Should households be fined for not recycling recyclable materials

  • Households should be fined

    One can refute that households should be fined as it increases the amount of rubbish in the world that’s ruining the societies beautiful world and creating a negative impact due to the unpleasant environment created by not only households but everyone. By doing such a harmless yet very effective act – for cycling materials one can help the environment a lot. Helping recycle; decreases pollution Which allows humans to live and breathe in clean and healthy. It makes environment pleasant evening so. It makes environment pleasant leaving society’s world looking attractiveAnd healthy. In addition it helps save the planet which is a win-win for society and the environment

  • Our recycling system is bureaucratic and ineffective

    While recycling is great, We should not require it until we can actually manage what gets recycled. Currently the majority of recycling still ends up in landfills. The amount of carboard produced by our society creates unmanage amounts of the material when recycled and goes to waste. China stopped taking our recycling causing issues in processing just about everything. The only material that still normally gets recycled is metal with the majority of others being simply dumped in land fills. All this happens while politicians make claims of how great of a job we are doing at recycling and pushing for us to recycle more. Recycling will not be a solution until we actually do it

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