• They have committed crimes against us.

    If they are not prosecuted they will never have to respect us. They will continue to feel free to walk all over us. There has to be a reason to do the right thing. Give them a reason to be honest. Do not be conniving and deceitful.Their current stance is they have all the money and nobody can take it away and that everybody has to do what they say. They feel like they can change the rules at anytime for any reason and they won't get in trouble. Stand up for what is right for everyone! They will respect you for it later and they will also start to respect people if they are made to do things the right way. The US needs to stand tall.

  • Yes, HSBC should face criminal charges.

    If a large corporation commits a crime no matter how big or small they should be punished just like the rest of us. Just because they are a large corporation, doesn't mean the receive special treatment. They should receive the same punishment as anybody else. HSBC is not special just because of there status.

  • Yes, Justice for all!

    If a large corporation commits a crime, that corporation should pay the same penalties as any other citizen who committed the same crime. I find it ridiculous that large corporations can get away with committing a crime and get a slap on the wrist. There needs to be a non partial investigation to make sure that HSBC is guilty of the crime.

  • To big for justice now

    Size is not an excuse and neither is being a corporation. Corporations for legal purposes are individuals and should be treated as such if they violate the law they should be persucuted as should the individuals in charge of the corporation. If we continue to treat large corporations diffrently then the rule of law will break down.

  • Yes, HSBC should face criminal charges if they're guilty.

    Yes, they should have to pay for their crimes. If HSBC is found guilty of the crimes they are accused of then they should definitely face criminal charges and more.

    There should be an extensive investigation to determine if they are in fact guilty of laundering money for terrorist organizations. I believe people are too concerned with monetary gain and have lost morality as a response.

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