year old gelding hyped up on drugs, sweating and delirious before the race, his obvious distress ignored and was ran anyway. He then came off the track limping and wide-eyed. I still loved racing, surely that was just a one-time incident. Then, along with changes in my life - I got a job working at a small horse rescue barn/boarding center. At first i thought the fact that there were ex-racehorses there was cool and exciting - being so in love with racing still. Then I realized these horses had to be RESCUED. Not from people who could no longer care for them, not people who simply couldn't afford them anymore. No, these horses had to be rescued from rich, greedy, racehorse breeders/owners. After 4 or 5 years old, the horse was as good as dead to them. One of the rescues at the barn is so messed up from being forced to run at violent speeds at the age of 2, when his bones were still developing, that his legs are warped and he cannot walk properly and struggles to even trot. Let alone his mental health issues/vices and fears that he has developed from racing. A couple of these rescues were destined for auction, which we all know could and most likely would have ended in slaughter. I, being the horse lover that I am, tricked myself into believing that just because this sport had to deal with horses - that it was for the love of horses. True, some people in this sport do care for and love their horses. But they are an incredibly rare breed. Thousands of horses are bred each year, sold, trained, raced for a pathetic span of time, then sold again possibly to their deaths. The overpopulation of un-wanted ex-racehorses is staggering. Horses are nothing but vehicles for greed and money in this sport, and once they no longer bring in a profit, they are deemed useless. ...I was blinded to all of this for so long. I am stating no opinions here. Just facts. Facts that I didnt even WANT to know. ...For the horses sake, i think yes, it should be banned.

  • Ban Horse Racing: Killing the Lives of Innocent Animals

    You may have only seen one accident in your entire life, but I promise you there are many more out there that you haven't seen! All it takes is some simple searching around the Internet to witness all the horrific accidents that have happened because of racing. Horses are far from being anything car-related, so comparing horse racing to NASCAR is bogus. Horses have a heart and soul, cars are just metal. Additionally, horses do not enjoy being raced. While they are herd bound animals, simply running next to each other with whips smacking their fragile bodies every five seconds and putting themselves at risk for an injury with every step is NOT anything close to being "family". Wild horses, just like companion horses, like to run at their own will, not because someone is forcing them to.
    Bottom line: horse racing should be banned because of the fatal accidents that occur each year. Even jockeys are risking their own lives for this *business* (because it would be insane to call horse racing a "hobby" or a "sport" anymore).

  • A cruel sport

    A cruel sport for financial gain. In my opinion horse racing is a cruel sport and these animals deserve better. Just consider the amount of horses die from this sport in a year. It cannot be compared with NASCAR racing. How can you compare a living creature to a car???? Consider this study... 24 horses a week die on US tracks alone.

  • We should ban horse racing

    Racing horses is cruel to the horses and they do not do it willingly. People go to far with this sport and get too competitive.
    They start doing things that are mean to the horse to make the horses better. We push them too far and we make them do things that they do not want to do.

  • Horse racing should be banned!

    Horse racing is a deadly sport. They whip the horses, Drug them and do other horrible things to them. Then if they're not fast enough they send them off to the abattoirs. The horses get raced because the owners want money, Horses were put on this earth for us to look after and cherish.
    Horse racing needs to be banned to protect the horses!

  • I do understand why some say yes.

    Horse racing is a dangerous sport, and both people and animals have died during races. But at the same time, people who participate in horse races are very careful with the animals. If a horse is harmed during a race, it it transported to the nearest vet, plus animal paramedics are sometimes there. Although it is dangerous, some horses are bred for racing, and taking it away from those animals could harm them emotionally. As dangerous as it is, people do everything possible to keep the animals from getting hurt. It is not cruel to race an animal specifically bred for the sport.

  • Horse racing shouldn't be banned!!!

    All this talk about hitting horses and hurting them is a disgraceful argument!! So what these people say about horse racing is cruel and horses die but when cows are brought into a slaughter house isn't cruel??? Horses are treated very well just ask any groom who looks after them!!

  • Horse Racing should not be banned

    People who need money can get some by gambling on the horses. Just imagine that you need some money really badly for a surgery, but there was no way to get it. I'm pretty sure that you would resort to gambling. Also, Horse racing is a billion dollar industry that links to others. If we ban horse racing, it will affect other industries as well.

  • Know your facts!!

