• It should be a top tier company

    I think that HTC should be considered a top tier company. They make phenomenal products. I see many, many people with their products. Their products are especially popular with young people. They are definitely competing with the big boys and holding their own weight. I don't know what else they would need to be considered a top tier company.

  • Yes, they should.

    They're very innovative and have excellent products. They're overshadowed by bigger companies such as Samsung and Motorola, but they are still a great, top tier company. I love their products, as they're always higher quality items for a wonderful price. They are totally under rated and under appreciated. They're totally freaking incredibly awesome!

  • With products like theirs, you have to believe they are a top tier company.

    HTC is the company behind some of the best technological products of the twenty-first century. With a product set like that, they have to be considered at the top. They have the products that people are clambering for, and they seem to be ready to stay on top of the trends.

  • It still depends on other companies.

    HTC products are under the umbrella of another company. You do not see just HTC phones in the store; you see Samsung HTC phones, or Motorola HTC phones. Motorola and Samsung are top tier companies because they have other companies develop products in association with them. Apple is top tier, and they are quite self-sufficient.

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