• Of course only one car

    If everyone in the world had 4 cars, We’d have the most serious pollution problem in the history of our planet. That would be ridiculous! You’re lucky that most people don’t own 4 cars. Also there would be lots of street parking problems. Especially in the busy city of New York!

  • Annoying on the street

    People who have the property to store the cars they want to own and keep it there can have multiple cars but a large problem on my street is people owning four cars and a van while parking it on the street. The car can not fit through a small gap they leave because the park illegally due to a lack of room.

  • Of course each household should only own one car!

    I don't see why people need more than one car!(except large families with 7 or 8 people)It will cause more traffic jams then of course more traffic accidents secondly,it will cause more pollution's sure your lives are more important than your work or recreational activities right?And a family of 4 that uses 2 cars need more petrol being environmental-friendly not only will not endanger your lives,but will also save the earth!

  • Yes 1 car for an average family of four

    This could solve problems like traffic congestion's, financial issues, the hole in the ozone layer and many more economical, environmental and social ways. Some people just buy cares because it makes them seem wealthier but while they are doing that, they are actually harming the environment as well as creating a new stereotype

  • Yes, people should own only one car

    I don't see why people need another car. Its going to lead to more traffic jams, congestion, pollution and a waste of petrol and diesel. People can instead walk, cycle to places or make use of alternative transports like taxis and buses. It will help them stay fit, save fuel, reduce pollution and congestion.

  • There should be more than one car per family

    Countries should not have a 1 car per family rule because it is unfair to families with many children who more than one child who have to go to all different place all at the same time. In a family how can two people go to different places to go to work if they can afford two cars I say let them have cars. People might say that you can just drive people out that is causing more pollution and having people drive farther so it would cost everyone more. My family has 4 kids and we can barley make to everyone activites with 3 cars how could we do it with one.

  • Severe Traffic Issues

    There should be one car for 2 families as the urban areas (cities) are densely populated, there will be a densely populated traffic too which will cause long traffics and the people which will be in hurry will also get late often. So there should be one car for two or more families to prevent large traffics

  • Question 4 you guyz

    Guys what if someone in your family is ill, and needs to be rushed to the hospital. You have no money to call a cab and you have no cell reception to call an ambulance and someone in your family has taken the car you have to work what would you do?

  • Self reliance. Not practical..

    No independence. Pride of ownership gone. Difficult for every one to be happy. How can one person go to work and the other too if the other person has the car. No one can be anywhere unless the car is home. Its not logical and doesn't make sense. Its stupid ..Should we all have one pair of legs for the whole family too to save space in the malls. Should we not have babies to save space.. How about we stop breathing to save air. Why not get ride of cars all together and ride horses again..If you can't afford it thats it... If you can have another car.. Who actually wants to not have a car..

  • The more cars the better (to an extent)

    There is no reason why people should not have multiple cars, with more cars people do not have to worry about the car being in for a repair. Plus people should decide for themselves how many cars are needed. I live on a farm and we have multiple vehicles that we use everyday.

  • Family’s should own at lest two cars!

    First of all when your having to drive other people around it actually causes more traffic and pollution because you’d have to drive a further distance. And also what if one parent is at work and a child at home gets hurt? It would waste so much money for the ambulance service! Also that might mean one family member would have to take public transport. 20% of assaults and robberies actually occur on public transport! How dangerous would that be? Owning more than one car could save many live!

  • People should have more than one car!

    People should definately be allowed to have more than one car! Reason:
    1. Families with different schedules will find difficulty in arranging important meetings as the car is needed more than once
    2. Having only one car can lead to family conflicts- like this person is hogging the car, or why is my meeting considered less important?
    3. If people own only one car, that would mean less use of oil and that could lead to big oil conpanies being shut down, which would mean many many unemployed people, and might even mean homelessness in some places. Being in the oil industry may be the only hope of some people to place food on the table
    4. If only one car is the limit it could also mean industrial revolustions for lots of car dealers and builders.

    So this is why car owners should be allowed at least two or three cars for each household.🚘🚘🏡

  • Of course not!!!

    People all across the world have busy lives. Everyday, even with 4 cars, my family has to try and get to this performance, that job, that interview, that musical theater rehearsal. If we only had one car, it would be impossible. That and if one parents is at work, no one else can do anything else for the whole day. Especially if you live in a rural area.

  • They should own as many as they want.

    A large family may need more than one car to cater for everyone and to travel elsewhere.

    If someone has a particular job that requires them to drive a car that they don't like, they should be able to buy another one that they do like.

    Also, if someone can afford several cars, then I believe they should be allowed to. I don't see how anyone could suffer from that.

  • Why should they

    Of course, if they want to be green machines, they can not have a ride to work. But i believe that we are going to hit another pocket of oil and all of those who decided to get rid of 1 or 2 cars will now be screwed because now gas doesn't cost as much and they only have 1 car.

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