Should hospitals offer free formula to new mothers?

  • Yes they should

    They should because mothers that live their children and are in a health conditions should be able to be told a good formula by doctors. Plus some mothers need help and America needs to be able to help others because its America supposed to be known as a place were people should be able to help other people.

  • Formula Maker's Give It To The Hospital

    One of the most important decisions a mother makes while at the hospital are feeding choices. Mothers are typically shown how to breast feed and encouraged to breast feed, which is the best option. This, unfortunately doesn't always work out or the mother has her own reasons for choosing formula. Since these formula's are given to the hospitals, I think it is only right that they pass it on to the parents.

  • Feed the Children

    Breast feeding is hard to do. Some women have less than perfect breasts for breast feeding. Some women loose their milk, SOME WOMEN JUST DO FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH IT, some women do not produce high quality milk, some women can not feed through the pain of mastitis and are unsure if pus is a substitute for milk. How can babies being fed properly be a bad thing. Really a staving child because you pay taxes.
    If breast is best choice and it works for you and your baby that is fantastic. If it does not well how lucky we are to be able to use formula. Those old grave yards are full of tiny 'Failed to Thrive' tombs. Think about it.

  • Yes, every little bit helps

    Bringing a new baby into the world is hard work and no matter how hard you prepare anything can change in the blink of an eye. Having the baby alone cost quite a bit of money, including free formula is nothing compared to what they are making when the pregnant woman walks through their door. Hospitals should include free formula for new babies.

    Posted by: jus
  • Yes,hospitals should be offer free formula to new mothers

    As increasing evidence suggests that new moms feel more inclined to breastfeed when information on the how and why of doing so is provided for them (rather than ‘available upon request’), and as the AAP has released new recommendations that babies be exclusively breastfed for at least six months, dozens of consumer and health organizations have now appealed to hospitals to stop doling out the free formula -- and pamphlets, coupons, etc. -- to moms who’ve just given birth. While breastfeeding doesn’t work for everyone, the history of human survival would suggest that it can certainly work for more than 14 percent of infants – the current rate of American infants going steady on the ‘liquid gold.’ US health officials hope to almost double that rate by 2020, too; there’s no question at this point that breast milk really is best for babies, health-wise.

  • Nutrition Goes Beyond Breast Milk

    A mother's breast milk is the best thing for newborn infants. However, when the baby needs more nutrition, baby formula works as a decent substitute. Sometimes a mother can't express her milk and formula must be given as a stand-in. Working mothers especially need formula since they won't be able to feed the baby every two hours at an infant daycare.

  • Proper Nutrition for Newborns Outweighs Breastfeeding Being the Better Option

    New mothers should be encouraged to breast feed as that is the healthiest option for newborns, however, proper nutrition for newborns outweighs the benefits of breastfeeding. Some mothers may have concretely made up their minds to not breastfeed before ever going to the hospital to deliver. Those mothers will not change their minds because formula is not provided at the hospital.

  • Health care is expensive enough.

    I don't think hospitals should offer "free" anything because nothing is really free. I don't know anything about whether breast milk is better or not, but I do know that giving away something for free just means everyone else will have to pay for it. If they want formula, they can go buy some.

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