• Sometimes animals need to die

    Horses may need to be slaughtered for a variety of reasons.
    As long as it is done humanely, and for a purpose, I see no problem with it.
    Putting animal "needs" above the needs of humans is counterproductive, and to you I say "Survival of the fittest."
    Three More Words.

  • We kill everything else:

    Horses are animals. Humans kill and eat animals. Humans may as well kill and eat horses too. If we are basing it solely on intellect alone then why not just kill and eat housepets? Most are dumber than other farmed animals. Humans are silly. So silly they are yes? Yes.

  • We slaughter other animals, as long as it is done humanely it should be allowed

    Law should be based on facts, not emotional sentiment. If we draw lines and say "this animal is OK to kill" and "this one is not" it has to be based on either endangered species status or on the animal's intelligent. It is proven horses are less intelligent than pigs. In fact dogs are less intelligent than pigs. So also for dogs, while I find the idea of dog meat personally disgusting I see no justification for me to support the use of force and imprisonment against people who make, sell, and eat dog meat (as long as it is their own property and the slaughter is conducted using the same rules of humane slaughter as for other animals). If I did it would either make me a hypocrite if I based my argument on the dog's intelligence (since I eat pork), or it would make me someone who supports the use of force for purely emotional reasons and then I would be supporting a world where it is OK to engage in force based on your emotions and such a world is a world of chaos.

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  • Horse slaughter is terrible and can not be justified

    Horses are living animals and deserve the right to live. I do not own horses and I am not a vegan/vegetarian yet I still think it is terrible to horses. There is a difference between cows and horses. Horses are ten times smarter than any other cow or chicken. They can be used for other reasons other than slaughter. They can bring human companionship. They are no different than dogs or cats. So ask yourself this, would you eat your dog or cat? I didn't think so. Some might say it is fine as long as the animals don't suffer. They are killing them. THEY ARE KILLING THEM! So what if they aren't suffering? THEY ARE DEAD! So if you still want living beings to die, go ahead and continue to think it is fine to eat horses. A good quality in life is to realize you are not the only living being out there.

  • Of Course Not!!

    We as humans have a vast variety of meats that we consume, but horse meat is not one of them. Horses are apart of out history in which they have helped us to fight wars, build our great nation, and even helped us produce food by plowing our fields. That is just the tip of the iceburg in which they have contributed to humanity and to turn around and slaughter them would, in my opinion, be treason. Horses, have been with us throughout history and still continue to help us shape it. When I look at a horse, I see shivelry and beauty, not a damn ribeye.

  • You kill this YOU ARE A MURDER!!!

    You just killed a living thing. If a horse dies, this is what it feels like. Close your eyes a little. You were eating grass. Then sudenly, you saw your farmers coming. You thought it was your racing time but suddenly, the sound of air racing to you then a split second, medal was in you. Then, you died. See? This is horror

  • Horses are like humans

    How would you like if you were in a field doing your business and your owner came to get you takes you to a slaughter house and got shot. I don't think so. Would you like it if your family members got shot for no reason. We as humans depend on horses they fill our every day needs as farmers, They transport us. So absolutly not they should under no reason be slaughtered

  • Humans are animals too

    People say that horses are animals and humans eat animals, But humans are animals so whats the difference in killing a human and a horse. We both are intelligent, Have meat, And are alive and have feelings and emotions. In my opinion horses should have as many rights as a person. Also a horse is better than any human i have met. They listen, Comfort, They feel, They can tell your different emotions better than anyone can. I have a horse i am very close too and he can tell when im upset even when my own mother can't. Plus a horse will not judge you with your looks or feelings. They judge you for your actions and how you treat them

  • Its cruel and unfair.

    Its cruel and unfair.I bet those horse hater's out there wouldn't like to see a family member or loved one crushed between a grinder for no reason. I couldn't even imagine my horse being crushed between who knows what. And the horse haters themselves wouldn't like to be crushed in a grinder and neither would their loved ones

  • No more slaughter

    THIS IS NOT OKAY!!! We have built our society around horses, horses are the icon of America. And we brutally slaughter them? Horses have saved thousands! They carried soldiers, they let us use them for sport, they let us love them. Your dream horse is most likely in a slaughterhouse!

  • This is not Okay!!!

    No, horse slaughter is not something we, as Humans should be allowed to do. The horse is the icon of America, from school mascots to statues. And we brutally slaughter them? Yes, maybe we have an over population of horses that is hard to control, but we do NOT have to slaughter them this inhumanly, we should be able to control over breeding. Over 2,000 horses are ruthlessly slaughtered every year. Imagine this, You are a beautiful horse, loved by a little girl. You love her to the end of the world. She cares for you, she rides you, you have a bond that nobody could ever understand. And one day you are lead into a trailer by a strange man. You have barely enough room to breathe, the stall you are placed in was smaller than you. You hear the desperate screams of your little girl as you are driven away. You stop after what seems like forever, just to be given scraps of food and a sip of water then you kept going. After two gruesome days with shaky legs and no room to breathe we arrive. I was placed in a pen only big enough for one horse but filled with six. I needed to lay down, my legs could’t hold my weight. I laced down in the cramped pen. Days went by, I could’t stand up, the mud had eaten me.
    A man came and whipped me over and over, shouting at me as he hit me. My strength was weakened, I had no energy left. I had been kicked in the head, I had been stepped on by the other horses in the pen. They had come and go, one was taken away and another one replaced him. I had not eaten or had water in over 48 hours. I was eventually hoisted up out of the mud and forced to enter a small box, barely big enough to fit me. A man that smelled like blood and sweat held a metal bar above my once beautiful forelock. He slammed it down on me, a shock of pain ran through my veins and I whinnied as I fell. “I love you too” he whispered to me with an evil smirk on his face as I saw the last light of life. Sound fun? Probably not. Take action! Stand up against horse abuse and slaughter!

  • Horse slaughter shouldn't be allowed!!

    This is because when the horse is being transported they are being smashed in with other horses. Some who don't do well with the other horses. Another reason this shouldn't be done is because the horses are still breathing, standing, walking and being a normal horse. I get if people can no longer support the horse in which the owner should fine a place compatible to take in the horse and care for it. Rather than sending it to the slaughter house to be killed and made into products.

  • Horses are cute...

    You shouldn't kill cute things. Horses are cute. Horses are cute. Horses are cute. Horses are cute. Horses are cute. Horses are cute. Horse are cute. Horses are cute. Horses are cute. Horses are cute. Horses are cute. Horses are cute. Horses are cute. Horses are cute. Horses are cute.

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