• Yes Housewives should be paid

    Housewives and mothers have very demanding jobs. As we can see by this question, they are not respected for what they do nor do they get paid. But they should. Running a house is like running a company. Long, thankless hours of taking care of other people should be rewarded. Most women are so disrespected, they do not get even pin money to spend in any way they see fit.

  • Obviously Housewives Should Be Paid

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  • If they re doing any job.

    If that benefits someone else - yes. If the partner is cleaning after himslef, Cooking, And doing other job on the household, Then no. I suppose this is the case when men spend time making money, While women stay at home and run the place. They should be payed as would any other maid or helper, According to the effort and time invested, And the quality of their work And it should be payed by the benefiting partner, Not the country.

  • I am raising my grandson, Saving money that would be spent on foster care. I should be paid.

    Daycare centers are limited in hours, It's very very difficult to find a job that fits into the 6-6 time set and no weekends or nights. Nearly impossible to find because they are all sucked up by women who don't have families and women who really don't need to work.

  • They nurture the worlds future leaders

    The kids wont end up like Donald trump. Need more evidence? I need to write some more coz 50 words are needed so trump is homophobic racist and a rapist and has just made a deal with someone who destroyed the lifes of many young ppl (kim jong-un) so what do yall say?

  • In fact, women do not even earn social security points for their time spent caring for their babies.

    Men, let’s do this. You give up your body and your job and your right to make money while working 24/7 for years and loving it. Then when you get injured, so Disability from social security for you! You have to earn 20 points in the last ten years. That means you can’t even get one kid to 1st grade before your right to social security ends.

  • The Oppression Culture of Women and Family.

    Yes. Housewives should receive financial acknowledgement from our government. For multiple reasons including the first, Houswives are extremely hardworking. They are the backbone of a family orientated society. We are humans are we not? What kind of place do we wish to cultivate? One suitable for humans, or a place built as though we were machines. Love, compassion, morale, kindness, individuality, self respect and selflessness, these are just some of the qualities that well executed motherhood and wifehood nurture and sustain within our society.
    Whether many of us like to admit it or not, Family is an integral part of the economy. Just because it is does not seem directly monetarily profitable to the economy does not mean it has no value or should or can be abolished by those of “higher ambition”.
    Furthermore, women who undertake the noble work of caring completely and utterly for their family have been and remain to be vulnerable to serious oppression within society. In abusive situations they are left by the collective with no respectable means of dignified escape, they have not money of their own.
    Added to this is the fact that many families struggle to pay their most basic bills. Emphasis on the word; stuggle. Where is our compassion and empathy? Were we all not raised through childhood? The happiness and wellbeing of the individual is a worthy cause to our race. We can pay for infrastructure. We can pay for food to be shipped from overseas while our own farmers food rotts on the ground. We can pay for lavish business vehicles, political gain, big mining and oil, we can fund war.. But we cannot help support real lives. We cannot acknowledge the real work of women and men all over our country who foster the orthodoxy of the next generation. Then we complain and ridicule as the new generations show evident qualities of lacking social, moral and behavioural attitutudes. A minimum supplement for families and housewives would indeed be a wonderful gift of appreciation and acknowledgement to a hardworking yet nonetheless bypassed and oft forgotten part of our community.

  • Yes they really should

    Paying money to housewives is also compensation for them. Most housewives got an illness called Hand Eczema, which was caused by frequently washing their hands by contacting powerful cleaning agents. When winter begins, their hands will become itchy, their skin may cracks and bleed. It is hard to find a medicine for them, the only useful way is to put hand cream on their hands. However, buying hand cream, especially a suitable and useful hand cream is expensive and therefore a housewife cannot afford this daily expense. For this reason, housewives should be paid to support their medicine.

  • Yes they should

    Because they think the housewives don't do anything but in actual she isn't respected for he chores she does it's not about any job or anything is it possible for women to do a heavy work at home and at same time go for a job then will they say that why they do go to work?!They think as if wives are just for housekeeping and it's there responsiblty

  • The hand that rocks the cradle: rules,the world

    Most nen cant even do a,1/4 of what a,woman does concerning cleaning, laundry, budgeting, running all the errands and especially raising children properly. My husband let the kids walk all over him, they disrespect him & dont listen to him at all. I say jump and they ask how high. Im the only one that disciplines them.... I asked other mothers and they too are the only ones,that discipline their chikdren.

