• It should be banned

    The main purpose of teaching this book is to teach about the past. Why, then, can we not use a different book with a similar message and less offensive content? As far as censorship goes, I don't think that it is a good idea to censor it. It should be taught later in a person's schooling, possibly in college or grad school. Twain said that he meant for the book to be read by adults, not children. Why force students to read a book that the author himself said that he intended for adults to read? Seems counterintuitive to me.

  • No we should keep it pure

    Why would we want to alter a book years after the author has passed away? Huckleberry Finn was written for a purpose and is studied as is in schools. We should not be trying to change it at all. If you are longer a fan of Huck Finn working then you should write something new, not change what you have.

  • Great work of literature

    There have been pushes to ban Huck Finn for the past few decades, almost always due to its portrayal of blacks and the use of the N-word. Huck Finn, however, was not a racist book (its about a friendship between a young white boy and a black man), and its use of racist language represented what the people of the region said during the time period - a valuable window into the past.

  • Part of American History

    The original manuscript of "Huckleberry Finn" is an American classic. Although some parts of the novel are distasteful in regards to the treatment of slaves, the novel serves as an historical backdrop of what American life was like during that time period. Even though it is fiction, Mark Twain's masterpiece is a snapshot of a bygone era that we will never see again. Plus, it is important to learn about history lest we are doomed to repeat it.

  • No, it is a classic.

    No, Huckleberry Finn should not be altered, because it is a classic masterpiece. With works that are timeless, it is hard to imagine changing the original. Huck Finn has captured the imagination of children for multiple generations. Children of today need to appreciate the classic that their parents appreciated. It should not be changed because it is so good it is enduring.

  • Keep away from Huck!

    The idea that Huckleberry Finn needs to be altered can be considered blasphemous in some literary circles. No, wait, all literary circles would consider that blasphemous. What would even be altered? Cutting down the racism? That makes the story work the way it does. Don't alter Huck Finn at all

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