• Housewives compensation for their work a must

    Yes, I believe housewives should be compensated for the work that we do. Why is Maty Jane attorney at law allowed to be a lawyer and get paid, but if I want to be a wife and mother I now have sacrafcied for the greater good of parenting? Why is the time I spend raising children, cleaning a house, school meetings, grocery shopping and maintaining for everyone else and not have some money value placed upon it? If I hire Maria the maid to do these things for me, she certainly would be compensated. I want a haircut, but cannot afford one, yet I spend many countless hours each week doing for my family. Of course, in my mind, a housewife works just as hard in the home as career women do outside the home and deserve compensation.

  • Housewives are very important, do important work, and should be given an allowance each week.

    Housewives should be compensated for their work. This is because they do a majority of the cooking, cleaning, decorating, and shopping in the house. They should have a small allowance from their husband's pay each week, just for themselves, so they can invest, save, or spend on themselves as they see fit.

  • Yes, they should be.

    If you have a situation where one person is going out all day and earning all the money, and the other stays home and keeps the house looking well and raising the children, there should be some sort of compensation for it. Trust me that is not an easy job at all.

  • No, they shouldn't

    Housewives get free lodging, free food, free clothing from their husband. I know they like to add up the expenses that would be incurred if they had a maid to clean, a cook to prepare lunches, a driver to take the kids to school. What they usually don't calculate is that how much it would cost them to rent their own apartment, to buy their own food and own clothes, etc. On the other hand, if your husband gives you money, that's your business and his.

  • No, housewives are already getting many benefits

    Housewives are compensated for their work, although it is
    usually not with money. Housewives get to watch their children grow up. They
    get to help with their school, and to accompany them on field trips and outings.
    They never have to entrust their children to strangers, and they never have to
    miss a school play because of a business trip or late meeting. People make
    choices in life, and housewives have chosen to be with their children, rather
    than out earning money. Not everyone is lucky enough to get to make this

  • Chores Should Be Shared

    I do not believe housewives should be compensated for their work. If a housewife doesn't have a source of personal income then they are being supported by their spouse and should have the time to complete household tasks dues to the fact that they are free of a job in the job market. She should have just as much right to the funds earned by the husband since she is supplementing his fair share of the work at home.

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