• Detail, Upset, More

    Ok first of all we need more detail that can’t just be all like what happened to the other villains or characters that we haven’t seen in a long time. And they didn’t hide all the dragon they jus5 hide there dragons that was just a fragment, And don’t get me wrong I love the ending but we need more toothless and hiccup should not just leave like that. So I’m just say it a cliffhanger in some parts and it can’t just be the end

  • Dragons movies are amazing

    I love it because it teach our kids how the world was before it tells the history of the Vikings the humans that used to live in the earth years before and it is a movie that you can enjoy with your family so I think it would be amazing if there is another one

  • How to train your dragon is the best movie in the world

    I think they should make another movie because it is an adorible and action packed movie it is heart felt and i just think the movie and show serese is awsome. Toothless Is my favorite charicter becuase he is funny and is awsome. He is super lowale and treates hiccup like an amazing

  • It's getting old

    From what I have heard, The "How to train your dragon" series, Is basically a wash rinse repeat cycle of the same nonsense.

    Sure, It is creative, And I can appreciate that, But how would it feel is all the Harry Potter books was just.

    "Harry Wakes up, Goes to Hogwarts, Goes into a dungeon, Fights someone, Then wins". If you continue to reuse and reuse and reuse, It just gets old, And honestly, Unappealing to the audience.

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