• Paid in terms of respect and affection

    I had been a house wife since 8 years and I did entire work of my house like cleaning the house,doing the laundry ,washing dishes, cooking for my husband and also for his parents when they stayed with me for 2 years.All i got was comments that my son works and bring money at home , its so expensive to stay in Canada. Nobody pondered even once that what I had been doing.I then got a job.Even then uptil date I do the same chores at home and also contributed towards the house in terms of money.I can afford a car now but he doesn't allow me to buy a car from my own pocket.All I u derstood with my experience in so many years is that MONEY supercedes everything.I would say housewife should be paid for their work .

  • It's hard work

    We really don't get a break. Housewives work harder then a person who works. I am a housewife and I get up early in the morning to take care of her child and I go to sleep way late at night because I need to make sure that everything is in order. Why is my job not considered a job just because somebody who works thinks that they are better than I am ? I remember when I was 15 years old a study had come out and housewives holds three positions as far as a job goes babysitting, cook and, maid. I do a lot and I get nothing for it, that's really not fair somebody who works at McDonald's makes more money than I do and I do a lot more than they do.

  • Try to be one.

    I know the pains of being a housewife even though I am not one. My mom left home for a week and I was the 'housewife' for that period. I was like dying tho.... So I now appreciate my mother a lot. It is much harder than going to school, really. So I think it is appropriate to let housewives have salary.

  • House(WORK) says it all

    Add up the costs of a house cleaning service, daycare service, laundry service, grocery shopping service and cook. Then tell me that these are NOT jobs and that a homemaker should not be paid something for all these different jobs which have to be done. House work should be paid.

  • Yes they do

    It is not an easy job for women. Its's like having more than once job. Women should get paid, im not talking money, im saying women should get paid with appreciation, love, and respect. Sometimes men dont show them that. Yea men work hard too but i would like to come home with a clean house and dinner made. Men dont want to come home with a house all dirty and no dinner cooked for them. Housewives have to go through the everyday process. If they have kids its way harder. My opinion women should get paid with respect, they worked 2x's as hard then the men do. Work smart not hard.

  • They contribute to society also

    I keep reading people saying that it is a choice being made, it is also a choice to go into the workplace. No one is being forced there. The housewife/househusband is a critical part of society. They are the ones that nurture the children and the home environment in order to produce a productive child or support their spouse who in turn go out to contribute to corporate America. I am the first to put down socialism, but if we can pay people to have kids with multiple fathers, why shouldn't we reward those that chose to provide a basic and steady home life for their family? I have also read how someone stated that you shouldn't pay the Peg Bundy's the same as the June Cleavers...Where is that mentality when it comes to all the other social programs that the government is paying out on. I know many people who are on food stamps yet own Coach purses, wear designer clothes and drive Escalades with $4000 rims. Why do they get all that and those that provide a good environment have to suffer?
    I think it is long overdue.....Take the money away from the irresponsible people who reproduce like bunnies and can't keep a roof over their heads and reward those that actually care what they do when they wake up in the morning.

  • Yes why not

    Being a housewife is in no way easy.. We can't just overlook the fact that it indeed requires a lot of patience and hardwork on the part of a housewife to run the house well. We pay lumps one amount for the same job when it's assigned to some professional so why not housewives have access to that, in a way it will be small gesture to say thanks to them

  • They work more then most working women or non housewives

    Housewives work all their lives just to take care of the house, the family and the children. Their work is equivalent to a cook as they have to cook for the family, a teacher when they teach their children, a nurse when their children are sick, a driver to send their children to school and many more just to take care of the household. In my opinion a housewife's job is way more tiring then any other working mother out there and requires the most responsibility .

  • Yes we should pay the housewives for their hard works

    All the women's in the world have enough right to be paid... Because in my opinion the housewives do their best in the house works and it is not easy to manage whole of the house works.. They also have enough rights to get their salary because they do the double of what their husbands do

  • Work needs to be paid.

    Every work had to be paid. Imagine yourself working for 365 days, without a holiday and that too 24/7. And no salary paid, you are to ask you spouse for money. If I ask you to work like that, you would look at me as if I have gone bonkers and grown three heads. Well, housewives do the same work. Why should they ask for money? Why should they not get paid for their work? This will keep up their dignity because we all know how much respect the non-earners of a family get. So I think women are to be paid for their hard work as house wives.

  • No, it is a choice to be a housewife

    I do not believe that housewives should be paid for their work because it is a personal decision to have children and stay home to care for them. If a husband wishes to pay his wife a stipend, that is between the couple, but the government or any other organization should not have any obligation to pay someone for something that is their own personal choice.

  • No pay for housewives

    No, I think it would be silly for housewives to be paid for keeping the house and kids. It is their house and their kids, so they should be responsible for taking care of them and not require compensation. It's not like they are at a job making money for their company.

  • Can we say AWKWARD!!!

