Should House Republicans pass the Violence Against Women Act?

  • This is generational mentality and must be changed. Our daughters and granddaughters deserve to be free of abuse to give more to the world.

    Being raped,beaten, abused in so many ways, does not allow a woman, a mother to care well for her children. Living in fear is a horrible way to live. If we can live in our homes in peace we can raise children who will in turn give that peace back to the world. Ministers use to say to wives, you need to pray harder and God will make your husband stop beating you.---NO. Men are responsible for them selves, to be kind to women and children and pets. You can not blame God for a persons actions. Now the law can help us. It needs to be expanded. We are punching bags and free to rape to no one. Watch out for crooked judges. There are many who hate women and police who destroy police reports. Save every scrap of legal paper and get copies of all police reports. Give a copy of your legal papers to someone you trust to keep away from your home. Now is the time to pray for the strength to do the right thing, to be the strongest woman in the world.

  • Keep the debate alive and save lives.

    The act should be passed. Yes it is ashamed that it does not cover all acts of violence. But politics being politics one must get their foot in the door. Once we can win the debate on violence against women than we can hold a debate on all acts of violence. We pass this act we start saving lives. I would rather save one life then see women die because we didn’t so something. If a house was on fire would it be better to save part of it then to see the whole house burn down?

  • A resounding, from-the-rooftops YES.

    Yes. There is no room for compromise, no room for stalling, just plain yes. This is an American issue of the most basic proportion, and any republican who does not support the Violence Against Women Act should be called into question and lose their position. There is absolutely no good reason why they have not passed it. They all have mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. It's shameful that they have not passed it. And disgusting.

  • Yes

    Yes of course the House Republicans should pass the violence against women act. I think it should not even be an issue for them. It should be an automatic yes vote. I think they are doing much harm to their party by not voting for it because it shows that they do not care much about women.

  • Sexism and bias, ho!

    It is a ridiculous notion to pass any sort of act or bill that explicitly defines the rights of a particular group. Abusive women do exist and they can completely humiliate their male partners and ruin social aspects of their lives. They have the potential to emotionally wreck a man and dominate the relationship entirely, even if not physically, but emotionally. Some women prey on the emotionally weak male population, yet we view these men as just that: emotionally weak. We seem them not as victims, but as pathetic wastes of skin who just need to toughen up, but truthfully gender roles are not inherent to human nature so entirely, and mental diseases exist that exacerbate these issues. In conclusion, we should not pass this act but instead work on creating a new and more inclusive bill, in addition to taking steps towards changing societal views on gender roles and gender weakness.

  • The Act should cover all victims, not just women.

    It makes no sense to only protect adult, female victims of domestic abuse. The Act should also cover male and child victims. Otherwise it is giving certain people preferential treatment in the eyes of the law, which is obviously discriminatory. This Act actually goes against equality, rather than helping it.

  • The need for amendment into a more generic Act.

    The consequences of this Act will dispel us further from gender equality. The Act must be modified to cover domestic violence and crimes against 'vulnerable' citizens, such as children as well. The need to produce a specific law which shifts the balance sharply against someone, based on gender, without sufficient proof goes against the very principles of justice.

    Posted by: rb94
  • Gender Discrimination at its best

    No, they should not pass this unfair act. Why is their an act protecting violence against women when women aren't even allowed to serve in full combat roles in the military? Did you know that police officers are taught in training that the men are in the wrong in all domestic disputes? How is that fair? Women want all of the pros of being a man without any of the cons. They want to be paid like a man, yet won't work the same high-paying jobs. Thats what I call hypocrisy.

  • Not until there is a Violence Agains Men Act

    Or settle the whole thing with a Violence Against People Act? How fair is it that there should be an Act in place for women and not for men? Does anyone reason that Equal Rights is a thing and that what is good for women is also good for men? Why is Violence Against Anything not a common sense issue? Do we really need an Act against violence? I don't think this is a party issue, either. I think this is an issue about common sense. Women shouldn't get the act unless men get one. Even then, just have a Violence Act Against People so everyone is happy.

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