Should hospitals be able to ignore religious beliefs in order to treat patients?

  • Yes up to patients

    If the patient wishes to ignore their own religious beliefs when it comes to health related things with them then they should be able to. Hospitals should respect the choice that these people have made and follow through with them in the best of interest. It should be between the hospital and patient.

  • No offense to Middle-Eastern cultures and religions, but if a Islamic girl was beaten for adultery, I would help

    Correct if I'm wrong and I have no offense toward Hinduism or Islam, but I feel they would be the only religions that would have this issue, and personally I do not believe women should be beaten and even killed for adultery, prostitution, or male assault. What I'm trying to say is, what other religion would this be a issue for?

  • They should treat the whole patient.

    No, hospitals should not be able to ignore religious beliefs in order to treat patients, because we should give the patients the treatment that they want. The hospitals should not be deciding what is for our own good. We are not slaves to the state or to any particular hospital.

  • Hospitals shouldn't be able to disregard a persons religious beliefs

    When I hear about parents who won't let doctors and surgeons treat their sick and/or injured children because they believe that God will do the healing I am truly enraged. I think that a persons religious beliefs must be respected, even when they are foolish. The alternative is to have the state encroach of fundamental liberties. It is better to let the rare fool take their chances with God than it is to set a dangerous precedent.

  • No hospitals show not be allowed to ignore the religious beliefs of patients.

    While hospitals have the responsibility and accountability for provide the best possible care to their patients they have to do so within the limits of the patients' religious values. The constitutionally right to religious freedom cannot be infringed upon to save a person's life. If a person makes an informed decision to refuse treatment for religious reasons a hospital must honor it.

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