  • No for two reasons

    Housewives should not be paid for two reasons first is that either the state or the government would have to pay them, putting our country more in the hole. Second is because they provide nothing to society, only their family. Besides if they really want some extra money they should find a job, and put their kids in daycare.

  • Should I be paid for breathing?

    Why? Your turning a loving relationship into an employee employer contract because you feel women arent "Compensated enough". Marriage as it exists essentially binds a man and a women into a contact where they share almost everything and on top of that you want the man to pay for a choice that both he and the woman made? How would you implement this? Would you have a new agency, or use the police? How much would this cause? How many people would object out of some sort of belief and how many would create fake documentation to avoid paying? How does it "enhance economic condtions for the family" if the husband is paying? If the government pays for it, why? So that 97% of mothers can do the same thing as before, 1% are helped and 2% scam the system?

  • HouseWives should definitely NOT be paid!

    This argument is easily decided.HouseWives are almost doing nothing all day which I believe is unfair towards the Teachers,Docters in this society.One question that always crosses my mind when thinking about this argument is how the HouseWives will get paid.By government?No it will just put us into financial trouble,HouseWives should not get paid because if they really need money they would get a job.

  • No NIU HH

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  • No they should not

    Why should the government pay a stay at home wife isn't that what welfare is about. And were is this money going to come from, if we pay them then we are just digging ourselves in a deeper hole with money. So no i don't think women should get paid to stay at home and take care of their children.

  • They should not

    Why? Everyone needs a clean house and chores to be done. Its not a job, its a responsibility. And the employee-employer relationship will be massively damaging, when does it get to the point where if the housespouse can get fired or demoted? Seems rediculous to me. Btw, I'm a 31 year old male who is the "house wife" I cant work due to disability, I do not recieve any government support or welfare assistance, my partner works and we are lower class. I enjoy keeping everything clean and livable so my partner can relax and not worry about it after a hard days real work

  • No not at all

    Housewives are put there for a reason and to look after a family is not a job, you can go online working government for money and get income if that's how much money you want but you cannot go looking after a baby and ask the government for money. That is stupid!!!!!!

  • Housework should not be paid

    Setting aside personal instances , the role of a house spouse is one that is rooted within the family. The spouse whether she be a woman or a man contributes to the family but not to society at large, aside from this both husband and wife need to be able to share duties at home.
    I will refrain from using traditional gender roles and say that as the breadwinner cannot obviously spend as much time at home as s/he must work for the financial stability of the family . Like wise if the house-spouse has decided not to work it falls upon the single bread winner to pay for his/her material needs which can only be done in middle or upper middle class families not in the lower income classes.
    Third , this restricts the social mobility that can be achieved by the house-spouse who would have no incentive to go out and work. With only a single income source , the lifestyle would already be significantly restricted as compared to one with a double income household. If the breadwinner is made to pay a salary to the house-spouse in addition to the allowance that s/he gives them , the status of this family would be reduced significantly.
    Fourth, as pointed out by various other people , who would pay this salary? Most countries do not have the economic strength needed to provide such income to every house-spouse , and if the sole breadwinner is made to pay a salary it brings no additional income into the home which defeats the purpose of making housework paid altogether.

  • Who employs them?

    A salary is a form of periodic payment from an employer to an employee, which may be specified in an employment contract.
    Who employs the housewives? The government? Their Husbands?
    How can you be paid to do a fundamental task which is for the sake of your children and family. That's like saying children should be paid for doing house chores. Its home keeping.

  • You can't turn reproduction into a job

    Your children are not a product, there is no return on investment. Saying you should be paid for doing housework is basically saying you want the government to give you an allowance. You can get a real job and day care, but face facts, that's not what you want. Shopping is not a job. Cleaning up after your family is not a job. Raising your children is not a job.
    Its work. No doubt. But taking care of your family is not something you should get paid to do.

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