    Horse are naturally pack animals and they love to distinguish a pecking order. These horses are bred to race . They love it!! Recently I saw a horse that was in the grand national a few years ago. After almost 2 years of retirement he was paraded at his home racecourse and you could literally see the excitement in his face as he was walked down the home straight. They love the racing environment!!
    Yes horses are injured whilst racing but, more horses are injured every year by running around a field than are injured on a racecourse. So are we going to stop horses from being turned out into fields??

  • Racing isn't THAT cruel.

    Racing is frequently misjudged as a cruel, corrupt sport. I disagree with this however.

    Yes, I do admit, many horses do become injured while running, but how many athletes have been pulled out of the season from a concussion or a broken bone?

    A stereotypical race has lots of drunks gambling on reluctant, mistreated horses as jockeys whip them down a muddy track. At least 9 out of 10 times, this is not the case. Racing is a very elegant sport. Take the Breeders Cup, or The Triple Crown. If you believe that the winners of that are reluctant to run, that they need to be smacked by a whip to make move, you are wrong.

    Also, think of all the jobs that have been made because of this. Grooms, farriers, equine vets.

    When it comes down to it, racing should not be banned.

  • Horse racing shouldn't be banned!

    Horses are a pack animal they love it, if they don't like it they would refuse to run! This is proven by loose horses carrying on with the rest of the field andnotjust stopping! Racehorses aren't neglected as racing yards have a team of dedicated staff who ride,brush,feed and muck out every horse every day! It is no different to a running race, we do it for the fun and so do horses. You cannot say all racehorse has been pumped full of drugs because only a few people do that, I agree that is wrong and that is why they are on banned substances list and shouldn't be used, however people continue to use them. This is only a few horses though but people think about it as more common as a big deal is made out of it! If you want to compare the treatment of these animals you should compare them to normal horses which are normally kept as a much lower standard than racehorses! Most racehorses after their career go on to be retrained as allrounders or may go to stud to be brood mares or stallions. Therefore, racing is an enjoyment to people and the horses and the horses careers don't just end when they leave the track!!

  • Horse racing is not killing

    Race horses are loved like family and they were bred to race and love it I have watched years of horse racing I have only seen one accident were someone got hurt it wasen't even a horse it was the jockey but I am against jumps racing but I love flat and harness in harness the horses barely barely ever get touched by the whip the number plate and shaft on the sulky are the ones that get whipped in flat the jockeys aren't allowed to hit the horse's head or flank they are only hit on the toughest part of the body neak and rump those places have a lot of muscle.

    So what I am trying to say a horse world with out horseracing is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with out the peanut butter.

  • Horse Racing Isn't Harmful

    Horse racing should no more be banned than NASCAR. If NASCAR racing is banned altogether, then people should consider implementing a ban on all racing, including horse racing. The horses are bred to race just as greyhounds are bred to race. There is nothing wrong or immoral about horse racing.

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  • People don't understand the sport

    I admit that the falls witnessed during races are horrific but there is no way to guarantee that a horse won't fall. However, Many have a habit of focusing on the negatives and don't see the positives. People's reasons for banning the sport:
    The horse isn't willing- Horses, Particularly horses bred to race, Love to run. Reason they look terrified before a race or refuse to go into the starting gates is because they know what's coming next-they get to run. It's pure excitement.
    The horses get beaten- Beaten is definitely not the word I would use. The whip is only allowed to come into contact with the horse seven times in flat and eight times fence racing. Horses, Although appear dainty, Are tough creatures and the whip doesn't hurt them, What they do far worse to each other in the field.
    Horses are shot on site- It is horrible but sometimes, After a fall, A horse is so badly damaged it's more cruel to not shoot them and let them out of their misery. Also, People who know how expensive equine vet bills are know that there is no point spending thousands on treatment only to have them damage themselves more. Race horses are insane and it's almost impossible to keep them calm for a long period of time. There is a risk of them killing themselves anyway. Even if they are successfully treated and retired, The can be dangerous for others to ride and there is no home for them to go to.
    Horses are sent to slaughterhouses when they're retired- No. Most owners will not want to see this happen, At all. They will do there best to re home them but it's hard. They are bred for one thing and that's to run. They are dangerous in the wrong hands. But that's only not all. Some, Are successfully re homed and go on to compete in all different areas of equestrian.
    Horses are mistreated- Again, No. Race horses live like kings. All in order to look after them, Not to abuse them. Horses elsewhere live in much worse conditions.
    People that watch behave badly/gambling- That doesn't have anything to do with the racing of horses. So much worse happens at football matches and that's more popular than racing.
    However, I do agree that drugging and racing horses too young are genuine cruelties. I think, Rather than banning the sport, Change it.

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