• Yes, hospitals shouldn't treat illegals.

    I definitely think that hospitals should deny chronic care to illegal immigrants. I think that an illegal alien does not have the right to seek treatment at a hospital and should have to get treatment somewhere else. I think it puts a great burden on the tax payers when illegals are treated.

  • They can go get it at home.

    Yes, hospitals should deny chronic care to illegal immigrants, because they are using government services that they are not paying in for. It is the same thing as making everyone pay taxes to the fire department before they have a fire. We cannot have people taking who are not paying in.

  • Illegal immigrants are still human beings.

    Most of whom have loving families. No one in critical condition should ever be denied care and have to suffer; legal or illegal, man or woman, religious or atheist. Any hospital in this country that will withhold life saving treatment based on citizen status is not somewhere that I would ever want to go. And, what would that say about America? This country was built on better values.

  • Yes they should

    Yes they should because they are able to get free care at the hospitals and they are illegal why should we take care of their hospital bills also? They get treated better than the typical american person does when they are sick. We have to pay our bills but the immigrants don't.

  • It's the right thing to do

    Good article from 2008 on this. Https://journalofethics. Ama-assn. Org/article/why-we-should-care-undocumented/2008-04 Although I doubt that the the yes people will read how undocumented workers and their families actually DO pay taxes; how not having access to healthcare forces them to admit to the ER under more costly conditions making it more expensive for the tax payer; and that healthcare professionals are held to a higher standard to do no harm and provide care to those who need it. Can't believe how heartless this country has become.

  • They are Humans.

    They are all humans. Every individual who says that they should be denied health care is essentially saying that they would rather have the illegal immigrant die than have them treated. Many of the individuals also have not met very many immigrants because if they have then they would understand how critical many immigrants are to the economy, especially in California.

  • Its in the Oath

    Doctors took an oath which states to treat and help anyone who needs it in the best way they can. Hospitals should not turn down or neglect ANYONE who needs health care. If Diseases don't discriminate then why should hospitals do it. Medical care is important for all to receive.

  • Everyone is Entitled to Medical Care

    Hospitals should be mandated to provide health care to those who need it. The way that this can be done with illegal immigrants is by getting illegal immigrants to pay income tax on wages and salaries earned. That way, that tax revenue can be used to expand hospital coverage for all in the United States.

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