    There is a massive difference between the husband-wife and employer/employee relationships. As stated in the comment, "the married couple share finances" and the spouses are intimately connected on an incredibly personal/spiritual level. 2 people operating as one unit for the good of the family, living for the same common purpose in their own respective ways to support the family. It's really weird to that of such a relationship with your boss. An employer is only interested in maximizing profits of consumable goods. Housework, unless you're creating commodities to sell, doesn't fit the argument to qualify as a consumable product. And certainly the husband doesn't pay the wife to nurture and tend to the success of her family by keeping a well-organized, orderly, and peaceful home that is conductive to everyone's happiness and wellbeing. Being a housewife is the ultimate career of which other paid job(s) must support. It is an honor and blessing to raise children, care for the functioning of the home. If a wife gets "paid" by her husband to do the very work they both benefit from, he may as well make her start paying for her portion of the meals she makes, portions of the utility bills she adds to, services that are shared in the home to allow for entertainment and convenience. She might as well be a live-in tenant, whose "earnings" are considered taxable income, even considered to that of a maid/nanny her "boss...(ahem) HUSBAND has sex with! I think the concept of "housework for wages" came about when women, who were once happy in their work in the home were force-fed feminist propaganda to question how fulfilled they feel in their lives through working in their homes, and not having an outside career, and that for all these years they are "exploited domestic workers" not nurturing wives and mothers. This "exploitation" demands wages for work performed, just as a maid/nanny would be paid. All this does is create chaos and confusion for an otherwise peaceful and fruitful arrangement of the women using her God-given talents to manage her home and tend to the children. Those are her natural instinctual talents that come easy to her compared to a man doing them. The man is the protector of the family and sole provider to support the Ultimate career...The job of the housewife and mother...Nurturing the next generation and maintaining the home. The problem with most feminist arguments is they fail to acknowledge that a woman can be very fulfilled in choosing to nurture her home and be a loving wife and mother who's focused on her family and is present in her home...She doesn't have to have a high-powered (take all her energy and time from her precious family career..Being a slave to her boss ("2nd" husband) career..Missing out on the real priorities in her life career..Slaving to the Almighty dollar career..Indulging in her selfish motives career) I speak as a wife who thankfully woke up to God's Truth before it was too late.

  • Housewife is not a job.

    They make the choice to stay home. They make the choice to be dependent upon someone. They shouldn't paid. It's wonderful that they make a contribution to their home but again they choose to keep their contributions solely in their home. Also if you start paying housewives how could you determine how much each housewive is worth because let's face it some are worth more than others. Would you pay Peg Bundy the same you would pay June Cleaver ?

  • No for one reason

    The key fact about homekeeping is that even if it is hard work, and demanding - it is voluntary. Charity work can be taxing and specialised, but society recognises this does not require payment either. The entrance into a marriage or relationship implies a similar voluntary attitude towards the work that must be done to sustain it as with those who work unpaid for charities like Oxfam.

  • Paid by who?

    How can they get paid? By their husbands? Most spouses share their finances, that's the whole point of a family. If they government pays, the money will just be coming from the husbands taxes. That makes no sense. Or the taxes of single people who either don't want a family yet or don't want one at all, and old people who had one already. This question is absolutely mind boggling, and make no sense whatsoever. Let's do a rundown really quick: The working spouse pays taxes > those taxes pay for the government > the government uses that money to pay for it's staff and operating expenses > the government gives some of that tax money that the working spouse paid, to the stay at home spouse of the working spouse. Do you get it? Come on, even the uneducated housewives should understand this.

  • We don't have enough money to do this

    The current national debt is 14 figures long, let alone the trillions of other debts we owe to other causes. We cannot support a stay at home mom. This is an optional choice to stay at home. A mother can also hire a nanny and get a proper job. The purpose of staying at home is to support your child, if the incentive behind staying at home is to get a salary then this is immoral and lowers the child's self esteem

  • If it's yours, you should be responsible

    Being a housewife means having a family. A husband and a child or children. It is your responsibility to take care of them. If lets say you don't get paid. Are you going to just let your husband and children starve? Let the house filth away? OF COURSE YOU CAN'T DO THAT!

  • Of course not

    Some claim that housewives are a type of work but it shouldn't. Couples aint like a relationship bwt employers n employees. Its reciprocal instead. Therefore, paying housewives salary is equal to insult their identity. Shortly, it isnt a appropriate attitude towards women especially housewives. I believe that even housewives ll be against that,

  • NO, Being a housewife you should already know what comes along with it

    When marrying your husband you should already have in your mind that you are going to stay home and take care of the children if ya'll have any, also that means you will cook, clean, make sure your husband doesn't come home to any wrong mistakes. If your husband do want to give you money that just what he may do, but as far as him paying you as his WIFE to cook, clean, and take care of the children should never be talked about. For all that your husband can go and pay a exotic dancer or someone that you pay for sex.

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I am very proud of the housewifes